Sat, Jun 15, 2024

Top Sun Road Rally

Valiant Grill

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Detroit Region SCCA
presents the

Top Sun Road Rally

Saturday June 15, 2024
Chelsea, MI

TSD Tour Rally by Detroit SCCA


This is a Detroit SCCA Regional Rally, it does not count toward any Road Rally Championships. The classes run in these championships are different and this rally is meant to give you a start/improve your start in road rallying or simply have [safe] fun on roads driving.

You are a car enthusiast. You enjoy driving on unpaved roads. You like the challenge of arriving at each control points on time [or somewhere near on time]. You are a good driver-navigator team [or at least you think so]. You want to enjoy the scenery … if you can. You want to learn the whole new world of road rally or learn to achieve low scores. Well then, come participate in this very 1st Top Sun Road Rally of approximately 4.5 hours, about 110 miles Time-Speed-Distance [TSD] road rally. 

This is a rally designed especially for people with little or no road rally experience. Let this not stop you veterans from re-living your past on how you got your start in rallying and sharing your experience with others. This is a "Tour" type rally and there are no traps or tricks.  You and a partner (driver and navigator) will be issued a set of Route Instructions that will take you through the country roads in southeast Michigan. There will be two Sections with an hour break between the Sections. Use the breaktime to discuss with other competitors and get inputs from rally veterans. Trophies will be presented to the teams who do the best job of arriving at the checkpoints at the proper times. 

We'll be using the Richta GPS checkpoint system to record your arrival time at each checkpoint.  Once you register, you'll receive information on how to download a custom app to your smartphone.  You'll keep this app open while you run the rally and it will use the GPS signal from your device to record your arrival time at each checkpoint.  Once you pass a checkpoint, the app will automatically calculate your score for that checkpoint and display it to you!  No more waiting for the end of the rally to see how you did. You'll see your score on each checkpoint as you go along.

Look for "Competitor Richta GPS Checkpoints" app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store or click on the appropriate link:

 You should choose one of these three Classes to register in:

  • CalculatingUnmodified stock odometer only.  Calculating device restricted only in that it may not be integrated with the odometer and clock.
  • SOP (Seat Of The Pants):  No timing calculations may be performed.
  • First Timer:  Neither crew member has run a Time-Speed-Distance rally more than twice before. Otherwise the same as "Calculating".

Pre-registration is required for this event.  General Instructions that explain more details about how the rally works will be emailed to all registered contestants prior to the event.  There is a 30 car limit for this event. 


Start & Finish Location:    Valiant Bar and Grill, 1120 S Main St, Chelsea, MI 48118

            June 11:          11pm – online registration closes

            June 13:         Starting order and General Instructions are emailed.

            June 15:         11:00 AM       Restaurant opens

                                    11:15 AM        Route instructions available

                                    11:30 AM       Competitors & Safety meeting, Q/A

                                    12:31 PM        Car #1 Starts Rally

                                    5:00 PM         Car #1 Finishes (approx.)

Entry Fees:            $40 per car
                                $20 per weekend membership (one per car if none is SCCA member; $15 would be credited toward a full membership if purchased within 60 days of the event)

                                    Registration only on Motorsport Reg:   

For More Information:

Chairman –               Piotr Roszczenko           Cell: (734) 308-0122
Rally Master –          Chandra Koganti        Cell: (248) 410-2030



Event requirements

Please read carefully:

If you are registering yourself for the first time please choose Option 1 on the order form and follow the prompts.

If you are registering as a co-entrant and your partner has already registered, please choose Option 2 on the order form.

If you do not already have a account, click the 'Create New Account' button below. You will be asked to input your member number and Region of Record. This is your SCCA Membership number and home region. You must have this information in your user profile to avoid needing a weekend membership for this event. (Also, make sure your user name matches exactly as it appears on your SCCA Membership card... otherwise, the member verification process will not validate your membership.)




Entries (16)

Augustine Huizing
Matthew Huizing
Nikolaos Dimitrakopoulos
Georgios Perdikakis
Brian Knoblauch
Joshua Pollard
Megan Harlow
Bruce Blow

Valiant Grill

Chelsea, MI


Road Rally organized by

SCCA - Detroit Region

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