Sat, Sep 18, 2021

SSS Round 4 & 5 Final Drift Battle Master Class!

Richmond Raceway

About this event

Drifting was born in the mountains of Japan where skill and style were blended into an aggressive show of speed and car control.

Our goal is to establish a foundation where drivers can push themselves and their machines to the level of some of the most skilled and dedicated drivers in the world.

Event requirements

We encourage all drivers to self-assess when determining if they are ready for a SSS Speed & Style event! Please have a strong understanding of the fundamentals, and driving line, before entering SSS. If you feel you need some more practice, please wait until you can practice more. Although these guidelines are in place, we encourage all drivers to give it a try as it is a very fun challenge for yourself. Please contact SPIRIT Staff via email if you are concerned about signing up! We are happy to help answer any questions! Thank you!

Please watch this "Extended Drivers Meeting" Video before coming! -

Must be 18 years or older, or have parental consent present at time of event to sign waiver.

DOT or SNELL Helmets required. 

Mounted Fire Extinguisher required. These are cheap - get one at Home Depot or Walmart. Mounted securely within drivers reach and MUST have a metal bracket.

All cars will go through tech. Please come prepared: ensure your car isn't leaking any fluids, and no parts are loose. It is up to you to nut/bolt check your car prior to the event. 




Richmond Raceway

Richmond, VA


Drift organized by Drift Series

Event over!