Sat, Sep 9 - Sun, Sep 10, 2017

RTR 60th Anniversary Autocross @ Pocono

Pocono Raceway

About this event

Come race on the track @ Pocono Raceway!!!!!

September 9 and 10

Please come join us at Pocono Raceway on Saturday, September 9 and Sunday September 10 for the 2017 Riesentöter PCA 60th Anniversary Autocross co-sponsered by NNJR, also celebrating their 60th anniversary.

We will accept walk up registrations up to the 100 entries/day limit.

Event Information:

  • This is a five Region Porsche celebration.  
  • *** All drivers are welcome to attend (not just Porsches) *** whether you drive a Porsche, a red Italian sports car, an El Camino, or some other hot rod, come and test the East Course.
  • *** Beginners are also encouraged to attend *** instructors will be provided as needed
  • Entries will be limited to 100 competitors to ensure each gets 6 runs (3 in the morning session; 3 in the afternoon session)
  • Entry fees:
    • Saturday or Sunday Morning only (half the runs) -- $50
    • One day Pass for Saturday only or Sunday only -- $60
    • Two day Pass for Saturday and Sunday -- $100
    • GOLD PASS entry for Saturday or Sunday - $125
    • Weekend Membership Fee for non-PCA Members - $10
  • Only 20 special GOLD PASS entries are available each day – These special passes allow entrants to skip their work assignment and take their 6 runs when they want to (eg If you need to leave before 12 midday, you can take all 6 runs in the AM session; if you want to sleep in and arrive late morning, you can take your 6 runs in the PM session; or you can do a regular 3xAM/3xPM split) -- 20 x gold passes are available for the  bargain price of $125/each
  • RTR is having a Club celebration dinner on Saturday evening.  Dinner is included for RTR members and associate members.  They must register so we have an accurate headcount.  Others participants are invited to attend for $50.  Registration for the dinner closes September 1.


Time Table (Each Day):

  • Registration and tech inspection opens at 8 AM
  • Course walk starts at 8 AM
  • Novice driver's course walk at 8.45 AM
  • Driver's meeting 9 AM
  • First car away at 9:15 AM
  • Last car away by 3pm

Deadline for entry is Monday, September 5, but please sign up early!  We hope to see you there for this fun event!

For questions regarding this event, please contact the RTR Autocross Chair, Dave Nettleton, by email at

Event requirements

All Drivers must have a valid driver's license (not a permit).  You will be asked to present your driver's license at the event.  Don't leave home without it!

Helmets, long pants, and closed toe shoes are required for driving activities and the helmet must be Snell approved with either a 2010 or 2015 certification.

For the Autocross, no pre-event tech inspection is required.

You must enter your car class on the next page.  We utilize a worksheet which evaluates the correct group for your car if you enter a Porsche.  Remember, Autocross is for fun, so enter your information correctly.

If your entry is not for a Porsche, enter the Other Class.  

If you are new to Autocross, enter the Novice Class, open to all vehicle types.

There is a separate class for Ladies, open to all vehicle types.

There is also a Fun Class if you do not want to compete for a trophy and just have fun.

Use the following chart to determine your class.


Class A: Carrera GT, GT2, GT3, 991 Turbo

Class F: 914, 924, 944, 928, Cayenne

Class B: 991 S, 996 Turbo, 997 Turbo, 981 Boxster S

Class G: 911 (’63-’77), 912, Vintage Porsches

Class C: 991, 996, 997, 993 Turbo, 986-987 Boxster S ,987 Cayman S, Panamera Turbo, 981 Boxster

Class L: Ladies

Class D: 993, 986-987 Boxster, 987 Cayman, 964 Turbo, Panamera S, Cayenne Turbo

Class N: Novice

Class E: 930 Turbo, 911 (’78-’94) , 968, Panamera, Cayenne S

Class O: (Other) Non-Porsches

Class X: Fun Class if you do not want be judged (No Trophies)

Each modification to your car from stock will receive a certain number of points.  If your car accrues 20 or more points you must increase your class.  For instance, if you have a 968, it is a Class E.  If you have 25 points in modifications, you would move to Class D.Classes A-G: Classing assumes cars are stock completely. Deviations from stock will follow the following rules to determine final class.

There is no limit.  A car with a high level of modifications might move up several classes. 

The following chart lists the number of points and the number of classes to increase.


20 thru 39 points: Up 1 Class

60 thru 79 points: Up 3 Classes

100 thru 119 points: Up 5 Classes

40 thru 59 points: Up 2 Classes

80 thru 99 points: Up 4 Classes

120 or more points: Up 6 Classes

This is the list of additional point to consider in classifying your car.


DOT approved tires with a treadwear rating below 140 (except as below)   +10 points

DOT approved R tires (Hoosier, Kumho v710, Kumho v700, Hankook z214)  +20

Non-DOT approved tires  +25


Wider than stock wheel size - any wheel 1"-2"  +5

Wider than stock wheel size - any wheel > 2"  +10

Lightweight body panels:

+5 points each for front fenders or rear fenders or front hood or rear hood or doors


Engine swap +20

Additional turbo or supercharger / larger than stock turbo or supercharger +20

Internal engine modifications +20

Intake modifications +10

Exhaust modifications +10


Non-stock axle or gear ratios +10

Non-stock limited slip differential +10


Non-stock springs/torsion bars  +8

Adjustable shocks w/ shortened ride height or coilovers +8

Adjustable shocks(stock spring perch height) Adjustable shocks(stock spring perch height) +5

Non-stock rear sway bar +5

Non-stock front sway bar +5


Welded roll cage +15

Bolt-in roll cage or welded roll bar +10

Bolt-in roll bar +5

Non-stock seat(s) +5

Smaller than stock diameter steering wheel +5


Entries (79)

Dennis Schock
Yury Kholondyrev
Daniel Gefen
Vidal Erbesh
Kyle Osifat
Johan Lood
Grayson Connors
James Wirth

Pocono Raceway

Long Pond, PA
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Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


Autocross/Solo organized by

PCA - Riesentoter

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