Fri, May 14, 2021

SCNA/VA - 9th Annual SAAB TakeOver Convoy

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"SAAB TakeOver Convoy"




Our 9th annual convoy to SAABs@Carlisle will start in Richmond, Va, on Friday morning, May 14th with stops in; Richmond, Charlottesville, Opal, Haymarket and Leesburg, Va, then a meetup with the Maryland group in Frederick, Md. This has quickly grown into a wonderful event, with the help of; The Virginia SAAB Driving Club, Virginia SAABs, SaabKlubben of VA, The SAAB Project and our dedicated Title Sponsor - The SAAB Network/Saabnet and the SCNA. Come on out and join us in the largest known SAAB Convoy event, for a wonderful drive through the very scenic backroads of; Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania --- to the largest annual gathering of SAABs in North America!!!

We will once again have our "Duel Challenge" between the Richmond and Charlottesville groups, with a year of "bragging rights" on the line. 

Dual Start: Wawa - 10373 Sliding Hill Road Ashland(Richmond), VA

    Arrival time: 7:45 AM

    Departure time 8:00 AM

    Distance to next stop: 71 miles


Dual Start: C'ville Coffee  - 1301 Harris Street Charlottesville, VA.

    Arrival time: 7:45 AM

    Departure time: 8:00 AM

    Distance to next stop: 74 miles


1st Pit-Stop: Sheetz - 10101 James Madison Highway Bealeton(Opal), VA

    Arrival time: 9:30 AM

    Departure time: 9:45 AM

    Distance to next stop: 36 miles


2nd Pit-Stop: 7-11 - 4075 Sudley Road Haymarket, VA 

    Arrival time: 10:30 AM

    Departure time: 11:00 AM

    Distance to next stop: 22 miles


3rd Pit-Stop: St. John the Apostle Catholic Church - 101 Oakcrest Manor Dr NE Leesburg, VA

    Arrival time: 11:30 AM

    Departure time: 11:35 AM

    Distance to next stop: 23 miles


4th/Final Pit-Stop: ExxonMobil / CVS - 400 South Jefferson Street Frederick, MD  ***Rear

     Parking Lot***

    Arrival time: 12:10 PM

    Departure time: 1:00 PM

    Distance to next stop: 67 miles


Destination Point: SAABs@Carlisle - 1000 Bryn Mawr Road Carlisle, PA 

    Arrival time: 2:45 PM


Arrival time   Departure time     Location                                    Distance to next stop   Drive time

                                                                                                                                        to next stop

1(A) 7:45 AM      8:00 AM           Wawa - Richmond/Ashland, Va.         71 miles                      1.25 hours


1(B) 7:45 AM      8:00 AM           C'ville Coffee - Charlottesville, Va.    74 miles                      1.25 hours


2.   9:30 AM          9:45 AM           Sheetz - Opal, Va.                             36 miles                       .50  hours


3. 10:30 AM        11:00 AM           7/11 - Haymarket, Va.                      22 miles                        .50 hours


4. 11:30 AM        11:35 AM           St. John Church - Leesburg, Va.      23 miles                        .50 hours


5. 12:10 PM          1:00 PM           Exxon/CVS - Frederick, Md.             67 miles                      1.25 hours


6.   2:30 - 2:45 PM  Arrive in Carlisle, Pa for SAABs@Carlisle 



All are welcome to join in and participate, even if you are coming from farther South or West. Anyone interested in joining the convoy, can meet us at any of our meeting/stopping points. As always, our coveted annual "SAAB Cup" trophy, which goes to the SAAB owner/family who brings the most SAABs to participate in our Convoy, will be presented during the Saturday awards ceremony. You must sign-up/register and participate, to be eligible for the awards.


Our big event sponsor is, once again, The SAAB Network(Saabnet) and the SCNA. We will also be offering the following;

  1) Long Distance Award - special SAAB gift to the participant that travels the farthest.

  2) 1st-Timer Gift - special SAAB gift to any/all first-time participants.

  3) SAAB TakeOver Convoy Challenge Trophy - "SAAB Cup" will be awarded to the SAAB owner/family who brings the most SAABs to participate in our Convoy.

  4) The first five(5) people to register can select a free SAAB branded gift(cap, water bottle or lanyard) when they register


So spread the word and get in on the largest SAAB Convoy to the largest SAAB event in North America - SAABs@Carlisle!!



Event requirements

Important Note: 

We encourage everyone to bring a handheld two-way radio. You can pickup a FRS(Family Radio Service)/GMRS(General Mobile Radio Service) one for about $20. As this convoy grows, being able to effectively communicate, amongst all of the participants is becoming more and more critical. A cell phone / app just cannot deliver on par with two-way radios. It is the best way to keep everyone informed during the convoy. Based on past experience someone is going to; get separated from the pack, make a wrong turn, see a hazard someone else does not see or have an emergency. If you have participated in a long drive convoy, you know the best part is the added fun level, with the radio talk and chatter between cars -- it makes the drive much more enjoyable!!!  




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