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Portland Int'l Raceway

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The Shelby American Automobile Club Northwest is hosting another open track event at Portland International Raceway (PIR) on Thursday, August 26th, 2021. All makes are welcome. Our intention is to have a fun and exciting track day which allows you to drive your car on the world famous "PIR". If you have been itching to try out your performance car on a closed track or you have been doing it for 50 years we have the event for you. We will limit run groups to 20 cars each for four run groups: Novice, Intermediate, Vintage Exhibition, and Advanced. We expect to have 5 sessions for each run group. We encourage first time open trackers to see what you have been missing. There will be plenty of help with instructors for new or new to PIR drivers depending on the pandemic rules at that time. This year, instructors will be allowed inside the cars. 

Vintage Exhibition Group is back. Last year we added a new run group called "Vintage Exhibition Group" which included all makes from 1978 and earlier. It will be slower pace with gentlemanly rules. We want this to be a no-harassment, low intensity, fun drive around with vintage cars and/or vintage drivers with the same 5 sessions. The same tech requirements holds for the Vintage Exhibition Group. 

We will have an all day track photographer. Visit this page to sign up in advance for a day's worth of great photos of your car in action:

Passengers will be allowed in all run groups except Novice. Only instructors are allowed as passengers in Novice. See instructions for details. 

Cost is $275 per driver.

There are three (3) ways to get a discount and you can only pick one at checkout:

1. Sign up early: $25 discount for registration BEFORE JUNE 10TH.  Use Discount Code:                                        EARLYBIRD

2. Sign up BEFORE JUNE 10TH and be a SAAC Northwest club member and get $50 discount: Use Discount Code:    EARLY-SAACNWMEMBER

3. Sign up AFTER JUNE 10TH and be a  SAAC Northwest club member and get $25 discount: Use Discount Coce:  SAACNWMEMBER

If you are not a current SAAC Northwest member, you can purchase an annual SAAC Northwest membership for $36 via Motorsportreg and still receive the discount. If you sign up and choose the SAACNWMEMBER discount and are not yet a paid member, we will contact you for your membership payment. No problem. Please send me an email if you have any questions. 

If you want to join SAAC Northwest, go to

Because of PIR cancelation rules, there will be no refunds after June 13th. However, if the event is canceled by PIR due to continuing pandemic, all money will be refunded. 



Event requirements

Tech inspection check list, waivers, etc. are available. We will require numbers on all cars. If you have any question regarding the suitability of you or your vehicle to participate in the event, please contact SAAC Northwest. 

Good news, everyone! For, our August 26th track day we will allow passengers!

There are 4 run groups: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Vintage Exhibition (1978 and older). ALL MAKES AND MODELS ARE WELCOME.


The schedule has five 20 min sessions for each run group.

No passengers will be allowed in Novice other than instructors.

Passengers must be 18 years or older with proof of age.

All passengers have the same clothing and helmet requirements as the driver. This means:

o Long sleeve cotton or flame retardant shirt

o Long pants, cotton or flame retardant

o Closed toe shoes

o Gloves recommended but not required (cotton or flame proof)

o SA 2010 approved or later helmet with SAAC Northwest sticker applied at Tech

o Convertibles must have roll bars and roll bars must cover the passenger

o Full face cover helmets recommended for convertibles

SAAC Northwest Track Day Tech Inspection REV B.pdf

SAAC Northwest Track Day Instructions 2021.pdf


Please fill in this linked Track Day contact information document and press "submit"

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Byron Villalobos
Robert Anderson
Nichola Anderson
Nate Woolsey
Anthony McNamer
Josh Lawson
Katie Atkins
Charles Jagow

Portland Int'l Raceway

Portland, OR
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