Wed, May 5, 2021

Streetcar Track Day with Reed Kryder

Nelson Ledges

About this event

*Former Fundayz*

This event is targeted toward new participants that wish to bring their street car and learn the racetrack or just want controlled track time.

This will include a classroom session for new participants followed by track time.

“How to learn a track” will cover topics such as:

  • Flags, lead/follow, track layout and procedures
  • How to a SMOOOOTH driver
  • How to become aware of “turn-in” and apex locations you are using
  • Why you start with a late apex
  • Controlled entry = fast exit
  • Focus and Feel for your car

Event Itinerary:

  • Mandatory Driver’s Meeting @ 8 am
  • Hot Track by 9 am
  • Lunch Break @ 12:00
  • Day End @ 2:30 pm

$200 per driver –  Cash or Check Payable at Gate

Please make checks payable to: Brian Ross Racing


Reed Kryder -                330-289-0473                                  330-977-0111

Event requirements

Make sure your car is empty of loose objects.

A Snell SA 2005, 2010, 2015 or 2020 helmet is required.


Race Fuel is available.


Sunoco 93 Octane Unleaded            $4.00/gallon

Sunoco 100 Octane Unleaded           $8.00/gallon

Sunoco 110 Octane Leaded              $8.00/gallon

Entries (16)

Donald Theobald
Ryan Zellner
Nicholas Duska
Jen Convery
Brian Convery
Steve Swann
Dana Byers

Nelson Ledges

Garrettsville, OH
Download track map
Download track map
Watch a video tour/lap
Watch a video tour/lap


Open Track organized by

Nelson Ledges Road Course

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