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Sat, Jun 17, 2023

Saturday, June 17th Thunderhill -West

Thunderhill Raceway Park

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Thunderhill West Saturday, June 17th

Registration Fees:

A/B/C Groups - $199


This is for Saturday June 17th at Thunderhill West Track.  All skill levels welcome, from including new-to-the-track riders, experienced track riders, and racers.






Event requirements




Run Groups

--A Group is for experienced track riders, and licensed racers. The pace is very fast!

--B Group for experienced track riders. This group has riders who have many track days under their belts, who understand the rules and are comfortable at riding at a very quick pace.

--C Group is for experienced street-oriented riders who have only a small amount of track experience (or no previous track experience). Pace in this group is moderately fast


Thunderhill Raceway Park

Willows, CA
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