Sun, Feb 5, 2023

SVR Ice Run RallyCross #1 Backup (2023) CANCELLED

Ross Lake, Beaverton

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Join us out on Ross Lake in wonderful Beaverton, MI! Bring your Car, bring your Truck or SUV!  Winter or snow tires preferred, minimum all-season with 4/32" good tread required.

Check the website frequently as the event can changed or be cancelled right up to the last minute due to local conditions (too much snow/too little ice/too cold, etc.). 
Please drive safely and respect the citizens of Beaverton and make use of the local businesses while in town... Beaverton's hospitality is what makes these events possible.


Entry Cap: 50 registrants

Registration will open the Sunday preceding the event at 8PM EST

Pricing for Competition:

  • SCCA Member - $35
  • Non-SCCA Members - $55 (Non-member prices include a weekend membership which can later be applied to a full SCCA membership



It is strongly recommended that SCCA members apply for yearlong waivers, aka “hard cards.” To receive a hard card, click  must here to log into your SCCA account. Then, print out a waiver form and either 1) have it notarized, or 2) sign it with an SCCA member witness. You may bring the yearlong waiver form to an event and sign it in front of the waiver worker, which would fulfill the requirements for a hard card.

Any site-specific waiver forms will still need to be signed when entering the site for the first time with the waiver worker.


We will also hold an on-site drivers meeting to answer any questions that entrants may have. 

There will likely be an awards ceremony after the event at Beaverton Bowl (3325 S, M-18, Beaverton, MI 48612). Trophies may be distributed either at the event, afterward at the ceremony, sent to entrants after the event (by request), or at the annual Awards Banquet the following year.


Recommended Checklist:

  • Drivers license
  • SCCA member card (if you have one)
  • Annual Waiver Card (if you have one)
  • Water 
  • Lunch (No lunch vendor on site, approx. 30 minute lunch break depending on event flow)
  • Coat, gloves/mittens, thick pants, stocking cap or hood, etc... dress warm!
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Tools, jack, jack stands (please protect the site and use stands that don't dig into the asphalt)
  • Paper and a pen

Be sure to check the site regularly, as our events are entirely weather/ice-dependent. If there's good ice and, we'll run!


Event requirements

Entry Requirements: 

Competitors must be SCCA Members, and SCCA Weekend Memberships will be available at registration for $20.00 which can be applied towards a full membership. There is no fee for passengers or crew but they must fill out an SCCA weekend membership form. A competitor must be a minimum of 16 years old and those under 18 must have an SCCA minor waiver. Passengers must be at least 12 years old or 57” tall with a properly sized helmet, must sign the event waiver, and must be of the same household or who arrived with the driver.

Everyone on site must sign the SCCA liability waiver, or be in possession of an SCCA annual waiver.

Minors under the age of 18 MUST have a properly executed SCCA minor waiver, this includes signatures from BOTH parents if the minor is going to be in a hot area (example: grid, driver).  Minor waivers are available on site, or available here (must be printed in color):

This means both parents must have an SCCA member witness and sign the document or come onsite together.

If both parents are not coming onsite and don't know a third party member to witness and sign then use of a notary with the linked document below is acceptable.

If a parent has sole custody of a child, then a single parent signature is acceptable with the following document printed in color and filled in appropriately.

Adults who are interested in an annual waiver can print in color and have notarized, then mail to the national office.



A competitor must possess a valid driver’s license or driving permit and present it at registration. Permit or restricted licenses are permitted according to SCCA National RallyCross rules. If a driving permit requires a parent/legal guardian, that person or an approved instructor must be present in the vehicle during all parade and competition runs.


Event Check-In: 

Competitors must be prepared to present their valid driver’s license, and may be required to provide a valid SCCA Membership Card or proof of Weekend Membership purchased for the weekend when checking in or registering at the event venue.


Event Schedule:

  • Registration - 8:00-10:00 am
  • Tech Inspection & Practice Runs - 8:00-9:45 am
  • Drivers Meeting - 10:00am
  • First Car Off - 10:30 am


Run Procedure/Schedule:

Day events will traditionally have three heats of competition, with participants competing in one, working in another, and unencumbered in the other. Night events traditionally have two heats of competition with participants competing in one and working in another. Run groups will be comprised of a mix of complete car classes and to have roughly the same number of drivers.


Work Assignments:

All competitors are required to work during the event. You will receive a work assignment during the drivers meeting. Failure to fulfill your work assignment will result in disqualification from the event and potentially future events as well.


Technical Inspection and Helmets:

Tech inspectors will be inspecting aspects of your car from the outside only. They will ensure that the wheels are solidly mounted to the car with no play in the wheel bearings, the tires are not damaged and are not showing cords, the battery in the engine bay is properly tied down, and the car is appropriately marked with class and car number.

The tech inspector will ask you to verify that your brake pedal is firm, the accelerator pedal returns, and that the car is clear of loose objects.

All competitors should bring their own helmet to use in competition. Helmets must be Snell 2010 or newer (M2010 or SA2010) or equivalent. You may be asked to show the tech inspector the sticker inside your helmet if you do not have a current helmet sticker. Once the tech inspector visually confirms the helmet sticker, you may be directed to pick up a sticker from a table next to tech inspection.Loaner helmets will be available for competitors or passengers on a fist come, first served basis.

Vehicle Restrictions:

  • Competitor vehicles must be at least as wide as they are tall. The vehicle’s width is determined by measuring the distance between the outermost portion of each tire. The width must be greater than height measured to top of roof on both axles. Vehicles that appear to pose a rollover risk may be disqualified at the discretion of a safety steward, event chairperson, or program director. 
  • Convertables are not allowed.

Tire Restrictions:

Studded tires (including tires with DOT studs) are permitted.

Tire chains are not permitted.

Two-Driver Cars:

Two-driver cars will take their runs in the following order: 1st driver takes half of their runs, followed by 2nd driver taking all of their runs, followed by the 1st driver taking the remainder of their runs. This is subject to change the day of the event at the descretion of the event organizers.

Car Numbers:

Competitors will choose a one, two or, three-digit number at registration. Numbers are to be clearly displayed on each side of the car. Compliant numbers must be applied to receive a tech sticker. Numbers should be at least 8” high and of a contrasting color. Masking, painters, or electrical tape is a good method for numbering, and limited provisions for numbering will be provided on site.

Ross Lake, Beaverton

Beaverton, MI


Ice Racing organized by

SCCA - Saginaw Valley Region

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