Sat, Aug 31, 2019

UBCSCC Team Enduro - Aug 31st

JIBC/ YPK Driver Training

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UBCSCC - Team Enduro - August 31st

Date: Saturday August 31st
Time: Gates open @ 7:30am, morning check in closes at 8:45am (if you miss course walk, you will not be driving)
Location: BC Driving Centre

You do not need to have your team name and/or all your team members at the time of registration. Simply, post on the forum or email an exec when you have assembled a team. If you do not have a team, we will be able to find other people in the same boat.

Regular Price: $67.50
Early Bird: $62.50 (closes 8 days prior to event)

Membership Required: Membership purchase is now included with your first event of the year. More information regarding our membership and pricing will be provided on our home page ( 

Registration Cap: 88
The event is capped at 88 registrations plus current exec. Please register for the waitlist on MSR if the event is full. If you are on the waitlist, you will be notified when a spot becomes available. Please respond within 48 hours to ensure the spot is not passed on to the next eager participant.

Here is how we are going to do it:

- Teams contain 4 drivers, at least one of which MUST be a Novice (Novice – participated in 3 or less autocross events prior to Team Enduro)

     - If you only have 3 senior drivers and cannot find a novice driver, your “novice” time will be the slowest novice time of the day + 10 seconds

- Teams must have a name and all teams must post their members and name on the forum thread along with how many novices are on the team

- If you are looking for a member, post in our forum asking for people to join your team

Here is how the day will be run:

- In the morning you will do a single lap of the course and enter back into grid as usual for practice runs

- In the afternoon each racer will have their “race” run where they complete 3 laps of the course before exiting then proceed to parking

- If you do less than 3 laps you will receive a DNF for the race run

- If you do more than 3 laps your total time will count for the race

- Cone calls and DNF’s are carried throughout the entire 3 laps of your race run so try not to hit cones!

- Each DNF you receive (each gate you miss) will count as a 10 second time penalty for your race run.

- After racing each team member's time will be added together and the fastest team will win a prize!!

And now prizing!!! (You will probably end up reading this section first)

- The fastest team with one novice as well as the fastest team with two novices will win trophies. 

- The majority of the prizes will be given out as raffle prizes and almost everyone will receive a prize on the day so it is well worth it to come out!

- There will also be a prize for the best costumed team racing!! The entire team must be dressed up and the costume can in no way affect your driving for safety reasons. The costumes will have to be cleared by us before being allowed to race in (as we are concerned with driver safety, please bring adequate alternate clothing if you are planning on wearing a costume. Just in case)

Cancelations: No Refunds
Credit, however may be given if the spot is able to be filled with a replacement participant and the host is notified a MINIMUM of 7 days prior to the event.

Please bring your vehicle to a complete stop and look both directions at the break in the fence in the driveway to ensure you are not struck by a plane.
Find a parking spot for the day, prep your car, and drive it to the grid for a safety inspection. 

BY REGISTERING, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ AND AGREE TO ALL CONDITIONS OF THE SUPPLEMENTAL REGULATIONS. Any violations of these regulations will result in an immediate end to your day - please read BEFORE signing up. The supplemental regulations and Slush Series rules for the upcoming season are currently being updated and will be posted soon.

There is absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE for any burnouts, reckless driving, or loud stereos on Ford Road at any time. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be immediately, and permanently, banned from local autocross clubs without warning.

Good luck from all of us in your UBCSCC Executive Team!

Event requirements

All Drivers:

-Must sign a waiver upon arrival and present a valid driver's license at on-site registration.
-Helmet required: M2010 or SA2010 certified helmet. Loaner helmets available.

Before coming to race All Drivers must check their car for:

Brakes - At least 50% of brake pad remaining.
Tires - Race compound tires - No minimum tread depth and no cords showing. At least 3/32" for street tires. Possibility of rain? Bring street tires
Fluids - Engine oil, transmission, coolant. All in new to good condition.
Hood - Must close properly with stock latching mechanism and/or have hood pins for aftermarket hoods.
Windshield - Vehicles with cracks >3" in the windshield will not be allowed to run.
Helmet - M2005 or SA2005 certified helmet. Loaner helmets available.
Seats - At least one seat with working seat belt. 
Novices - Two seats with two working seat belts (for mandatory instructor ridealong).
Interior - Remove any loose items. Jack, tools, and spare tire included.
Engine - Hoses and belts all in good shape, and no fluid leaks. Battery properly secured.

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Matthew Jongedijk
Eddie Chu
Brinsley Peersman
Matt Rizzo
Benny Ng
Michael Noske
Cody Staley
Lorne Staley

JIBC/ YPK Driver Training

Pitt Meadows, BC
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