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Second Hand Roads - Time-Speed-Distance RoadRally

This is a 90 mile straight forward Tour Rally with easy to follow instructions. The event will start at Subaru World of Hackettstown and end in Long Valley, NJ.  The rally is designed so that new comers to the sport can easily complete the course with all turn instructions supported with official mileage and associated Car Zero 'Key Times'. The Richta app will permit approximately 60 timing controls. The course features the back roads in northwest New Jersey, the hilly terrain of the Paulinskill River Valley and will inlcude a stop for Ice Cream at the world Famous Blairstown Diner which was featured in the 1980 horror film 'Friday the 13th'. 

This is a "Tour" type rally and there are no traps or tricks - just drive, enjoy the great roads and marvelous scenery and try to arrive at each checkpoint at precisely the right time. Checkpoints will be set up along the way to monitor how well you are following the assigned average speeds.  Awards will be presented to the teams who do the best job of arriving at the checkpoints at the proper times.  This is a rally designed especially for people with little or no rally experience.

For those wishing to compete for SCCA National RoadRally Series points a Divisional event will be offered, for those looking to enjoy an afternoon of friendly compitition the Regional event is for you.

The Richta GPS checkpoint system is free to use and will record your arrival time at each checkpoint.  You'll keep this app open while you run the rally and it will use the GPS signal from your device to record your arrival time at each checkpoint.  Once you pass a checkpoint, the app will automatically calculate your score for that checkpoint and announce it to you!  No more waiting for the end of the rally to see how you did.  You'll see your score at each checkpoint as you go along.

General Instructions and details about the Richta Smartphone App will be emailed to all registered contestants 2 weeks prior to the event. 

Divisional Entry fee is $40/car.

Regional Entry fee is $30/Car. 

Another $15 for weekend membership paid to the National Office if no one on the team is a SCCA member.

In-person sign-in starts at 10:30 AM

Drivers Meeting: 11:30 AM

Time: First car out at 12:00 PM (Noon)



  • AWARDS:    
    • Results will be posted 'live' via the free Richta Scoreboard App and trophies awarded to the top finishers in each class of competition at the end of the event. 
  • LENGTH:    
    • Rally is expected to cover ~90 miles, on fun-to-drive country roads following legal limits. Each rally is designed to be completed in about 3.5 hours.
  • BRING:    
    • You will need paper and a pencil/pen, a watch or clock with a second hand; a stopwatch and a clipboard will be helpful. A valid driver license and proof of current liability insurance are required. Your vehicle must meet basic safety standards (e.g., lights, brakes, windshield wipers and horn must work).
    • Each vehicle participating shall have at least two participants, a driver and navigator. Passengers are allowed but no more than can safely be carried in the car and they must sign a event waiver and register for the event.
  • WHY:    
    • The object of a Time-Speed-Distance rally is to follow the rally course at the assigned(legal) speeds and to arrive at each checkpoint on time; not early, not late. Your score on each leg of the rally is based on how early or late you arrive at each checkpoint. 
  • MINORS    


    • REGIONAL    
      • SOP (Seat of the Pants) – No timing calculations may be performed, except for comparing your actual time to the car zero time as shown in some route instructions.
      • Novice – Same equipment restriction as SOP, but in addition neither contestant may have a competed in five or more TSD rallies.
      • Beginner -   Same equipment restriction as SOP, but in addition neither contestant may have a competed in more than one TSD rally.

    Event requirements

    The rally will be conducted in full compliance with the Abridged Road Rally Rules (RRRs) as supplemented by the events’ General Instructions (GIs).

    Entries (36)

    Guinevere Wood
    Steven Anger
    Cheryl Baker
    Lawrence Frieman
    Nancy Schulze
    Maximillian Hain
    Lucas Mcconoughey
    Robert Pellegrino

    Subaru World of Hackettstown

    Hackettstown, New Jersey


    Road Rally organized by

    SCCA - Northern New Jersey Region - RoadRally

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