Sat, May 18, 2024

TrackSprint #1 - Chicago SCCA 2024

Autobahn Country Club

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No cones, no gimmicks, just time on track!


Join the Chicago Region SCCA for timed runs and fun on track!  This event will be held on the North Course at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet on Saturday, May 18, 2024.  Check-in begins at 2 PM, and on-track activities are set to begin at 5 PM.

As of 5/18 at 9 AM, we are VERY close to hitting our event cap.  Late entrants may be waitlisted, which would mean that someone else would need to cancel in order for a wait-lister to be confirmed at check-in. If the waitlist is activated, we'll start a clipboard at the SCCA check-in table to write down waitlist arrivals, who will be fitted into available cancellations (if any) on a first-come, first-served basis.  It's a long drive to Joliet for many people, so if the uncertainty of a waitlist doesn't work for you, please know that we have two more TrackSprints coming up -- Sunday, June 9 and August 18! 

What Is TrackSprint?

We're so glad you asked!  TrackSprint is perfect for people who are new to track events or want to take a new-to-them car out on track for the first time.  It's also a great way to learn the twistiest part of a track and earn experience toward a Time Trials license.  If you've ever driven a spirited highway on- or off-ramp, TrackSprint is for you!      

What's unique is that TrackSprint can be as relaxed or intense as you make it.  As long as you drive within your limits, TrackSprint is not as hard on your car's brakes, tires, or temperatures as typical HPDE events, and if you're concerned about your daily driver, track insurance is available (consider Hagerty or Lockton).  Best of all, TrackSprint brings out a wide range of participants who share your interests.  You'll get to ask questions, share tips and experiences, and admire one other's vehicles -- all this for less than a hundred dollars! TrackSprint is a great way to have #funwithcars and other enthusiasts. 


So how does TrackSprint work?

TrackSprint uses 3/4 of Autobahn's layout -- sometimes North, sometimes South -- for a time-attack run unlike any other event.  No passing allowed, no wheel-to-wheel racing:  it's just you and your ride against the clock.  Cars are released one at a time, with dedicated intervals to get you maximum seat time without traffic interference. 

TrackSprint is about driving the track.  Because "the racing line" is typically the swiftest and the safest, the Chicago Region SCCA does not add cones mid-track; instead, we focus on letting you learn and drive the racing line.  There will be a classroom session before you go out on track, and there are mentors available throughout the event to answer your questions and offer advice.

Drivers are grouped by experience.  When your group is called, you'll bring your car to the grid and have your wristband and helmet re-verified.  When released to the track, you will proceed in single file to the pit lane, where you will slowly roll up to the start line. At the starter's signal, you will initiate your run by passing through a pair of timing beam lights to start the clock (like in autocross), and you will drive the course as quickly as you feel comfortable doing.  Many participants start out slowly and get faster during the event as they learn the course and their car. This is the way!  About 3/4 of the way through the track (after Turn 6 on North track and after Turn 10 on South track), you will see pennant flags marking the timing beam:  this is your flying finish!  After crossing the finish beam, you will cruise gently through the cooldown portion of the track -- cooling your brakes and perhaps running your fans -- before you enter pit lane to re-stage for your next run.

Due to the possibility of weather and/or on-track incidents, we are not able to guarantee a set number of runs or time on track -- but we always aim to provide a great experience, and previous participants usually enjoyed five to six runs, sometimes more.


Okay, what kind of equipment do I need?

You do NOT need a transponder, any fancy equipment, or a race car.  In fact, Chicago Region TrackSprint events are perfect for street-legal vehicles that are licensed, plated, and insured for the street. 

  • You need a car that is safe to drive on track.  Have your car looked over by a qualified mechanic who can complete this tech sheet (click here to print).  Convertibles must meet or exceed the necessary roll-over protection; see "Requirements" below for more info.  For safety reasons, most HCG vehicles (high center of gravity) are not allowed. 
  • You need a helmet with a current track rating from Snell, SFI, or the FIA; you can see the current helmet list here.  Helmets with only a DOT (highway) rating are inadequate for track use and will not be accepted.  A limited number of free helmets are available for loan from SCCA during the event on a first-come, first-served basis; rental helmets may be available for rent from Autobahn for a moderate fee. 
  • You need BIG NUMBERS on both sides of your car.  To make sure they are readable at speed and from a distance, these numbers should be at least 8 inches tall, in a color that contrasts with your car's exterior.  You can select your number during online registration or finalize it at the event; we will have painters' tape and/or magnetics available if you don't have your own numbers.  We recommend putting temporary numbers on in the paddock after you arrive at the track!
  • You will need long pants while on track and closed-toe shoes.  Shirts may be long- or short-sleeved.  Cotton materials are preferred to synthetics.
  • Finally, you will need an annual or weekend SCCA membership in order to participate. Weekend memberships are $20 and can be applied to the cost of an annual membership when you decide you love this and want even more #funwithcars.  


Event requirements


The CHICAGO REGION, SPORTS CAR CLUB OF AMERICA, INC., PRESENT:  Level 1 TrackSprint (TT), May 18, 2024, at Autobahn Country Club, Joliet, IL

This Level 1 Time Trial (TT), Sanction No. 24-TTTS-XXXX, 05/18/2024 at Autobahn Country Club, Joliet, IL, is organized by the Chicago Region, Sports Car Club of America, Inc. (SCCA), and will be held under the current SCCA Time Trial Rules and official updates, except as modified by these Supplemental Regulations. Please read full rule set at:

  • Entry fees: 
    • Entry Fee: $98
    • Late/On-Site Entry Fee: $20
    • Weekend Membership*: $20 Weekend Membership Fee for non-SCCA members.  SCCA full or weekend membership is required for this event, but $15 can be applied to a full membership after the event.  SCCA full memberships come with a raft of discounts, events, and additional opportunities for #funwithcars!
  • Membership: All participants are required to be SCCA members. Anyone who does not have a current annual membership on their person (or can show it electronically, on their phone) will be required to purchase a weekend membership for this event.
  • Drivers: All drivers must be at least 16 years of age and possess a valid current driver's license issued by their state of residence.  All drivers will be asked to show their driver's license at the SCCA check-in table.   Drivers under 18 must have a completed Minor Annual Waiver (see below) already on file with the National SCCA office.  
  • Minor Drivers: Any driver under 18 must be a full SCCA member and have a Minor Annual Waiver on file with the National SCCA office before participating in this event. The Minor Waiver must be submitted and processed by the SCCA National office before the driver attends the event.  Instructions for Digital Annual Waivers are available here
  • Tech Sheets and Helmets:  All drivers need to present a completed tech inspection sheet  (click to print) and a helmet meeting current certifications at the SCCA check-in table before the event.  Helmets with only a DOT (highway) rating are inadequate for track use and will not be accepted.  A limited number of free helmets are available for loan from SCCA during the event on a first-come, first-served basis; rental helmets may be available from Autobahn for a moderate fee. 
  • Car Numbers: All TrackSprint registrants should have car numbers clearly visible to track workers -- from a distance, and at speed -- on both sides of the car. Typically, this means numbers should be 8" tall and in a color contrasting with your vehicle's body color.
  • Event Day Schedule:   Check-in for this event begins at 2:00 PM; the mandatory drivers' meeting starts at 4:30 PM; and on-track activities are scheduled to begin at 5:00 PM.
  • Pertinent dates for this event (all dates 2024):
    • Opening date for receipt of entries     12:01 AM CDT — April 2
    • Online registration closes                    4:00 PM CDT — May 18
  • Schedule:
    • Registration/check-in                              2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
    • Mandatory drivers' meetings                  4:30 PM
    • On track activities commence                5:00 PM
    • Celebrations and Commendations:       After Checkered Flag
  • Important Notes:
    • Drivers may be held responsible for damages to property, including track and environmental damage.
    • It is highly recommended that all convertible vehicles be equipped with an aftermarket roll bar that meets or exceeds the standards set in the Time Trials Safety Standard Level 2 (see those standards here).  For the minimum acceptable standards, please see "Convertibles" below. 
    • Drivers will need an approved helmet, closed-toe shoes, and long pants in order to go out on track. A small number of free loaner helmets are available from the Chicago Region SCCA on a first-come, first-served basis, and rental helmets may be available from Autobahn for a nominal fee.
    • Ride-alongs, if available, are permitted ONLY with SCCA coaches.
  • Organizers:
    • Chicago Region, Sports Car Club of America, Inc.
    • Event Lead: TO BE NAMED
    • Registrar: H. Ingraham 
  • Registration information:
    • The registrar for this event is
    • H. Ingraham
    • 847-471-3218
  • Safety:  
  • Convertibles and Safety:
    • It is highly recommended that all convertible vehicles be equipped with an aftermarket roll bar that meets or exceeds the standards set in the Time Trials Safety Standard Level 2 (see those standards here).
    • However, minimum safety standard requires the vehicle meets at least one of the following criteria and is not subject to any of the listed exceptions:
      • 1. Convertible vehicles up to and including the 2005 model year must have rollover protection meeting one of the following criteria:
        • A. The vehicle is equipped with documented factory installed roll over protection. (Examples of manufacturer-documented roll over protection include hydroformed and reinforced a-pillars or windshield frame and factory installed roll bars and/or “pop-up” bars that are designated as roll over protection.)
        • B. The vehicle is equipped with a commercially produced roll bar or roll cage which is described by the manufacturer to provide track-appropriate rollover protection. (E.g., “style” bars are not acceptable.)
          • 1. Braces and portions of the main hoop subject to contact by the driver’s or passenger’s helmet, as seated normally and restrained by seatbelt and harness, must be padded with a non-resilient material such as Ethafoam® or Ensolite® or other similar material with a minimum thickness of 1/2 inch. Padding meeting SFI spec 45.1 or FIA 8857-2001 is strongly recommended.
        • C. The vehicle is equipped with a roll bar that meets the Safety Level 2 standards for material and construction.
      • 2. Convertible vehicles of the 2006 model year or later must have a roll bar that meets the Safety Level 2 standards for material and construction unless one of the following criteria is met.
        • A. The vehicle is equipped with documented factory-installed roll over protection or a commercially produced roll bar or roll cage which is described by the manufacturer to provide track-appropriate rollover protection.
        • B. The vehicle is six (6) cylinders, with the OE drivetrain and may only be naturally aspirated.
        • C. The vehicle is four (4) cylinders or less, with the OE drivetrain, including any forced-induction equipment.
        • Note: This means that for 2006+ vehicles, if the engine is not the original equipment model as delivered in that vehicle, aftermarket forced induction has been installed, or the vehicle has more than six (6) cylinders or six (6) cylinders and forced induction of any type, the vehicle must have aftermarket rollover protection or documented factory rollover protection.
      • 3. T-tops and targa top cars:
        T-top and targa top cars are not considered convertibles, and do not fall under the convertible requirements.

  • Time Trial Licenses:
    • Drivers can log TrackSprint experience toward qualifying for an SCCA Time Trials license.
    • Be sure to let the Registrar know that you want a logbook when you come to the SCCA check-in table!  
      • We'll begin by filling out your name, class, car number and color, and the Event Sanction number.  
      • During the event, the Coaches and the Safety Workers will be monitoring things like your flag recognition, attitude, technique, and courtesy.
      • After the event, be sure to pick up your logbook and review the ratings, signatures, and remarks -- and you'll be on your way to your next event!
  • Run Groups:
    • We typically have 3-4 run groups for TrackSprint:  Advanced, Intermediate A/B, and Novice.  (Intermediate tends to have robust attendance, so we create two intermediate groups to minimize wait time between runs -- but this can shift depending on enrollment.)
    • These run groups are based on the driver's skill and experience.  You don't have to drive any faster than you feel comfortable, but comfort levels and speed tend to increase with experience, which is why we offer different run groups.  
    • Remember, TrackSprint means one car at a time with no passing, so choose the group that fits you best! 
  • Vehicle Classing:
    • Please do your best to class your car as accurately as possible before the event.  The most up-to-date classing info is available here (see the Time Trial and TrackSprint guide at SCCA Class My Car) 
    • Not sure? Email us BEFORE the event and ask! 
    • Want a taste of the track but don't want the pressure of competition?  Select "Fun Run" as your vehicle class!
    • Classes:
      • Cars are classed according to each vehicle's modifications and relative power.  Chicago Region SCCA TrackSprint uses most of the same categories as SCCA Time Trials -- Sport, Tuner, Max, and Unlimited -- along with a non-competitive "Fun Run" option.  Not sure how to class your car?  Please select "NEED HELP" from the pull-down menu and/or contact the registration team -- in advance of the event, please -- and we'll do our best to get you sorted.  
      • Click HERE for the full SCCA Time Trials National Classing guidelines -- including the "Class My Car" option if your car is not listed. 
        • Sport Category, which ranges from Sport 1 (higher performance) to Sport 6 (more modest performance), is for daily-driven street cars on tires with a treadwear of 200 or higher.  Sport Category allows only minimal modifications; click HERE for the full Sport Category guidelines.
        • Tuner Category is also intended for street-driven vehicles with a treadwear rating for 200 or higher, but here there are allowances for some bolt-on modifications for tuning and adjustment.  Tuner Category ranges from Tuner 1 to Tuner 5, and there is room for your SCCA Solo (autocross) ST cars, too, as long as they run on TT legal tires.  Click HERE for the full Tuner Category guidelines. 
        • Max Category is where you find "Maximum" street cars:  engine swaps, aftermarket or increased forced induction; suspension geometry changes; or even aftermarket wings and bodywork.  Max Category ranges from Max 1 to Max 5, and this might be where you enter your approved Kit car; click HERE for the full Max Category guidelines.
        • Unlimited Category is for those production-based vehicles that are not street-going or on DOT tires with less than 200 treadwear ratings, or are on non-DOT, full racing tires.  Unlimited is divided into Unlimited 1 (production silhouette, but over the displacement limits or under the weight limits for Unlimited 2) and Unlimited 2 (minimum of 1750 pounds with driver and maximum displacement of 3.0 liters).  Remember that ANY car running on sub-200 treadwear or race tires must be entered in Unlimited.  Click HERE for the full Unlimited Category guidelines.
      • What if my vehicle isn't on the competition list?  Use the "Class My Car" link, enter your vehicle's information / options / trim level, and SCCA National will review your info and get back to you!
      • Fun Run:  If you're not sure (or maybe just not saying) what's under the hood, or if you want to try the track without the pressure of competition, select "Fun Run" from the pull-down menu when it comes time to select your vehicle's class. 
  • Workers
    • Although there's no cone-chasing in TrackSprint, we still need workers -- this means we invite YOU to volunteer!
    • Don't worry, all workers still get to drive! 
    • You will be assigned to work either the first or second half of the event, and you get to drive the other half of the event!  
      • Season Volunteers (special training and commitment required):
        • Timing & Scoring 1 -- must be fluent in Pronto timing software
        • Timing & Scoring 2 -- radio (listen to trackworkers in one ear and event volunteers in the other; coordinate info with T&S Lead as needed for scoring)
        • Classroom Instructor 
        • Grid Lead
        • Safety Steward
        • Starter
        • Registration
      • Event-Day Volunteers (show up to your shift on time and we'll teach you everything you need to know):
        • Recorder -- works in the trailer with a radio and writes down finish #'s as called in from the track
        • Grid Assistants -- help get cars lined up, check wristbands and helmet straps, release cars from false grid to hot grid when notified, help announce grid calls
        • Finish Radio -- sit in your car just past the finish timers to record car #s and radio them to T&S)
        • Set-up and/or Take-down -- feather flags, timing lights, antennae for timing system, and so son
      • Volunteers still get to drive!  You'll work one half of the event and drive to your heart's content in the other half.  
      • Note:  If volunteering means that you drive more than the standard number of runs, only the "standard" number of runs will count toward your placement. For instance, if non-volunteers get five runs, only your first five runs will count toward your placement.
  • Drivers' Meeting:  
    • There will always be a mandatory drivers' meeting for all participants with in-depth instructions on flag rules, safety and track etiquette; this will take place 30 minutes before the course goes hot.  
    • Plan to arrive early enough to get through registration and prep your car before the meeting.  Information given at the meeting is crucial to EVERYONE for a safe and smooth event.
    •  Any drivers not in attendance at the drivers' meeting will not be permitted to drive until they have met with the Classroom Instructor.  No refunds, no exceptions.
  • Cancellation Policy:
    • Please use MSR to cancel, or -- if something happens on the way to the event -- email/text the registrar to let us know.  No charge for cancellations made through MSR, email, or phone more than three days before the event.  
    • Credit cards will not be charged until the event.
    • Cancellations made within 72 hours of the event will be held as a credit toward a future Chicago Region TrackSprint, Time Trial, or Track Event.  
    • Drivers who cancel without contacting us before registration closes are thanked for their donation to the Chicago Region SCCA. 


Below are the Autobahn Country Club track rules. They are considered part of these supplementary regulations and are enforceable as such.  

  • Camping. Camping by Participants may be permitted by Autobahn Circuit at its sole discretion, and shall be restricted to certain areas. Autobahn Circuit retains the right to charge a fee for camping, which fee shall include 24-hour security costs incurred by Autobahn Circuit for days in which such camping takes place. No campfires will be allowed at the Circuit.
  • Facilities Rules and Regulations. Autobahn Circuit reserves the right to impose certain rules and regulations for the Circuit and Lessee agrees to enforce these rules and regulations throughout the duration of the Event. These rules and regulations include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Road Course Access. Under no circumstances shall any Participant access the road course in any vehicle unless specifically authorized by, and under the control of, Lessee as part of the Event activities. Unauthorized driving shall be considered grounds for removal of the driver and the vehicle from the premises for the entire Event and for the driver’s exclusion from future events.
  • Alcoholic Beverages. No alcoholic beverages may be brought on site without the consent of Autobahn Circuit. No alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the pit or main paddock areas until 30 minutes after the end of the final event of each day. Lessee and its Participants (and families or guests) shall comply with all state and local liquor laws.
  • Minibikes, Dirt Bikes and Four Wheelers. The use of unlicensed vehicles such as minibikes, four-wheelers and dirt bikes shall be restricted to their use as service vehicles for competitors and shall only be used in the paddock area. Only licensed drivers shall use such vehicles. Children are specifically forbidden to ride such vehicles in the paddock or in any of the public areas. Autobahn Circuit reserves the right to further restrict the use of these vehicles if, in the sole discretion of Autobahn Circuit, such use is in any way a danger or annoyance to other persons. No vehicles shall be ridden or driven by any person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Autobahn Circuit reserves the right to remove any person who is in violation of this rule from the premises for the duration of the Event and to forbid their attendance at future events.
  • Pets. All pets must be kept on a leash at all times, and all pet waste must be removed and disposed of.
  • Quiet Periods. No racing or unmuffled engines may be run outside of the designated times as noted in Section 4.
  • Campfires. No campfires will be allowed at the Circuit.
  • Minors and Children. All minors and children must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times.
  • Electricity and RV Hook-up. Participants (and families or guests) are prohibited from using any Circuit electrical and waste hook-up facilities unless consented to by Autobahn Circuit, and the use of such facilities may be subject to a separate fee.
  • Additional Regulations. Autobahn Circuit reserves the right to impose additional rules and regulations at any time. Such additional rules and regulations shall be provided in writing to Lessee who shall consider them to be part of this Agreement.


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Szymon Machaj
Jacob Delair
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Adam Jabaay
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Mark A Golovin
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Autobahn Country Club

Joliet, IL
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