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Oregon Raceway Park

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Due to the soaring success of our previous TARGA Driving Events and  Track Days, we're back. The focus of our track days, and I think the reason our events are so successful, is to explore our car's handling capabilities, acceleration and braking thresholds, in a safe environment; more appropriately, in a FUN environment. Let's face it, most of us will never be professional race car drivers. Most of us aren't driving race cars. To fully experience our car's limits, we need a closed course free of pedestrians, wildlife (aside from the occasional rattlesnake), and cross-traffic. We are happy to facilitate.

The day will be split into 3 run groups, with instructors available for those of you who would benefit from that.

The day starts with an orientation and instructions on how to keep safe, flags, and the proper line around the track. After which you will be set to lap the track in groups with a lead car to help you better understand the track. Bill is an amazing resource and though you may have driven the track numerous times, he's always good for a couple pearls of wisdom.

Drivers will be placed into 3 categories:
Novice  - 0-5 Track Days

Intermediate - 5-10 Track Days

Advanced - 10+ Track Days

Sessions will run 20 minutes. A track day itinerary will be sent as attendance firms up.

All entrants must be at least 18 years old and possess a current valid Driver's license. Helmets are required -- Snell M2005 or SA2005 or newer. Due to CV19 elmets are not available for rent. All cars will go through a minor tech inspection on the morning of the track day, but it is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that their car is in good mechanical condition. Tires should be in good condition, the wheels properly tightened and plenty of brake pad, etc. Convertibles have more strict requirements.

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Event requirements

Track Day Requirements: Safety is our primary concern. We require a helmet certified as SA2005 or newer. We have helmets available to rent ($20) also.

Long pants and closed-toe shoes are requiredWe strongly recommend 100% cotton or Nomex clothing: underwear/bra/socks, long-sleeve shirts, long pants; leather shoes and gloves (no nylon inserts). If you have made track driving your hobby, we highly recommend that you invest in Nomex driving attire. Please do your research before buying, as "not all that glitters is gold." 

You will bring your own vehicle. It may be a daily-driver, modified street car, or fully-prepped racecar. It must be in good condition, free of leaks or safety issues, with fully-functioning seat belts (for driver and instructor), and plenty of brakes and tire tread. We also recommend installing at least a partial roll cage in your car but this is not a requirement.

Convertibles/open-cockpit cars must have approved functional roll bar(s) by the track during inspection.

Cars will be inspected before being allowed on the track.This inspection and roll bar acceptance is not a certification of a car’s safety or its ability to withstand the stress of this driving event. You are fully responsible for finding and remedying any safety issues prior to the event.

Per our insurance requirements, all entrants must be 18 years of age or older and show a valid driver's license at registration.

Items Covered in the Vehicle Technical Inspection:

  • Adequate tire tread
  • Proper tire inflation
  • Loose items removed
  • No cracks in Window in Drivers View
  • Seat belts in good condition and working order
  • Driver and passenger seats secure
  • Brake lights functional
  • Ensure the positive terminal on the battery is properly covered
  • The battery needs to be mechanically secured to the car
  • The helmet requirement is Snell SA2005 or Snell M2005, or newer.
  • Roll bar (convertibles)
  • Eye protection (convertibles)


Convertibles are defined as cars with retractable tops, whether soft-top or folding hardtop. Convertibles are not allowed to participate in sessions driven at speed without a roll bar or factory pop-ups.

Rollover Protection is required for all cars not having a permanently fixed steel roof. Rollover protection must be capable of supporting the weight of the vehicle while keeping the occupant(s) head(s) at least 1 inch below the protection. It is the presenter’s responsibility to assure compliance with, and enforce the rollover protection requirement. ORP will provide self-certification technical inspection checklist forms to event presenters utilizing ORP insurance that have no formal tech inspection procedure that assures compliance. All participants must submit a completed form to the track office in exchange for a self tech sticker. The self tech sticker must be displayed on the vehicle prior to said vehicle/driver combination being permitted onto the racing surface. ORP does not provide a formal inspection process to determine the compliance status of the vehicle. If, however, after consultation with presenter, a participant fails, or refuses, to complete and sign the form, or, by obvious appearance of the vehicle, participant has falsely claimed compliance, ORP management will have cause to, and will, deny access.

Oregon Raceway Park

Grass Valley, OR
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Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


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