Fri, May 7, 2021

WMRRA 2020 Banquet

Ridge Motorsports Park, Road Course

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2021 WMRRA Awards Banquet at The Ridge Motorsports Park. Taco bar included.

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 Friday Night Express Awards Ceremony!


Yo folks!


Next Friday from 7p to 9p we will be putting on a streamlined 2020 awards ceremony in the Clubhouse. 


We will be catering the event with a taco bar for those who wish to register via Motorsports Reg. Cost will be $20 per head. Any and all income above and beyond the expense to conduct the awards will go to the injured riders fund. 


In order to adhere to our current distancing agreement with the Ridge we will be conducting the awards inside the the class with the garage doors of the room open for spectators just outside. Folks can file in get their food and return back to the outside of the facility for viewing of the ceremony. The classes will be announced and the riders can come in the room for the awards and photo ops. Once they have been given the opportunity to do so they will return back out to the peripheral of the room. In this way we can hold the ceremony, keep to the distancing policy and still provide the ability to interact as a social group for the event.


The link will be provided tomorrow evening just wanted to get the information out asap for those who want to come join the festivities and wish the class / overall winners a congrats for this past seasons accomplishments.



Ridge Motorsports Park, Road Course

Shelton, WA
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