Thu, May 16 - Thu, Sep 19, 2024

SKZ ShifterKartz 2024 Early Pricing Membership

Stratotech Park

About this event

SKZ Shifterkartz is an organized kart track event where local Edmonton karting enthusiasts can come out and run their own equipment on the amazing Stratotech Raceway. This event offers lapping, time attack sessions, competition and a fun friendly environment for the local karting enthusiasts.

SKZ Shifterkartz is a great starting point for beginners who eventually want to enter into the world of competitive Kart racing. It will allow the attendee to learn from the ground upward of what is required and needed to compete in the organized Kart race facilities across Canada and the United States. 

SKZ Shifterkartz Schedule and Track hours

Gates and Paddock open 4:45 pm

Track hours 4-9pm (No engines running after 9pm)

Drivers meeting 5:40 pm

Sessions begin at 6 pm and run through to 8:59 pm


Recognitions/hydration 9:15-9:30pm

May 16, 23 - Test and Tune nights 1 and 2 

June 5, 19 - Official Timing and Scoring for SKZ Shifterkartz 2024 begins. Events 1 and 2

July 4, 18 - Events 3 and 4

August 1, 15, 29 - Events 5, 6 and 7

September 12, 19 - Events 8 and 9 (3pm to 8pm)

SKZ ShifterkartZ would like to thank and acknowledge the following 2024 support partnerships.




Event requirements

Minimum requirements to be on track and in Paddock area

-Motorsport Registration payment fully complete and Motorsport Registration waiver completed prior to entering Stratotech facility.

-Mandatory Safety Equipment: Full face w/shield Snell rated helmet or higher rated head protection with no visible impact damage, Karting Race suit rated for Abrasion protection that is in excellent condition with no rips or tears, Proper Karting specific rib protection (no field sports rib guards allowed), Race gloves rated for abrasion, race footwear that has no damage or tears.

Please Note: Anything Nomex or fire rated for auto racing is NOT suited for Abrasion protection and provides zero protection in kartsport.

-Every pit spot must have a fully charged 10-pound Class ABC rated fire extinguisher

General Technical Rules for competition

-Timing Transponders are mandatory for championship points competition. It is the racers responsibility to ensure a fully functioning karting transponder as well as ensure their transponder meets specifications that will function at Startotech Raceway.

All approved transponders are listed in the 2024 SKZ Shifterkartz technical rule package. 

-Tire barcode scanning will be in effect for the 2024 championship series competition

-Tire compounds for competition are as follows:

Shifter/KZ Kart- Vega FM White soft or Vega Blue Nordam medium/hard

Rotax DD2, Senior karts, Junior karts - Mojo D5 soft, D2 or Vega Blue Nordam medium/hard

-Safety is top priority in equipment and all on/off track activities during SKZ Shifterkartz events.

- Event attendees and their mechanics should become aware of ALL Sporting and Technical Rules of SKZ Shifterkartz events.

This is very important, please understand all rules. Contact organizer with any questions that need clarification. 

-SKZ Shifetrkartz 2024 Sporting and Technical rules can be found on the SKZ Motorsports website starting on February 15th. Look for the SKZ Shifterkarts option in the top menu on the website.

Stratotech Park

Sturgeon County, AB


Karting organized by

SKZ Motorsports Shifter Kartz

SKZ ShifterKartz 2024 Early Pricing Membership

Thu, May 16 - Thu, Sep 19, 2024