Fri, Mar 31 - Sun, Apr 2, 2023

Audi Club Driving School @ Charleston Peak North

Spring Mountain

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Spring Mountain Motor Resort

Charleston Peak North Course
Friday, March 31 - Sunday, April 2, 2023

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What is This?

  • Have Fun driving your own car on a fabulous private racetrack.
  • Enjoy a supportive Learning environment...
           ... with a strong emphasis on Safety.
  • Improve your driving skills...
           ... while learning your car's capabilities.
  • Join a diverse group of friendly individuals who embrace performance driving...
           ... and really understand, appreciate, and enjoy their automobiles.

Should I Do This?

People will say you shouldn't... you couldn't... you can't... you won't. So, it will feel good when you go home after experiencing the thrill of this weekend and tell them... I DID IT !

DO IT with Audi Club SoCal!

Drive your OWN car! You will learn in your own car throughout the event. Club instructors help you improve your driving skills in a structured learning environment.

Don’t have an Audi? (yet?!) No Problem! All makes and models of coupes and sedans in excellent mechanical condition are welcome at Audi Club SoCal driving schools - and we welcome select models of convertibles and CUV/SUVs, too.

We train you! At Audi Club SoCal, we don't just "drop you into the deep end"! Beginners will spend the morning of the first day learning about vehicle dynamics in the classroom and practicing car control exercises on the skid pad. After lunch you will join your instructor on the track for the remainder of the weekend. Whatever your level of experience, Audi Club utilizes sophisticated learning methods tailored to your skill level using in-car instruction and live classroom and technical sessions. We also utilize online and remote instruction where appropriate.

Safety is not negotiable! Run groups are established to allow students to be on track with other drivers of similar experience. This event is not a race, a racing school, or practice for racing. Passing is allowed only on designated sections of the course and under controlled conditions. Drivers with documented previous experience will be placed in a run group appropriate for their skill level and their car's capabilities.

Why Audi Club?
We provide you with much more learning and social content than other groups which go to the track. We are very proud of the glowing reviews drivers give our events. Here are just a few from our most recent Audi Club SoCal driving school:

  • "The Audi Club SoCal track events are consistently top notch. A class act through and through. This was a SAFE way to push myself and the car all weekend. ... The community experience is also great. Everyone was supportive and enthusiastic throughout the group levels. Excited for the next one!"
  • "Friendly, safe and fun atmosphere. Food was awesome."
  • "The driving school has a remarkable supportive culture fostered by members who clearly care deeply for each other as well as being welcoming to newcomers."
  • "I was extremely pleased with everything. All of the staff, the other fellow students and the energy of the whole event, I felt was very nice. No egos or attitudes. I would highly recommend your school."
  • "Audi Club events are so much better than any other club, I don't even like to do others anymore."
  • "I had a wonderful weekend! This club is a wonderful bunch of people with a focus on fun and safety! See you at Spring Mountain!"


The registration fee (see Event Requiements below for details) represents an incredible bargain. A student full-weekend registration includes everything necessary for two days of fun and learning with your car, including:

  • All First Time Student registrations include free Car control exercises, a motorsports helmet rental, and sophisticated online learning by industry-leading coaches.
  • Classroom instruction or Subject-Matter seminars for all experience levels.
  • On-track driving with instruction conducted by experienced and trained Audi Club instructors.
  • Lunch at the track is included with all registrations.
  • Track Walk with our Instructors late Friday afternoon. ALL DRIVERS are invited to attend!
  • Meet & Greet Reception at the track Friday evening.
  • Gala Banquet Dinner in the Spring Mountain Member’s Clubhouse on Saturday evening is included with full-weekend (Saturday & Sunday) registrations and may be purchased for single-day drivers and for your guests.
  • We are planning on an embroidered Audi Club vest to be included with all full-weekend (Sat/Sun) registrations and available for purchase by single-day drivers.

We also offer an optional Friday HPDE Practice Day. The open pit lane format provides plenty of track time. This stand-alone optional day is only for solo-qualified intermediate and advanced drivers and instructors, as we do not provide formal instruction on Friday.

Who are we?

The Audi Club of North America (ACNA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization providing its members with driver safety training and education about the Audi brand. Audi ownership is not required for ACNA membership. Audi Club SoCal is the Southern California Chapter of ACNA, serving our members in Southern California and Southern Nevada. Visit us online for more information about Audi Club SoCal at,, and participate in our free user forum to interact with other Audi enthusiasts at


This High-Performance Driver School is an exciting, fun, and educational two or three days spent with friendly people on the brand-new Charleston Peak course at a terrific private racetrack. You will learn from and with other Audi owners and club members, forge new friendships, and make lasting memories. Your improved driving skills will enhance your daily driving experience. You will learn about your car and its capabilities in a controlled environment which is safer than experimenting on the public streets!

Event requirements

Safety Culture

This event focuses on SAFETY, FUN, and LEARNING. The weekend High Performance Driver School is NOT an open track day, a race, a racing school, practice for racing, or a test-and-tune opportunity.

At no time will you be pushed or encouraged to go any faster than is comfortable for you.

Your driving school is held at a private club featuring a closed road racing course. This is not because we are "racing" – instead this avoids the many uncontrollable hazards found on the public streets, such as distracted drivers, pedestrians, unexpected obstacles, and opposite-direction traffic.

For your safety, all participants will be organized into run groups based on prior experience, demonstrated skill, and vehicle.

All activities are conducted under the supervision of experienced and trained Audi Club instructors. You will be learning the principles and practicing the art of performance driving in a fun, relaxed, and yet highly organized school setting, while observing practical safety protocols. Our training is designed to allow you to improve your skills as a driver while safely exploring the capabilities of your vehicle. It will help prepare you for emergencies that may occur in normal driving situations.

Your driving school will comply with state and local health & safety requirements in effect at the time of the event.

YOUR safety and the safety of other participants depends primarily on the Decisions YOU make and the Actions YOU take!
Ultimately, Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility!

One-Day Options

To ensure quality instruction and provide an effective learning experience, the First Time HPDE Driver School (our A-Group) is only offered as a two-day comprehensive weekend package.
For B-Group (Novice) and above drivers we recommend our most popular full weekend registration (Saturday and Sunday). We do, however, provide single-day registration options for Saturday-only or Sunday-only to accommodate those whose schedule prevents them from attending both days.
Friday's Experienced Driver Day is a stand-alone single-day option for qualified advanced drivers only.


This Audi Club driving school will be held on the brand-new Charleston Peak North layout at Spring Mountain Motor Resort, a private state-of-the-art closed course road track and exclusive motorsports country club located at 4767 S Nevada Highway 160, Pahrump NV 89048 (800) 391-6891. Spring Mountain is only 55 miles West of downtown Las Vegas. With over nine miles of fun and challenging racetrack and a wide array of resort-style amenities, Spring Mountain delivers a world-class motorsports experience to driving enthusiasts of all levels. If you love cars and driving, Spring Mountain is truly a destination to experience. All Audi Club Activities, including Friday evening Meet & Greet Reception, Onsite Check-In, mandatory Safety Briefings, and all Meals including our Saturday Evening Banquet, will be held at the Spring Mountain Motor Resort.

Course Configuration all three days

We will drive the 2.76-mile Charleston Peak North CW course configuration (i.e., with the northern loop only) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Friday Experienced Driver Day

Friday's optional HPDE practice day is an open pit lane format, so advanced drivers should expect to get all the track time your heart desires! There is no formal instruction on Friday, so this option is only for our Instructors and C-Intermediate and D-Advanced drivers who have previously been approved to drive solo at an Audi Club driving school. If you believe you have other prior experience which qualifies you for Friday, please see the instructions in the Experienced Driver section further down this page.

Are you a Racer eyeballing our event? Know that Friday is an HPDE Practice Day and complies with all of the same Audi Club safety protocols as our weekend school. Passing is by permission only in designated passing zones on the straights. There will be a wide range of driver experience and car performance on track at any given time. Our events are not suitable for racing practice or race car test-and-tune.

Convertibles and SUV/CUV

Audi Club North America allows convertible cars with adequate rollover protection (for example, A4, TT and R8 cabriolets) and certain models of small performance SUV/CUV cars at our driving school (for example, Q3, Q5, and SQ5). Equivalent models from other manufacturers are also allowed, please inquire about your particular car.


You must wear a helmet certified to the Snell SA2015 or SA2020 or equivalent EC or FIA standard. Helmets with DOT, Snell M (motorcycle) and SA2010 or earlier certification are not allowed at Audi Club high speed events. Audi Club SoCal has a selection of SA2015 open face helmets for rent, and a helmet rental is included free for our beginner school students.  

Registration Fee

The registration fee for this Audi Club SoCal High Performance Driver School includes everything you need for learning more about yourself and your car, including driving theory sessions for everyone, car control exercises for Beginners, on-track instruction on the weekend, and lunch each day at the track. Two-day weekend (Sat&Sun) registrations also include evening meals.We charge a little more than the other guys, but we provide a whole lot more!!

Audi Club is a non-profit educational organization. This year's affordable fees reflect a small increase to cover ongoing inflation including increasing track rental rates. Please help us plan for an exceptional event by Registering Early!  Your card will not be charged until March 1st.

Audi Club Spring Mountain 2023
Charleston Peak North Registration Fees


Prior to

Weekend Driving School for Beginner to Track Driving Schools (Sat & Sun)
This is for a First Time driver at a formal HPDE driving school.
This all inclusive two-day school includes over $80 in additional value - just for our first timers*


Weekend Driving School (Sat & Sun)
for a Novice thru Advanced driver with verifiable prior HPDE experience*


One-Day Driving School (Sat or Sun)
for a Novice thru Advanced driver with verifiable prior HPDE experience


Weekend Instructor (Sat & Sun)
for pre-approved Instructors. We have Dedicated Instructor Run Groups!*


Experienced Driver Day (Friday)
a stand-alone option for our Instructors and Intermediate and Advanced solo-qualified drivers

Late registration is subject to additional fees. Registration closes on March 24, 2023. Program elements are subject to adjustment to accommodate local health regulations in effect at the time of the event.

*The Banquet Dinner in the Member’s Clubhouse on Saturday evening and an embroidered Audi Club Vest are included with your two-day weekend registration (Sat & Sun). Saturday banquet Dinner and an Audi Club Vest are available separately for one-day participants (Sat or Sun). Extra meals are also available for your guests. See the registration form for details. Please Register Early so we can order enough meals and vests for everyone!

We will offer limited non-meat dishes at meals; we are unable to support special dietary restrictions so please plan accordingly.

Audi Club Run Groups

Audi Club provides a run group for every skill level, plus dedicated driving sessions just for our trained and experienced instructors. Audi Club Run Groups are A-Beginner, B-Novice, C-Intermediate, D-Advanced, X-Instructor, Y-Instructor.  Run Groups may be adjusted based on the number of participants.

Event Shirt

This year we are planning for the “event shirt” to be an embroidered Audi Club Vest suitable for everyday wear! If you would like a size other than your “dress shirt” size in your MSReg profile, please put this in the Remarks box on the registration form.

Schedule - Preliminary A detailed event schedule will be provided at event check-in.

Friday - Experienced Drivers on Charleston Peak North course.
Arrive:             at the track Early! but no later than 7 AM. Pay the one-time $20/person cash gate fee.
Early AM:       Friday Drivers Safety Meeting - in the Charleston Peak driver’s lounge
First Groups:   Low Speed Sighting Laps (15 min)
Then…            Open Pit Lane
Lunch             Track Cold
More…            Open Pit Lane
4:30 PM:         Track Cold for the instructed
Track Walk! ALL weekend drivers are welcome to join us.
6ish PM:          After the Track Walk: Meet-and-Greet Reception, Weekend Check-In, and get to know your Instructor - in the Charleston Peak driver’s lounge.

Saturday – High Performance Driver School on Charleston Peak North course
Arrive:             at the Track Early! but no later than 7 AM. Pay the one-time $20/person cash gate fee (if not previously paid).
Early AM:       All-Drivers Safety Meeting in the Charleston Peak driver’s lounge.
Then...            Driving School
5:00 PM:         Track Cold
5:30 PM:         Social Hour in the Spring Mountain Member’s Club House.
6:15 PM          Banquet Dinner in the Spring Mountain Member’s Club House.

Sunday - High Performance Driver School on Charleston Peak North course
Arrive:             No later than 7 AM. Pay the one-time $20/person cash gate fee (if not previously paid).
Early AM:       Instructor/Sunday-Only Drivers Meeting in the Charleston Peak driver’s lounge.
Then...            Driving School
5:00 PM:         Track Cold, clean up and goodbyes.
6:00 PM:         Audi Club must be off the Resort property.

Lunch will be served each day in the Charleston Peak driver’s lounge. The track will be cold during lunch. [SMMR members’ lunch is in the members’ clubhouse.]

Lodging Options

Pahrump is very busy in the Spring, with snowbirds from all over the USA as well as hundreds of students at the Front Sight training academy. Hotel rooms are at a premium so make your lodging reservation NOW and avoid the long daily drive from the Las Vegas strip hotels.The hotels will only hold our room block(s) for a very limited time. Reserve your room ASAP or you will pay the steeper rate, or worse have to scramble for a room elsewhere at higher cost, or even worse end up driving an hour each way from Las Vegas!


  • Best Western Pahrump Oasis
    • RATE UPDATED 2/5: Call (775) 727-5100 and ask for the "Audi Club" rate. Available Thursday-Sunday nights.  $149.95/night for deluxe room with 2 queen beds (only 20 available), or $179.95/night for a suite (only a few available). The hotel's email address is, but we suggest calling to avoid delay and miscommunication.
    • [Our apology for initially showing outdated rates before we had obtained the latest rates from the hotel. This due to your leader missing the outdated information during his cut and paste.]
  • Holiday Inn Express Pahrump
    • UPDATED 2/6: (775) 727-9100 We have blocked 20 rooms at the Holiday Inn Express. Mention code "SCA" (So Cal Audi?) to access our room block and $188/night rate.
  • Saddle West Hotel & Casino (775) 727-1111
  • Nugget Hotel & Casino (775) 751-6500

Housekeeping Cottages and Condos

  • Wine Ridge RV Resort - Cottages & Casitas (775) 751-7805
  • Spring Mountain Motorsports Resort - Condos (very limited) (800) 391-6891

RV Camping Are you still concerned about staying in a hotel? Or, just want to stay close to the action?! Bring an RV (rent if you don't own) and camp! In order of proximity to the track:

  • Spring Mountain Resort - Audi Club has arranged for overnight security at the track if you wish to RV "dry camp" in the paddock. This is very convenient to our track and social happenings, but there are no hookups of any kind.
  • Best Western Pahrump Oasis RV Park (775) 727-5100 landscaped, trees
  • Saddle West RV Park (775) 727-1111 asphalt
  • Preferred RV Resort (775) 727-4414 landscaped, trees, across from the Nugget
  • Lakeside Casino & RV Park (866) 751-6500 beautifully landscaped with grass, trees and lakes, but far from the track


Your Audi Club SoCal driving school is much more than just a track day. We provide you with a balanced learning environment utilizing online webinars, live classroom, and on-track instruction via in-car instruction, lead/follow instruction, or track-side observation as appropriate.

Our First Timer Driving School includes an introduction to Performance Driving fundamentals via a discounted lifetime subscription to Performance Driving 101 webinar. Our experience has PROVEN that by completing the webinar before you arrive at the event you WILL learn faster AND have even more fun! This self-paced professional online program has easy to digest modules on Vision, proper use of the car’s Controls (steering, brakes, accelerator, and shifting), and an approachable introduction to Vehicle Dynamics, then puts it all together to explain proper Cornering Technique. We will refund first time beginner’s already-discounted course cost if you bring evidence of successful completion with you to the event.


Brief Summary of Driver Requirements

  • All registered Drivers must possess and present a valid driver's license issued by their state of residence (not a learner's permit).
    • Minors (under 18) whether a registered driver or a guest, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will sign the ACNA and Spring Mountain minor liability waivers at the track.
  • Drivers must wear an auto racing helmet certified to Snell SA2015 or later, or equivalent EC or FIA motosports helmets.
  • We recommended you wear a long-sleeve shirt, long pants, and you must wear practical closed-toe shoes while engaged in car control exercises and during all on-track driving sessions. Clothing should be made of natural or flame-retardant fibers. And ladies, to keep from sliding around in the seat please save those slick leggings for yoga class.
  • Membership in Audi Club of North America (ACNA) is required by our insurance. Audi ownership is not required for ACNA membership. ACNA member benefits include the glossy magazine quattro with the inside scoop on all things Audi, weekly email updates, membership in your local Audi Club chapter, preferred pricing on new Audi automobiles, and discounts from club sponsors.
  • Drivers must sign the online SpeedWaiver.
  • Whenever there is a passenger in a car, at least one occupant must be an Audi Club approved instructor who is registered to instruct at this event.

Brief Summary of Vehicle Requirements

  • All makes and models of coupes and sedans are welcome. You bring your own car. Audi Club does not supply or rent cars.
  • Your car must be in excellent mechanical condition.
  • Your car must undergo and pass a safety inspection prior to arriving at the event.
  • Equal safety restraints (seat belts, air bags, seats, etc.) are required for the driver and any passenger (instructor).
  • The driver must be able to give clear passing signals using a full-arm "point" out the driver's side window (see Passing, below).
  • Competition tires (DOT R-Compound or racing slicks) are not permitted for SUV/CUV or Beginning and Novice group drivers. They are discouraged for Intermediate group drivers.
  • Open cars and convertibles are allowed if equipped with club-approved OEM rollover protection or an aftermarket 4-point (or greater) roll bar meeting the "broomstick test". (Note that the OEM rollover bar on Mazda Miata / MX-5 is considered two-point and is NOT approved for our events.) Motorsports arm restraints are required for both driver and passenger in open top cars including top-down convertibles.
  • Pickup Trucks, Sports Utility, Crossover and other high center of gravity vehicles are not appropriate for this high-speed driving event; however, select performance-oriented SUV/CUVs with street tires are permitted in the beginner and novice run groups. You may inquire via email about your specific convertible or SUV/CUV model.
  • Onboard Camera requirements. Handheld cameras or cell phones are not allowed. Exterior suction-cup-mounted Cameras must have two forms of attachment, for example a leash to a hard point on the car.
    • We strongly encourage our drivers on Friday and in the Instructor run groups on Saturday and Sunday to have a minimum of one securely mounted exterior facing camera in your car, as we will be joined by Spring Mountain Resort's own club members who your Audi Club does not vet for prior experience.

BEFORE REGISTERING you may review Audi Club SoCal's detailed event requirements and the required Car Inspection Form which you may download at

Point-by Passing Protocol

Passing in all run groups and on all three days at Audi Club SoCal high performance driver schools will only occur in designated passing zones on the straights with the permission of the car being passed. The car being passed gives permission by use of a "Point-By" with the full arm out the window. Passing may be directed on either side at the discretion of the car being passed. The slower car is expected to enable/assist the pass by lifting throttle as necessary, and avoid any surprises by maintaining their normal driving line. Cars with window nets must run with them down. Cars with fixed windows or open cars requiring arm restraints must have functional turn signals which can be used in lieu of a Point-By (a "Blink-By"). These passing protocols apply in all run groups and on all three days of the event.

First-Timer? If this is your first time at an Audi Club driving school, we have a First-Timers Introduction and Preparation article on our website. We recommend that cars driven in the A-Beginner and B-Novice groups be street cars in stock condition, including a functional FM radio if needed for receiving remote instruction.

Experienced Drivers Are you an experienced driver but registering with SoCal Audi Club for the first time? Please make sure your External Driving History in your Profile is complete and current. This will help us place you in an appropriate run group. Do you have questions about your driving or instructing qualifications? Please email your questions and references to our Chief Driving Instructor at

Garages Day rental garages are not available at Spring Mountain.

HPDE Insurance Does my regular insurance policy cover my car at this HPDE driving school event? This online article helps you find out: A guide to your personal auto policy. If you find your regular policy excludes coverage, you may decide to purchase special HPDE insurance for your car while participating in this Audi Club driving school. Search online for "HPDE Insurance" to review a wide selection of insurance providers.

Still have Questions? Contact Bill and Erin Vogel, Spring Mountain co-eventmasters, at

Audi Club SoCal looks forward to seeing you at the track. We are going to have a Great Time!

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