Thu, Nov 11 - Sun, Nov 14, 2021

Velocity Invitational 2021

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

About this event

Help us reunite the world’s finest racing automobiles and inspire future generations of drivers, owners and collectors, preserving these car’s history by exhibiting them as they were meant to be seen and heard—on track.

November 11-14 2021
Laguna Seca, California

Each driver may enter up to five vehicles 


  • First vehicle: $1950.00
  • Second vehicle: $975.00
  • $550.00 for each subsequent vehicle registered to the same owner

For any inquires about the Velocity Invitational please email us at Thank you!

Ryan Turri
General Manager

Jeffrey B. O’Neill



The intent of The Velocity Invitational is to bring together cars appropriately prepared to their original period specifications. Formed into groups specified by time periods, each in review of their specific Motorsports History.      


Group 1   1924 - 1939 Pre-War Sports Racing Cars  

Group 2   1948 - 1957 Sports & Sports Racing Cars 

Group 3   1957 - 1961 Sports Racing Cars       

Group 4A  1957 - 1965 GT Cars -over 2.5L

Group 4B  1957 - 1965 GT Cars -under 2.5L

Group 5   1962 - 1972 FIA Prototypes & SCCA Sports Racing 

Group 6   1966 - 1981 Historic Formula One  

Group 7   1966 - 1977  IMSA GT, AAGT  - FIA Grp. 4  

Group 8  1982 - 1990 IMSA GTP & GTP/L, Group C

Group 9  1966 - 1972 Historic Trans-Am Cars 

Special Feature Mini vs Mustang  DIRECTLY CONTACT

Special Exhibition Group: "1907 - 1920 Pre War Ragtime Racers”      

**Race Groups are subject to change**  


Event requirements


Please have the following ready before starting your Entry Request to the 2021 Velocity Invitational:

  • Competition License - Number, Expiration Date, Photo
  • Medical Card - Expiration Date and Photo
  • Car Info - Pertinent Information and Photo


***Note - period prepared cars with history will be given entry priority, please take your time on that section of the Entry Request


Prep Shops - If you are registering an entrant/driver, you can use the registering someone else functionality




WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

Salinas, CA
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