Fri, Oct 27, 2023

[TRACKED] Streets of Willow, CCW

Streets of Willow Springs

About this event

4 Run Groups   //     20-min Sessions   //   80 Drivers

Join us for a great day, full of high performance driving.  We limit our day to run groups of 20 drivers in SIX sessions of 20 mins each as well as an open track for test and tune for the last hour of the day.  We hope to offer all our fellow drivers a friendly and less hectic event where you can improve your skills safely while still having a ton of fun.  We are constantly trying to streamline / reinvent to better provide the absolute best value around.  

If you're new or just looking for help shaving time, we will have coaches on site who can take you for a lap or ride along with you to point things out, corner by corner. Check us out online and please follow us on Facebook & Instagram for special events and promotions.


6:30am: Gates Open.  WSIR gate fee is now $20 cash, please remember to bring exact change for faster processing.

7am: Check-in Begins, Distributing wristbands and stickers.

8am: Track Hot and 20 min sessions rotate throughout the day.

12pm: Lunch hour begins, track cold.

1pm: Track Hot, Sessions resume.

5pm: Track Cold, Packing up & headed home!    IG:    FB:

Event requirements

All track participants will review the following three mandatory items.

Safety Briefing:  Rules governing our event to preserve the safety and enjoyment for all participating.

Tech Form:  Ensure you and your car are functional, complete, and possesses the necessary safety equipment if necessary.

Liability Waiver:  Standard for all motorsport events.  High performance driving is inherently dangerous so safety and preparation are paramount. (found here)

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Derrick Chin

Streets of Willow Springs

Rosamond, CA


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[TRACKED] Streets of Willow, CCW

Fri, Oct 27, 2023