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Tarheel & Toe HPDS Spring '21

Tarheel & Toe HPDS Spring '21

BMW CCA - Tarheel Chapter

Friday, Apr 23 — Sunday, Apr 25, 2021
Virginia International Raceway, Alton, VA

Registration closed April 18, 2021 11:59 PM at 2021-04-18T20:59:00-0700 Registration ends April 18, 2021 11:59 PM at 2021-04-18T20:59:00-0700 Registration opens March 15, 2021 8:00 PM at 2021-03-15T17:00:00-0700 Registration runs from March 15, 2021 8:00 PM to April 18, 2021 11:59 PM

BMW CCA Tarheel Chapter HPDE -- April 23-25, 2020
Virginia International Raceway - Full Course


Run Group spaces remaining (waitlist count) as of 4/19/2021 5:00pm
A-WAITLIST(0),  B-1,  C-WAITLIST(0)  D-1

Come join us for a wonderful opportunity to experience the Full Course of Virginia International Raceway [VIR]. Learn more about VIR at www.VIRclub.com and about Tarheel Chapter BMW CCA Driver Schools at www.tarheelbmwcca.org under TRACK.  Once again all 3 of our schools are "In High Season".  Rental rates on these High Season weekends are significantly greater than February and November, compounded by yet another VIR rate increase.

COVID-19 Operating Procedures
We are in a new normal for awhile.  During this period of heightened public health concern we have adopted these operating procedures for our events. 
Please download and review this document.   Compliance is not optional.

Download Tarheel BMW COVID Guidelines Here

Registration opens 3/15/2021 at 8:00 PM EST to current Tarheel Chapter affiliate members.  HPDS cost is $525.00 Sat/Sun.  Five days later registration opens to BMW CCA members affiliated with OTHER chapters.  Must be BMW CCA member to participate per BMW CCA National guidelines.  Not a member of BMW CCA? Join at www.BMWCCA.org.

No In-Car Instruction...
The National Office of BMW CCA has mandated no in-car instruction.  We will employing Lead/Follow techniques to instruct the lower run groups with Novice and Intermediate students following their instructor's cars at reduced pace.  Novices must be comfortable driving with no instructor in the passenger seat.  Trackside coaching will be available for the upper groups. 

Skidpad !!!!
We got COVID'ed out of bringing this back last season.  We'll have a small skidpad program (Friday only) for a nominal surcharge.

Instructors,  Instructor Training School [ITS] candidates, A-PLUS with Tarheel Chapter, and BMWCCA Licensed Club Racers may register for the full day Friday.  Just as we have A-D run groups, we have added the category A-PLUS. The program description and qualification requirements are described in this linked document.  Review that document and your logbooks on MotorSportReg and Driving Evals.  The Full A-Plus program is offered in the Spring and Fall. events  We do not offer the full program in June due to ITS activities.  In June, qualified A-Plus students may register for "Friday Open Track A-Plus" at the Instructor Friday rate.  We may give you a check ride Friday morning, then you will have the remainder of the open track day to yourself. You'll be a regular Group A student on the weekend. 

Club Racers with competition licenses
may join us for open track Friday. Your cost is $260 and guaranteed a minimum of 4 hours track time.  More time may be available depending on the schedule.

Registration opens the same time as students and will not close until staffing is completed. Note we cannot confirm students until we have sufficient staff so please let us know early that you will be available to Instruct. Friday cost for instructors working Sat/Sun (and ITS candidates) is $175.00.

SATURDAY Social Gathering
No Group Socials during COVID Protocol Social Distancing.

We have switched to "Required but Deferred" payment processing to ensure no one is charged until they're confirmed. That said, a valid card must be provided at registration, but we will not charge you until we confirm you to the event.  If your card is denied when we attempt to charge, you may languish on the waitlist.  Please plan accordingly.

Everyone registers in the North Paddock at VIR on FRIDAY.  Participants who attend Friday will register Friday AM around 8:30 AM.  EVERYONE else registers Friday afternoon/evening in the Paddock of the North Course.  INSTRUCTORS working only Sat/Sun may check-in Saturday AM if you are not able to do so Friday evening.  Please,
everyone try to register Friday.  Saturday morning check-ins are very hectic and stressful for everyone.


Cancellation Policy -- COVID Revised Edition
Students and Instructors: You must cancel by using the self-cancellation on Motorsportreg.com and please email Phil Antoine [booflick@yahoo.com].  The timestamp is automatically added to the private note letting organizers apply the refund policy.

Our refund policy during this period is relaxed to a virtual honor system.  No questions asked, no deadline.  We cannot incentivize folks to make a poor decision to show up if unsure of their health.  If the day before the event you suspect COVID symptoms, STAY HOME.  You will receive a full refund if you cannot attend.

Aborted events (as determined by the Driving Events Committee) may trigger a refund/credit to paid registrants in a prorated amount to be determined.

No-Show Policy (suspended during COVID Cancellation Policy)
Due to increased demand for our events, size of the waitlists, and the number of no-shows each event, we have instituted a no-show policy. A registrant can be replaced by a waitlist stand-by on-site if registrants are late and don't exercise the courtesy of letting us know they are going to be late or not coming at all.  To avoid the no-show declaration, a registrant must fulfill any one of these three requirements:

1- Check-in, sign waivers and collect registration packet by 8:30am Saturday.
2- Contact a CI or the registrar by 7am Saturday indicating the registrant will not be able to meet requirement #1.
3- Respond by 8:30am Saturday to emails and/or calls to the registrants MotorSportReg profile contacts.

If a registrant fails to meet at least one of these requirements they will be declared a No-Show.  At that point their spot may be given to a qualified stand-by.  If the spot is re-assigned, the No-Show will receive their event fee refund less $50 administrative fees.  If not replaced, they will receive no refund.  If the no-show registrant eventually arrives the CI's at their discretion may make a best-effort to find a spot for the no-show registrant.  This opportunity is not guaranteed.