Sun, Apr 28, 2024

TXR SCCA Time Trial, Track Day, HPDE #2

Eagles Canyon Raceway

About this event

What: Texas Region SCCA Time Trials, Track Day, and HPDE

Where: Eagles Canyon Raceway - 1.65 CCW

When: SUNDAY April 28th 2024

This event has three registration options – Novice/HPDE, Track Day, and Time Trial. Please choose the correct element during the registration process:

  • Novice/HPDE - Open to novices with little or no track experience. This will help you improve your track skills and knowledge. This is similar to HPDE or PDX in other programs. Novice drivers will participate in classroom sessions covering track driving concepts, flagging, etiquette, and more.  You will have on-track sessions to practice what you have learned with lead-follow or in car instruction. When you are ready, you will be signed off to solo. This will also earn you a SCCA Time Trial Novice license. You are required to sign up for this if you have not been signed off to solo on track with SCCA or another equivalent group.
  • Track Day - is for those who have been signed off to solo by our novice group or other driving groups and would like to have some fun with their car on track or time to practice before starting competition. 
  • Time Trials (TT) element is a timed event (SCCA level 2 Track Event), with inclusion in the 2024 Time Trials Championship Series.
    • Driver qualification for Time Trials will be as follows:
      1. Hold a current SCCA Competition license, or a history of tracking events with SCCA or SCCA recognized organizations such as PCA, NASA, CHIN, BMW, PBOC, etc; or
      2. Hold a current SCCA Time Trial License; or
      3. Signed off by SCCA Time Trial to "solo" from Novice events; or
      4. Has been approved to drive solo by any of the following HPDE schools: Apex, Drivers Edge, Chinn, Eagles Canyon, Edge Addicts. 
      5. Receive an entry waiver from the Event Chief Driving Instructor.

If you do not meet the requirements of 1-4 above, you can request an entry waiver by contacting the Chief Driving Instructor.  All drivers approved for participation who do not meet 1-4 above and who don't have and entry waiver will need to choose the Novice Group (NG) option when registering.  NG drivers will have lead/follow and/or an instructor assigned to them for the day. 

*Your AMB transponder must be compatible with our timing system.  If you're not sure, please email Time Trials Chair for clarification.

Event requirements

We are running under the current National Time Trial Level 1 safety rules and the 2024 Texas Region SCCA Time Trials Supps.  Your helmet must meet the SCCA certification or you will not be able to use it at the event. SCCA National Helmet certifications

If you have a convertible, please check with the Time Trial Supplementary Rules 5.6 for safety requirements. You must have rollover protection that is attached to the frame of your car.  All convertibles MUST run with the top-up (if installed) regardless of rollover protection.

ECR does not allow electric vehicles on their track

If you are wanting to share a car with another driver, please contact the Time Trials Chair for details & permission BEFORE registering.  Sharing a car is not allowed in the Novice/HPDE group.

Texas Region SCCA Time Trials is using the SCCA National Time Trials Classing. It helps to start with what modifications you have made to your car, start with that category and use the drill down to find you classing. Open-Wheel Race Cars that are not explicitly classed in the National Time Trials Rules are not permitted at Texas Region SCCA Time Trials events. If you need help with classing please contact the Time Trials Chair for assistance.

Everyone on site at our events must sign the SCCA insurance waiver and wear the provided wristband. Minor waivers are available for anyone under 18 accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. SCCA members, including minors, have the option to complete a digital annual waiver ahead of time instead of signing the paper waiver on site. The process is quick, simple, and free: Digital Annual Waiver Instructions. Note: Your profile picture, not the photo submitted with the annual waiver, will be shown on your membership card. A profile picture that is wider than it is tall may be shown sideways on your membership card, so cropping it before uploading is suggested.

Here is the default schedule for the event.  Any changes to the event schedule will be communicated as soon as possible: 2024-DefaultSchedule.pdf

Texas Region SCCA Time Trials uses the built-in MotorsportsReg texting notifications for schedule alerts & changes throughout the day.  During registration please check the box to receive these alerts and verify the mobile number in your MotorsportReg profile is up to date.  Texas Region SCCA will never send you text messages outside of event days.

There will be a MANDATORY drivers meeting at 8:00. Failure to attend this meeting will prohibit you from participating.

Please print off and complete the SCCA Time Trials Tech Form before you come to the event.  If you are not comfortable completing the checklist yourself, a race shop can do it for you.

The Time Trials Chair/Chief Steward, Chief Safety Steward, and Chief Driving Instructor have the authority to disqualify participants for failure to follow event rules, both on and off track.

Entries (104)

Christian Livingston
Luke Christ
Andres Garcia
Mike Dusold
Casey Neubauer
Sam Daniels
Scott Steider
Jared Aguillard

Eagles Canyon Raceway

Decatur, TX
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Download track map


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SCCA - Texas Region - Time Trial

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