Fri, Oct 23 - Sun, Oct 25, 2020

Trillium DE at CTMP (October)

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

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Get your fill before the cars go away and the white stuff starts falling. October is supposed to be above seasonal, so with any luck we will have sun and warmth for our last ADS.

You are invited to a tailored-made advanced driving school that allows you to participate, while keeping you safe on and off the track. This event is a lead/follow for these student groups. What does this mean?

  1. You must have driven on the CTMP Grand Prix track before. Sorry, no new drivers at this event.
  2. An Instructor will lead 1-3 cars on the track. You will follow the instructor.
  3. You will be driving alone in your car. You will be taught new communication signals used on track.
  4. There will be specific exercises you will do on track to build up your knowledge of the track, confidence and speed.
  5. There will be instructor/student briefings before and after your sessions.
  6. There are no classroom sessions – your “class” will be with your instructor. This provides a very interactive and personal learning experience.
  7. We will move students to different groups as the weekend progresses so that you are with students/cars of similar pace.
  8. You will get A LOT OF TRACK TIME.

We have run this format twice now and it works well. We have enhanced it for this upcoming ADS based on the feedback we received from students and instructors. While this is a different event, it is a great opportunity to enhance your skills in a different but progressive format.

Pre-approved Solo students and Instructors are invited to the Friday Solo lapping day as well as Saturday and Sunday. There will be Fast and Faster groups. Like the June and the August events, you will get a lot of track time.


  • We've held the early bird pricing!
  • Sat/Sun: $642 CAD
  • Fri (pre-approved Solo only): $385 CAD

All prices include HST. Residents of Canada will receive a tuition tax-receipt for 90% of fees paid, which can be claimed as tuition on your income tax return.

If you have not signed up yet, please register this week!

The numbers are going up in Ontario. We must be diligent. Our Covid-19 guidelines will be in place and enforced! They have been developed to protect you from contact with items or people. We are very fortunate that we can continue to get to the track at all. Let's do our part to ensure we don't add to the daily numbers.

Please join us for the last ADS of 2020.


Event requirements

To attend this event you must be a member of Trillium Chapter BMW CCA with dues paid up, or a current member of another BMW CCA chapter, BMW Clubs Canada, or CASC-OR club. You must also be 18 years of age or older and have a full driver's license (not a provisional or learners permit), which is not suspended or revoked.

If you have never attended a Trillium Chapter event in the past you will need to send a detailed track driving resume to Your resume must detail:

  • Your current driver proficiency level (intermediate, advanced)
  • The make, model, year, and modifications to your car
  • Driving/racing organizations and tracks you have experience with
  • The total number of track days you have run over how many years
  • The type of events (driving schools, club days, open lapping, race schools, time trials, etc.) that you have run
  • If you have been signed off to drive solo, how long ago and how many track days you have driven solo
  • The name and email address for two references (HPDE Chief Instructor, driving instructor/coach or licensed racer)

In addition, please see the following requirements.

Pre-requisites and Conditions

  • You must bring an approved and signed Technical Inspection Form
  • You must bring an approved and signed BMW Trillium waiver
  • PLEASE NOTE: CARS EQUIPPED WITH COLLISION AVOIDANCE BRAKING SYSTEMS AND/OR LANE DEPARTURE CORRECTIVE SYSTEMS: Only BMW cars equipped with these systems will be allowed to participate at Trillium track events, and drivers of these BMW cars will be given special instructions. ALL OTHER BRANDS OF CARS WITH THESE SYSTEMS INSTALLED ARE NOT ALLOWED AT TRILLIUM TRACK EVENTS.
  • Any make of open-top car (convertible, T-top or Targa top) with factory installed rollover protection meets our standard. On track, the convertible top must be in the "up" position or the removable components latched in place. If the open-top car does not have factory installed rollover protection, a roll bar or roll cage must be installed. In that case it can run with the top down with the removable components not in place. It is up to you to ensure that the cage meets the standards of an approved sanctioning organization, such as those of of BMW CCA Club Racing, PCA Club Racing, NASA, SCCA or CASC-OR. Cages approved by Chump/Champ or by LeMons are not accepted. A roll bar must also meet the “broom stick rule”, namely that the driver’s helmeted head is below a broom resting on the top of the windshield and the roll bar. In the case of a rollover in an open car, there is a danger of losing a limb or a hand unless arm restraints are employed.
  • Vehicles that may not/not participate include: Open-wheeled cars, trucks (including light trucks), vans (including minivans), SUVs, cross-overs, military vehicles, delivery vehicles, three-wheeled vehicles, motorcylces, etc. Basically anything that isn't a coupe, gran coupe (i.e. sedan without a b-pillar), sedan, station wagon, hatch back, or compact. Please note Trillium reserves the right to restrict any vehicle from participation if we believe there is an unacceptable safety risk to either the driver and/or other participants.
  • Hybrid / Electric vehicles: If it's a car, you may bring it but please note that as of 2018 there were no charging stations available at Mosport.
  • Helmets must meet the Snell SA2010 standard, or later. A very limited number of loaner helmets are available at the track. Motorcycle helmets are not allowed. Please note an 'M' helmet does not mean Motorsport. It means Motorcycle.
  • The driver and passenger seat belts must be equal. This means if your driver seat has a 5-point harness, your passenger seat must also have a 5-point harness.
  • Long pants are mandatory, no tank tops, no open shoes, no synthetics (cotton or silk only)
  • Refunds: Fees are refundable up to 15 days prior to the event. Please note the club is not responsible for currency fluctuations. There are no refunds for cancellations at 14 days or less.
  • Driver substitutions are not allowed
  • Student drivers are NOT permitted to carry any passengers while on track, or during skid pad/autoslalom exercises, except for Trillium approved instructors. Instructors are the only drivers permitted to carry passengers in their cars, such as the school students, or guests.

Your car must be inspected by a licensed mechanic according to all of the criteria on the club's technical inspection form. At the time of your inspection you must ensure your mechanic completes and signs the form. This inspection should be completed no earlier than 4 weeks before the driving school. A separate technical inspection is required for each and every driving school you attend. You must present the completed and signed form on the morning of the first day of the driving school. Without a completed and signed form you will not be allowed out on the track. 

Entries (115)

Patrick Russell
Ilker Starck
Adam Forbes
Imre Arany
Joseph Gombos
Peter Clifford
Veronika Foti

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Bowmanville, ON
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BMW CCA - Trillium

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