RTR ADVANCED DE @NJMP Lightning June 2020 info on Jun 19, 2020 (718941) | MotorsportReg.com

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RTR ADVANCED DE @NJMP Lightning June 2020

PCA - Riesentoter

Friday, Jun 19 — Sunday, Jun 21, 2020
NJMP Lightning, Millville, NJ

This event was cancelled May 31, 2020. Can we show you some more events nearby?

Please join us for a 3 day Driver's Education event at New Jersey Motorsport Park's Lightning track.

NJMP Lightning map

At this event, we are offering the following run groups:

  • White: Our intermediate non-instructed group, drivers who have been promoted to an RTR equivalent solo run group
  • Red/Black: Our advanced/instructor run group, drivers who have been solo for many seasons or are an instructor with HPDE organizations; placement at the discretion of the Chief Instructor

READ THIS if you're new to Riesentöter Driver's Education (DE)

  • I've done DE, but never with Riesentöter. Welcome! Please sign up in the run group you think you belong in. We'll verify your experience with a PCA region (or similar club) you've recently driven with. Your actual run group will be determined by our Chief Instructor. Please note: New drivers aren't placed in our advanced (Black) group without a checkout ride, so don't get salty when the registrar tells you so - it's nothing personal.
  • I'm an instructor, but I've never instructed with Riesentöter. Before signing up, please contact registrar@rtr-pca.org and provide your PCA instructor number. If you don't have a PCA instructor number contact registrar@rtr-pca.org to learn about our new instructor checkout process.