Sat, Jul 17, 2021

Thunderhill West July 17 with the Lotus Club

Thunderhill Raceway Park

About this event

Our first event at Thunderhill for the 2021 season will be on the 2-mile West course.  This event is open to all types of cars.  Open top cars must have a roll bar or factory installed popup bar/rollover protection.  Open wheel cars will only be allowed in the Advanced Group.  We will not conduct a tech inspection of your car unless its appearance indicates that we should.  Lemon's type cars are welcome but we will likely take a close look at it before  we let you on track.  Any fuel or water/water leaks or loose parts are reason for rejection.  Small oil leaks are acceptable.  You are responsible for making certain that your car is track-ready.  All cars must have 6" tall numbers on both sides.  Pick any number.



We are running 3 groups and each group will get 7or 8 twenty minute sessions.  

Advanced Group is for Drivers with 15+ track days experience or equivalent.  This group will be open passing without point byes.

Intermediate Group is for drivers with 5+ track days experience or equivalent.  This group will allow open passing on most short and long straights without a point bye and passing in turns and braking zones with a point bye.

Novice Group is for drivers with 1+ track days experience or equivalent.  This group will allow open passing on the long straights only and passing with a point bye in turns and braking zones.

Sign up for the appropriate group.  If you decide at the track that you should be moved to a different group we can normally accommodate this.  

We will  have a few spots for Beginner drivers (with zero track days experience).  If the current Covid situation allows, we will put a coach in your passenger seat, otherwise we will do a lead/follow with you following an experienced driver.


Damage to the track, walls, facilities, etc may be charged back to the responsible person.  Special charges for fire crews, oil cleanup, etc  may also be charged back to the responsible driver.  We will decide this on a case-by-case  basis.   

Price for this event is $195 if you register by March 31 and $215 after this date.  You can also get a additional $20 discount if you are a GGLC member or purchase a GGLC membership during registration.   That's right, your total  price for a GGLC member who signs up early is only $175!!!!


Cancellations before 6/25/2021 will receive a full refund. Cancellations 6/25/2021 or later will receive a refund only if the event is not losing losing money.

The Driver's meeting may be online or in-person depending on the Covid situation at the time.

Waiver's will likely be signed online through Speedwaiver and you will receive a notice about this later.











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Lotus Club Track Day at Thunderhill West July 17, 2021

Thunderhill Raceway Park

Willows, CA
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Golden Gate Lotus Club

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