Thu, Sep 7, 2023

StratoAttack #3

Stratotech Park

About this event

For the first time in Alberta, Track Sprint competitions are here with StratoAttack Time Trials held at Stratotech Raceway just 15 minutes north of Edmonton! With 4 race classes to compete in and over 20 records to be set, everyone has something to go for! 

What is a Track Sprint?

It's a high-speed autocross (without the Pylons) that uses part of a road course. Vehicles are launched one at a time from a standing start in a race against the clock to get to the finish line. 

​Everything from your Grandma's Corolla to fully built race cars can compete in this safe non wheel to wheel competition.

​Drivers of all skill levels are welcome! 


StratoAttack is presented by Motorsports Supplies, Edmontons source for hard core, hard to find motorsports parts and accessories.




Awards provided by RA Motorsports, your local producer of high quality parts for enthusiats on and off the track. 



  • $85 Per Driver
  • This event is limited to the first 30 to register


  • There are 5 classes: Street l Tuner l Extreme l UnlimitedThe Slow Class
  • If your vehicle meets the classing requirements you may enter it.
  • Click Here For More Info

Please Note : Karts are not permitted at this event for safety reasons!

  • 4:00pm Gates open
  • 5:30-6:00pm Optional Practice runs (40km/h max)
  • 6:00pm Drivers Meeting 
  • 6:15pm Timed competition runs begin
  • 8:50pm Last car on track
  • 9:00pm Awards
  • 9:30pm Cleaned up and off site
Practice Runs
  • 40 km/h max speed
  • Learn the course & pick your lines
  • Must remain a minimum 10 car lengths distance from the car in front of you
  • No passing 
  • Practice runs are optional
  • May take as many as you want during the allotted time
  • Speeding or dangerous driving will get you disqualified 
Competition Runs
  • Open pit lane
  • Drivers can take as many runs at the course as they want
  • Cars will be launched every ~25 seconds 
  • No passing
  • Drop 2 or more tires off the pavement = OFF Course 
  • Hit a pylon in the stop box = DNF
  • Only your single best run will be used for the final result standings
  • Class Standings
  • Overall Standings 
  • Live results are viewable at (Tap on the red Live Results button) 
  • Final results to be posted up on website shortly after event finish.
  • Top 2 Fastest Times in each Class
  • The Slow Class - Fastest time gets the "The James May Award"

Get listed as the Record holder for breaking or setting any of the fastest times for the following:

  • Fastest FWD Car - (Production vehicles)   
  • Fastest RWD Car - (Production vehicles)
  • Fastest AWD Car - (Production vehicles)
  • Fastest Muscle Car
  • Fastest Sports Car - (2 door model only cars)
  • Fastest Supercar - (Mid engine exotic cars)
  • Fastest Classic Muscle Car - (80's and older American muscle cars)
  • Fastest Street Truck 
  • Fastest Classic JDM Car - (80's & 90's Japanese cars)
  • Fastest KDM Car - (Cars from Korea)
  • Fastest Family Car - (Full size sedans & wagons)
  • Fastest Diesel Car
  • Fastest Female Driver
  • Fastest Miata
  • Fastest FRS/BRZ
  • Fastest S2000
  • Fastest Civic
  • Fastest BMW
  • Fastest Porsche
  • Fastest Rush SR
2023 Championship
  • Finish within the Top 5 of your class or the Top 10 Overall to receive points towards the 2023 DMS Time Trials Championships!
  • Click Here For More Info
The DMS Time Trials Guarantee
  • If you're not satisfied with the event you will be refunded 50% of the event fee! 
  • Your Feed Back Is Wanted! Let me know how we can make these events even better.  Email 

Event requirements

To Compete You Will Need
  • A drivers license
  • A mechanically sound car
  • To register 
  • To fill out the online self tech form & sign the annual waiver (Click Here)
  • A Snell certified M/SA/K 2010 or newer helmet or ECE 22.05 
Vehicle Requirements 
  • Suv’s, trucks, vans and other high center of gravity vehicles are prohibited for safety reasons. Vehicles track width must be greater than it's height. (Street trucks are allowed)
  • Have a structure and bodywork that surrounds and protects the driver at least to their waist level when seated in their normal driving position.
  • Performance brake pads & brake fluid are highly recommended! 
  • Exhaust noise level less than 94dbA from 100 feet away
  • Must have no fluid leaks that could drop oil or antifreeze on the track
  • All loose items must be removed from the vehicle.
  • 3 point seat belt at minimum.
  • Only 1 allowed
  • Must be wearing same safety gear as driver
  • Must sign the event waiver
  • Must be of 16 years of age or older

Entries (21)

Brian Jurkschat
Rabbit Hole Racing
Andy Tailleur
Oleksandr Abakumov
Josiah Chugg
Calvin Robinson
Trevor Cloutier
Darrel Conrod

Stratotech Park

Sturgeon County, AB


Time Trial organized by

Dan's Motorsports Timing

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