Sat, Sep 24 - Sun, Sep 25, 2022

Rumble at the Roval

Charlotte Motor Speedway

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SVT Cobra Mustang Club and Track Club USA present  "Rumble at the Roval 2022" on Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Join the SCMC and TCUSA  for a weekend of open-track fun. The "on track" portion of this event will be  the  "Full Course Roval" configuration for both days which is a 2.28 mile track layout. Other venues include a Saturday "Open Car Show" for all makes and models, Saturday and Sunday lunch time parade laps are also available.

For car show aficionados, we have an all make and model car show over the weekend.  The show will be on Saturday to be held on the fully paved inside paddock. This is a  judged show so you will be competing among the finest cars and trucks on the east coast. The inside paddock has plenty of space available for over 500 cars. While all of this is going on, you’ll be located in a prime area to watch the action on track.


You do not have to own a Mustang in order to participate in our events as this is a "Track Club USA" Event. You must be a member of either SCMC, CRMC, or TCUSA in order to participate in our on track events. To join one of these clubs, go to or if you own an SVT Mustang/Shelby Mustang/Boss 302 or go to to join if you another make or model.

Two days on track- $575.00  

*Member Price with discount:  $495.00  In order to take a $80.00 discount prior to the event use the discount code RUMBLE22, this discount is good till August 1, 2022

One day on track - $295.00 

Car Show - $20.00 (passes for two people, children under 12 get in free)

Parade Laps - $20.00

Event tee  - $20.00 (Free t-shirts are limited to pre-registrations by September 1, 2022)

Don't forget that you can purchase insurance to cover your car for this event from Lockton.

Run Groups: 

Drivers are split into 5 experience or "run" groups based on skill level. 

Green: This is the Novice group for anyone who has zero or very limited, on-track experience.  An instructor will be provided to each student to help get all members of this group up to speed. If you require an instructor, you must sign up in this group!

Orange: This is the Intermediate group, which is for anyone with a few weekends of experience. This is a solo group.

Blue: This is the Advanced run group, which is for anyone with many track weekends, no instructors are required. You should have a solid history with multiple events completed.

Red: This is the Super-Advanced run group, for those have experience passing with point by optional including people who hold competition licenses (PCA, SCCA, NASA, etc). This is an open passing group.

White: This is the Instructor run group.

Instructors - Instructors may join us at no charge. Instructors must be approved by the Chief Instructor.  Please contact Jay Schoolmeesters at before signing up to instruct.  Instructors are automatically signed up for both days unless other arrangements are made. 

Fill out and print both of these forms and bring copies with you to registration check in.
DO NOT just "submit" forms because a "signed" physical copy of the filled out forms is required at registration.

Helmet Form:

Tech Form:

E-mail Don at for questions or concerns about the event 

E-mail Jay at for questions or concerns about the instructing

E-mail Tony at for questions or concerns about the car show 

Event requirements

This event is not a race school and racing is not allowed. This is a High Performance Drivers Education event with the goal of helping you learn skills that will help you on the street and on the track.  These skills include situational awareness, car control, track etiquette and protocol, and other techniques that are used by most clubs that organize track events.

This event will run rain or shine.

All helmets must be a minimum Snell SA2015 or newer and provide a completed a helmet waiver form at registration.

Helmet Form:

All participants while on track are required to wear helmets, long pants, long sleeve shirts, and fully enclosed shoes (no sandals, mules, etc.). All participants must provide a completed helmet inspection form.  Please bring completed form to registration - Media Center building.

Pre Event Tech Form: 

All participants must provide a complete pre-event vehicle inspection form.  Please bring completed signed form to registration - Media Center building when you register.

Event schedule for this weekend's event:

Everyone should be getting four 20 - 25 minute sessions per day minimum.

This is a reminder of a few items before the weekend.  First, the track may require long sleeve shirts when running on track.  We will have some SCMC long sleeve shirts available for purchase this weekend.  If you would like to have an "official" SCMC long sleeve shirt, please e-mail me a reply stating so. The cost is $25.00 each.  Sizes go from medium to XXXL so sizes are limited.  Extra sizes available for an additional $5.00 each.

You will also have to have the following forms filled out prior to reaching event registration.

Helmet Form:
Technical Form:

Optional On Track Insurance:

On Track/HPDE Insurance: 

Be sure to get all of the updates on our forums here:

Thanks and let's have a safe, fun weekend!

Entries (116)

Scott Hartman
Abby Drescher
Michael Lowe
Matt DiBenedetto
Stacey Meares
Angelo Macaraeg
Otis Blackman

Charlotte Motor Speedway

Concord, NC
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SVT Cobra Club / Track Club USA

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