Sun, Feb 27, 2022

TAC Test and Tune #2 (w builder lane)

Milton Frank Stadium

About this event

Event Details
  • This test and tune will feature: 1) a short practice autocross course, 2) stand-alone skidpad, and 3) stand-alone slalom.
  • This event is limited to 55 drivers -- first come first serve.
  • This event is not appropriate for new drivers. Must have several autocross events worth of experience and must also know how to work a corner on your own.
  • "Priority Lane" available to ensure co-drivers get equal seat time. "Builders" or drivers with new cars/setups may qualify for the Priority Lane (contact Charles Krampert if interested).
  • Not a spectator event. Any guest should be accompanied.
  • All drivers (including early workers) are required to work only 1 of 6 sessions. The remaining 5-6 hours is free to run, eat, work on the car, or leave early. Drivers should be able to average 18-25 runs if they choose (essentially unlimited).
  • Gates will be closed during the event, but drivers will be able to let themselves in and out.
  • Workers will "hot swap", meaning we will not stop the event to switch workers and cars will run continuously. 
  • Course Map:

6:30 AM  |  Setup
7:30 AM  |  Tech / Check-in Opens
8:00 AM  |  Course Open for Walking
8:15 AM  |  Tech / Check-in Closes
9:15 AM  |  Mandatory Driver's Meeting
9:15 AM  |  Sessions begin
4:30 PM  |  Cleanup
5:30 PM | Must be off site


$45 Member (TAC or TVR) 
$55 Non-member
Cards will be charged the day registration closes.


If the event is full, you may continue to register and you will be added to the waitlist. If there are cancelations, you will be notified via email if there are openings.

Cancellation Policy

1) Registration will close Thursday prior to the event at 11:59 PM (midnight).

2) Cancel before registration closes – full refund.

3) Cancel after registration closes – refund, minus $10 cancellation fee.

Event requirements

  1. Bring a valid drivers license with you to the event.
  2. Autocrossers under the age of 18 will be required to have a parent or legal guardian sign a minor's competition waiver.
  3. Helmets are required, but we have loaners available.
  4. Helmets per:
Sound Policy

TAC/TVR has a strict sound policy, due to our residential location and agreement with the Milton Frank Stadium owners. Your car must not be louder than 96 dB without exception. Sound will be monitored approximately 50 feet from the course. The type of exhaust (stock vs aftermarket) is not restricted, but it must not exceed 96 dB. If your car exceeds 96 dB on a run, you will be notified, the run will be scored as a DNF, and not allowed to run again. If you show that a modification has been made to reduce noise (driving at half throttle does not count), then you will be allowed to run again. If your car exceeds the limit a second time, you will not be allowed to run for the rest of the day. We want EVERYONE to have a great day autocrossing, please make this easy by fixing your car before the event!

Entries (46)

Nick Lindsay
Collin Adair
Dave Robinson
Mike Robinson
Tom Harrington
Michael Melton
Brian Brick
Hayden Pirrera

Milton Frank Stadium

Huntsville, AL


Autocross/Solo organized by

SCCA - Tennessee Valley Region - Solo

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