Sat, Feb 6, 2021

Sweetheart Ride Rally Orientation - Rally School

Fort Worth and points north...

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Attention! Change of time for the School. Instead of a 10:30 am start, we will be starting at 1:30 pm, same date. We plan to record the session for those unable to join.

If you signed up, are planning to sign up, or are undecided but considering signing up, for the Sweetheart Ride Road Rally (February 14; for details and to pre-register, go to, then we invite you to a short Rally School.  We will introduce you to basic rally concepts and review the General Instructions for the Rally. We will also go over and demonstrate the technology you will be using during the Rally – the Richta GPS smart phone app to help navigate the course and a Google Forms template for entering puzzle solutions in real time on a smart phone, tablet or laptop. Jerry White, Rallymaster for the Sweetheart Ride Road Rally, will be your instructor.  When you register, we will send information on how to download the app and access the Google Forms template, and also (optionally and subject to it being set up by the Rallymaster) directions for a very short test course where you can go see how these tools work.

Rally School Day is Saturday, February 6th. You will be able to maintain social distancing for the whole event.  The “classroom” instruction will be conducted via Zoom session.  Class begins at 10:30 am 1:30 pm and should run for about an hour and a half, including time for Q&A. 

Following the instruction session, you’re free to run a short test course over paved roads near the Rally starting point, the Buc-ee’s near Texas Motor Speedway; start and finish locations will be specified in the route instructions. You may complete this test run on Rally day, arriving an hour or two before sign-up time, or any day or time at your convenience.  Any street-legal, four-wheel vehicle may enter.  At least two people (a driver and a navigator) are required in each car.  This is not a speed event.

Follow-up questions after the event should be directed to Jerry White at, who will compile them and post and/or distribute answers to all entrants. We plan to record the Zoom session and post it as well, and will share information on how to access it after the Rally School.

There is no charge for this event. You must preregister on To pre-register, page down and click on “Continue”.

Note: if you plan to register for the Sweetheart Ride Road Rally, we strongly urge you to do so early and in time to also attend this Rally School and/or view the recorded session. 

This is not a SCCA sanctioned and insured event. 


Event requirements

Registration is by person, not by car. Even if your rally partner(s) will be with you while attending the Zoom session, we would ask that each individual register for the School, so we can have a complete record of attendees, and be in best position to reach out to everyone with follow-up information.

If you choose to do the test drive referenced in this Rally School, please abide by the following requirements. There must be at least 2 people old enough to read in every rally car. The driver must have a valid driver's license and proof of insurance. The car must be in good mechanical condition. 

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Letty Casey
Jeff Wu
Chad Mueller
Jo White
Jennifer White
Cross Kirchmeier
Laurence Fischbach

Fort Worth and points north...

Fort Worth, TX


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