Sat, May 11, 2024

Sandlapper Dyno Day- Midlands Region

CPR Performance Parts

About this event

Don't wait to register, only 10 cars will be able to run this event.

What's under your hood? Join the BMW CCA Sandlapper Chapter and fellow enthusiasts on May 11, 2024, for a fun, full day of dynos, food, and amazing cars. Dyno Day is where we measure the power of our cars, large and small, on a machine called a Dynamometer. Ever wonder if the factory understated the true power of your engine? Have you done some work and wondered what that powerhouse is putting out? Would you just like to have a good time? This is for you! 

And, to make it more fun, we’re running simultaneously at five locations throughout the Sandlapper Chapter! At each site, we’ll track the participants and the spectators, so this is more than a bunch of hot cars—it’s an event! 

We’ll video at each site and create a film to capture the excitement! Only 10 will be tested, but it’s not limited to those with cars. It’s not limited to just BMWs. It’s limited to BMW CCA members. And if someone with a non-Bimmer wishes to participate and join the fun, the more, the merrier. You have to join the BMW CCA to become a member, but you get a lot more than one Saturday of fun! (More of that is covered in the Q&A below.)  

But you can show up and watch without putting a car on the dyno. Join the fun, enjoy the noise, grab a bite, and have a good time. Visitors are invited to see the show without having a car in the contest. 


If you aren’t familiar with Dynos, look below: 

Questions and Answers- 

What’s a Dyno? It’s a machine that calculates your car's horsepower based on torque measured at the wheels and engine RPMs monitored from the engine bay. 

How does the process work – the Dyno shop technician will operate the owner's car during the entire process. The car will be driven onto the dyno and securely strapped down to prevent excessive movement and for the safety of all spectators. Multiple monitors will be attached to the car, and testing may be performed to ensure accuracy during the dyno run. The dyno run will consist of the technician bringing the car to cruising speed and RPM, then applying full throttle, accelerating the car to redline, and then decelerating back to idle speed. The dyno run results will be represented on a dyno graph, which will be provided to each participant. Two runs will be performed for each car, and tuning changes will be made at the dyno shop's discretion. Once the dyno runs are complete, the car will be safely removed from the dyno and returned to the owner.  



Does my car have to be in good working condition? Yes. If it’s leaking or has any other issues, you don’t want to rev it to redline. Fix it and save it for another day. 

Do I have to sign a waiver? – Yes. Although the dyno shop operator has far more experience driving and testing cars than a typical car owner, they will require you to sign a waiver before testing. 

You are running five sites at once—can results vary? Yes. There may be calibration differences between machines, and the humidity and temperature can vary by site, all impacting the reported horsepower measurements.  

Is there a prize for the most horsepower?- Some people are simply curious to see what their cars are producing, but we will recognize the most powerful car of the day by location. 

What if I own a - BMW? – That’s fine. You don’t have to own or drive a BMW to be a CCA member. We are car people and respect all fine rides. But you do have to be a member to participate in this event.  

How do I become a BMW CCA member? Click and then register. Choose the ‘Sandlapper” for your “Choose a local chapter” when signing up. 

There are many advantages to being a member. For more information, click 

Event requirements

Spectators do not need to register and are more than welcome. 

This event runs on May 11, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at CPR Performance Parts, located at 1440 Charleston Hwy, West Columbia. Please arrive at 10am for check in. This location has a 2-wheel dyno only; only rear-wheel-drive cars or 4-wheel-drive cars with the ability to shut off front-wheel drive (like the newer M3/M5) will be able to run on this dyno. Each car will get two pulls. 

The price is $110 per car.

Attendees (4)

Brandon Miller
Stan Wasser
Bob Smith
Rusty Johnson

CPR Performance Parts

West Columbia, South Carolina


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BMW CCA - Sandlapper Chapter

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Sandlapper Dyno Day- Midlands Region

Sat, May 11, 2024