Sun, Jun 18, 2023

Two Lane Blacktop

Holiday Inn Express and Suites

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THUNDER ROAD 2023, an SCCA National Tour Rally on Saturday, June 17, 2023, and TWO LANE BLACKTOP, an SCCA Divisional Tour Rally on Sunday, June 18, 2022.


This rally will run our favorite driving roads in the Santa Susana and Topatopa mountains (two of southern California's transverse ranges), and through the farms, orchards, and open vistas of the Santa Clara River Valley, including the historic towns of Fillmore and Santa Paula.

The Route Instructions for this event will use a simple Monte Carlo format, meaning you get turn-by-turn directions, AND you get your target time at each Checkpoint. All Timed Checkpoints are listed in the Route Instructions, and all are referenced by prominent signs on the course.  The rally is a little over 150 miles long and you will have about 5 hours of driving excitement with frequent breaks for gas, food, and rest stops.  Rallymaster is Joe Akerman. 

As with all Into The Night Rally Team events, the object of this rally is to enjoy driving sweeping, beautiful, challenging back roads at legal speeds while following simple directions in order to pass a series of Checkpoints at just the right time. 

There is no need for advanced math, no riddles, compasses, maps or gimmicks, just glorious roads to drive with a focus on precision and accuracy. This is a team sport -- driver and navigator must work together to get it right.  At least 2 people (driver and navigator) are required per car.  The rally will run rain or shine,

There are no preset average speeds, just run at the posted speed limits (rally is timed at least 2 mph BELOW those limits and has pauses where needed). If you reach a timed Checkpoint early, you can pull over, out of traffic lanes, and either creep, or stop and wait for your target time to pass by the Checkpoint.

We will be using the Richta GPS Competitor app for timing and scoring. This app is FREE and easy to use on any GPS-enabled smartphone or other device.  Go to the App Store or Google Play Store or and download it. There is no need for additional timing equipment; your Official Time shows in the app!

This event has been designed to be extremely EV friendly.  There are charging stations at the Start, in the area of the breaks, and near the Finish.

Please register for Two Lane Blacktop online here at MotorsportsReg.     Registration fee is $63 per car.  There’s a $25 discount off the entry fee for Two Lane Blacktop if you also run Thunder Road 2023 on Saturday.  Use the code DOUBLEDOWN when you check out for Two Lane Blacktop if you are running both rallies. 

If you do NOT run Thunder Road, and you have at least one SCCA member in the car for TWO LANE BLACKTOP, use the code 2LBSCCAONE for a $15 discount when you check out for Two Lane Blacktop.  (If the "register now" button doesn't work, please reload this page and try again.)

You may still register in person at the Start. (Sorry, but we will not be able to accept credit cards at Registration.  Please use the MSR website to pay by credit card.)  Rally day registration will be at the headquarters hotel, Holiday Inn Express and Suites, 27501 Wayne Mills Pl., Valencia, CA 91355, exit 170 off Interstate 5 at Magic Mountain Parkway.

NOTE:  MotorsportsReg has just added a $2 "participant fee" that will be charged on top of the entry fee.  We were only recently notified, and it went into effect immediately.  Since we were not told before we began posting publicity with a $65 entry fee for this rally, we have decided to lower the entry fee for Two Lane Blacktop on MSR by $2 (to $63).

TWO LANE BLACKTOP 2023 is an SCCA Divisional Tour Rally sponsored by the Into the Night Rally Team and CalClub. Trophies will be awarded to the top teams in Classes E (Equipped), L (Limited equipment),  S (Stock), G (GPS driven rally computers) and N (Novice – 3 or fewer previous rallies).

More Info can be found at and on our Into the Night Rally Team Facebook page. For any questions or more detailed information, contact Joe at or call or text 310 350 1360.


To register for THUNDER ROAD 2023, an SCCA NATIONAL Tour Rally on June 17, 2023, go to       



Event requirements

To simplify the registration process, only the person paying needs to register.  That person can be the driver OR the navigator, but you will need the name, email address, physical address and cell phone number for BOTH people in order to complete the registration process. Also, for SCCA Members, you will need the SCCA Member Number for the Driver and/or Navigator, if applicable.  By the way, the Driver and Navigator cannot be the same person.

All participants will be required to sign a waiver in person at the Start of the rally.  If anyone in the car is under 18 as of the Start of the rally, you will need complete the online SCCA minor waiver and parental consent forms in advance.  Go to for these forms. Please text 310 350 1360 or email immediately if you have any questions.

Click on the MAP below to create your own customized directions to START.

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Tyson Kluss
Joe Batwinis
Keith Amann
John Taylor
David Litz
Jim King
Karl Broberg
Bryan Weaver

Holiday Inn Express and Suites

Valencia, CA


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