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Sun, Jul 22, 2012

S 2 Drift AMS ( Wer'e BACK! )

Atlanta Motor Speedway

About this event

We're BACK!

 S2 drift events proudly announces that Drifting has returned to Georgia, in spite of the Atlanta City Council.

 NOS Energy Drinks, Gran Turismo East ( GTE) Driftmechaniks  EnjukuRacing.com,  Turbo Dave and R&D Automotive in conjunction with Tracks Unlimited are bringing you an opportunity to drift at the legendary Atlanta Motor Speedway.



  This is a last minute event that you will not want to miss.



Why is this so last minute?


 A track day was set up for this date that did not sell out. The day was already committed to and insured. The time was offered to us to fill the void. The result is that we get to use the AMS facility for the day at a very reasonable cost. The fee will be $125 / Driver and $10 / Spectators and crew.


We will be using 2 ( TWO ) Dos, as in not one but 2 tracks at the same time.

 Tracks being utilized:

1) the Main Tunnel end of the Infield Road Course. We used this area a few years ago for a private Drift Day and had a great time. Good speed and long turns. The return road is long enough for a good cool down before the next lap.

2) The front stretch and legends area. This will be a first time for drifting on this part of the track. Nice fast entry and off camber clipping points.

Correction The 2nd track will be the media lot. AMS has a NASCAR race shortly after this event and they don't want any additional rubber build up that may affect the NASCAR race. At 200mph I wouldn't either.


Also we will be offering Parade laps on the 2.5 mile road course.  Take your Race car, Drift Car, Mini van, ( no bikes )  whatever, out on the same track that you have seen the world famous NASCAR races run on. This is an experience the whole family can enjoy. There will be a pace car to lead you around the track and keep the speeds safe but exciting.  There will be a small fee for this.

Event requirements

Bring your own helmet. Minimum of DOT Rating (SA 2005 or better Preferred).  Must have a valid Driver's liscense.


Driver Cap:
50 Driver limit ( Tandem with cages, Fire suits not required)

Bring PLENTY of tires,  Fluids for your car and yourself.  Shade for your pit area and did I say PLENTY of tires.

All cars must pass tech inspection.  You know the drill. All lugnuts present and tight, Battery secure and (+)  terminal insulated. Seats and harnesses ( or stock seat belts ) Securly  mounted. No open headers ( Cat or Muffler must be present). We have to keep peace with the neighbors. Race track!

Ride A Long policy = You can give your friends a ride if you like ( not during tandem ). 

Entries (33)

Charles Campbell
Jorge Gonzalez
Long Hoang
Brandon Medford
David Jones
Todd Parks
Michael Washer
Scott Bowles

Atlanta Motor Speedway

Hampton, Ga


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