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W-A-G.org Feb 2nd 2014 ICE Trials Season

WAG - Wisconsin Autosports Group

Sunday, February 2, 2014
Lake Sinissippi ICE Trials, Hustisford, WI

Registration closed February 1, 2014 11:59 PM on February 1, 2014 11:59 PM CST Registration ends February 1, 2014 11:59 PM on February 1, 2014 11:59 PM CST Registration opens January 21, 2014 7:00 PM on January 21, 2014 7:00 PM CST Registration runs from January 21, 2014 7:00 PM to February 1, 2014 11:59 PM

Since a few of you tried to trick others we have a NEW RULE! 

No Entry substitutions will be allowed, if you don't use your entry, it will be awarded to the next one on the Waiting List.

Don't waste time signing up your wife, dog, the blind guy next door only to try and give that "seat" to another friend at the event.

Starting with the Jan 19th event the MSR reg site will allow you to LOCK in a car # for all WAG events. If you find your # is already taken please choose a 2nd # and finish reg then contact us for adjustments.

Also note that car #'s can't start with leading "00's" such as 01 or 001. Also we are doing this to REDUCE the number of car # sheets we print. If you pick a car # Please PRINT TWO of them 4 inches or taller and tape inside BOTH rear windows unless tinted then tape to outside of windows.

Cars with Painted or stick on #'s will get priority....

Please check your MSR Car settings for #'s.

Please be courteous to our local hosts and fellow WAG participants by following all event rules and local ordinances while at WAG Ice Trials events. 

            The WAG studded tire rules were designed to maximize driving fun and grip on the ice while keeping damage and deep grooves in the ice to a minimum.

The nice people of Hustisford WI are happy to have law abiding driver’s visit and shop the corn free gas pumps and enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the local diners. This year our friends at downtown Hustisford Rock River Bowl Bar & Grill at 96 South Lake Street will open at 8am on Sundays to offer breakfast and also host our awards event after each event.

Drivers not running studded tires will use the same car classes as WAG Rallycross.

ICE Trials are a BLAST. Be sure to follow WAG on Facebook for updates to this and all events.

Entry fee if pre-registering through MotorsportReg.com. There must be a least 30 entries by Thursday prior to the event for us to conduct this event.

ICE events are LIMITED to 60 drivers! After 60 Drivers the Stand by list will be here too. Please check in at event to confirm your spot on the stand by list.

Event fee is $50.00 each drivers paid CASH at EVENT! $10.00 discount if you ran with WAG in 2013 or 2014 and another $10.00 off if you are among the 1st 60 drivers to sign up here.

You can't pay here or online. Please ignore the payment links and status.

Check WAG Facebook page for confirmation after 6:00pm Friday before traveling to the event!

NOTE:  All entrants will be required to work a corner in at least one heat.  You can sign up for a heat to work at registration or be assigned a heat to work.  Any entrant failing to work their heat will loose ALL his/her timed runs and be listed as DNF for this event.  A limited number of experienced workers will be selected for tech inspection, starter, and timing positions--these entrants do not need to work corners.  Anyone interested in one of these positions should apply to the Chairman prior to the event.


9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. – Registration & Tech @ South Boat Ramp see map link

10:15 a.m. – Drivers Meeting

10:30 a.m. – Limited Practice (2 runs per entry – time permitting)

11:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. – Timed Runs – Min. 6 Timed Runs

5:00 p.m. – Results Posted- at Timing Vehicle.

6pm awards at Rock River Bowl in town.

Awards will be available at the following event. Any awards not picked up by end of Ice Season will be recycled.

Please review the listing of classes and rules for the event here or at our Facebook page or site below.


2014 ICE Trials Rallycross Style Classes

(non-studded tires)

RS/A – Rally Stock, AWD

RS/F – Rally Stock, FWD

RS/R – Rally Stock, RWD

RP/A – Rally Prepared, AWD

RP/F – Rally Prepared, FWD

RP/R – Rally Prepared, RWD

RM2 – Rally Modified, 2WD

RM4 – Rally Modified, 4WD

Studded Tire Classes

S/A – Studded, AWD

S/F – Studded, FWD

S/R – Studded, RWD

U/A – Unlimited, AWD

U/2 – Unlimited, 2WD

The WAG standard for Studded Ice Racing tires is the Menards Studded Ice Racing Tire in 13", 14" and 15" sizes as long as you can find them since they are out of production as of 2013. This is a re-cap style tire featuring the studs through the cap adhered to the outside of the tire carcass.

Drivers using Menards tires will fall into one of the following Classes based on number of drivers in each;

S/A – Studded, AWD, S/F – Studded, FWD or S/R – Studded, RWD

In the event that the Menards tire will not safely fit a car a self-made studded tire substitute may be allowed.

All self-made studded tires must pass WAG Technical Inspection for Compliance and Safety. These tires may use a bolt through the tire carcass no larger/longer than 5mm [#10] or 1/4" will be accepted if it is sharpened, with one nut on the opposite side of the carcass with up to two washers no larger/longer than 1" allowed on each side of the carcass under the bolt head and the nut. The bolt may not protrude more than 5mm through single nut on the outside of the tire carcass.

These rules serve the primary goal of ice surface preservation for the safety of ALL Drivers.

The through bolt/nut "studs" must be sealed to the tire in such a way as to hold air indefinitely without leaking. In the event of a sudden tire deflation on Ice Trials course during a practice or timed run, the car must be driven off the racing surface immediately so as not to impede any following car[s]- if the car cannot return to the paddock area under it's own power, it will be towed back by the WAG Course Control [tow] vehicle. This will only be allowed once per event day- if it occurs a second time, the car and it's times will be deleted from that day's competition. You are encouraged to have at least ONE back up studded tire and inflation tools as needed.

There may be no more than 135 studs on 13" tires, 150 studs on 14" tires, 170 studs on 15" tires or (new for 2014) 185 on 16” tires.

Drivers using self-made tires that do not fall under the Menards Tire Classes above will fall into one of the following Classes based on number of drivers in each;

U/A – Unlimited, AWD or U/2 – Unlimited, 2WD

Motorcycle tires mounted on an automotive wheel are not allowed. They are not weight loaded for cars.

Screw-in type studs are not allowed.

If your tires do not meet our Home Made Tire rules but are deemed safe for competition you will be able to compete in the unlimited tire class. However this does not mean you build the craziest tires you can think of just for this class. They must still be inspected by our tech official and approved. If your studs do end up damaging the race surface significantly you may be asked to remove them and you will be able to compete in a standard tire class for the rest of the event. People in this class will run last in their own [3rd and 5th] heats, but may be called upon during the day to assist with corner working to watch for cars hitting cones, as well as grooming the race surface before or between heats.

The one and done rule; if they are allowed to race at 1st visit but attempt to come again with the same studs that are not acceptable, they will not be allowed to race at following events on same studded tires.

The WAG Tech Committee will inspect and rule on any items outside the normal WAG Tech.

Questions or Requests for Exceptions must be submitted in writing through the Messages on WAG Facebook page.

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WAG - Wisconsin Autosports Group

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Lake Sinissippi ICE Trials
Location Hustisford, WI
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