Mon, Sep 13, 2021

Utah Lotus Owners Coalition Track Day

Utah Motorsports Campus

About this event

Utah Lotus Owners Coalition track day at Utah Motorsports Campus. Classroom session 8:45am, first car on track 9:30.  We'll have 3 run groups; beginners with an instructor in the car for every lap, intermediate/advanced who have track experience and advanced drivers and race cars.  The intermediate/advanced drivers will be evaluated by an instructor for the first fews laps.  We'll be running the outside loop which is the fastest track configuration and a great deal of fun; it flows..  Please be sure your car is race-ready condition!  Don't show up with 30 year old tires and leaky brakes and expect to run; we will be spot checking cars at the track. The front straight is 3/4mile long and you enter it off a 60mph turn.  However fast your car will go is what you'll be doing at the end of the front straight!  Sessions will be arount 30 minutes long.

See you there!

Event requirements

The ULOCO  track experience is open to all participants of LOG 40 from beginning beginners in bone stock street cars to seasoned race drivers in race cars.  Helmets are required and are available for rent at the track.

Entries (48)

Martin Bergman
Allen Turner
Dan Peabody
Larry Cox
Jarom Iacono
Josh Lindsey
Russell Flowers
Phillip McClure

Utah Motorsports Campus

Grantsville, UT
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Download track map


Car Control Clinic organized by

Utah Lotus Owners Coalition

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