Sat, Sep 30 - Sun, Oct 1, 2023

Stewart's Race Powered by Jzilla

Barber Motorsports Park

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The most common question we receive is, “How can we help!?” For all those who have asked that question but do not drive a racecar, we have an option for you as we head into 2023 to help us by creating your own fundraising page for Racing for ALS in general or as part of one of our Racing events like Vince’s Race with Wilder Racing, Carolyn’s Race, Dave’s Race, or Stewart’s Race with Jzilla Track Days. Your building a fundraising page and sharing that on social media/with others, will not only help us fundraising for the cause, but will fulfill the other large part of our mission by raising awareness for ALS for those not familiar with the disease.

To set up your page, you can access the fundraising pages via:


Any questions, please contact Rob Wilmoth: 

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Matthew Broyles
Matthew Vaughn
Chad Martin
James Vaughn
Bryan Maggi
David Cole
Chris Bartram
GREG johnson

Barber Motorsports Park

Birmingham, AL
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