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RR Bridgestone / AHRMA - Buttonwillow Sunday ONLY

RR - Buttonwillow Raceway Park

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April 21, 2024


Any AHRMA members wanting to race one of the AFM events/class(es) will need to contact AFM  (lAFM Licensing Link ) to get a free reciprocity license with AFM.  When AFM's pre-entry opens (generally 3 TO 4 weeks prior to the event) you should receive an email allowing you to enter any class your bike is eligible to run. 


Buttonwillow Raceway Park charges a one time Fee of $10.00 per person


Thursday 4/18/2024 
5:00pm   Staff move-in
5:30pm   Sponsors
6:00pm   All other Participants

Friday  4/19/2024
Track Run Practice
, Register Directly with the track event day
FULL DAY  9:00am - 5:00pm                                             
1/2 DAY      1:00pm - 5:00pm   $100.00
7:00am  -  5:00pm       Tech Inspection
2:00pm  -  5:00pm       Registration
9:00am  -  5:00pm       Track goes Hot (3 to 5 practice groups)
5:45pm                         AFM begins ROVING TECH

Saturday 4/20/2024
AFM RACE Schedule

7:00am  -  5:00pm            Tech
per AFM hours - TBD       Registration
per AFM Schedule -TBD  Practice
11:30am -  12:30pm         Lunch Break
2:30 pm  -   5:00pm          Racing


Sunday 4/21/2024
AHRMA Schedule

7:00am  -   5:00pm           Tech 
7:00am  -   7:30am            Registration
8:00am  -  11:00am           Practice
11:00am -  12:00pm          Lunch
12:00pm  -   5:00pm          Racing

The following races are scheduled for 6 laps each:

1. Moto LeMans//SP 500//CL60’s 650//CL 60’s//Nov Hst Prd HW                                                                   
2. SOT 1 / Next Gen SB 2 // Motard // SOS 3 // Fl Extreme                                    
3. Next Gen SB LT / F 750 / Vint SB MW / SP 350
4. Formula Thunder / Next Gen SB MW //SOS 1
5. Sidecars
6. Open 2-Stroke // SOT 3
7. 350 GP- Vint Cup // F 250 // 250 GP
8. Formula Vintage // Thruxton Cup // BEARS
9. BOT 2 / Next Gen SB 3 // SOT 4
10. 200 GP//Class C Footshift//Class C Handshift//Nov Hst Prod LW//F 125
11. SOT 2 / Next Gen SB
12. BOT 1 / Vint SB HW // SOS 2 // SP 750 // F 500

Bridgestone Tire Vendor:  Matthew Goetz, Bike Armory,  22 Terrace Dr., Sausalito, CA 94965
707-742-0130  ( )

The following services are offered directly by Buttonwillow's Management Staff.  Contact information will follow the information pertaining to each service:

Concessions: On-site facility

Race Fuel:
91, 101 unleaded / 110 in 5 Gal. pails (Phone  661.764.5333 or

RV accommodations with electricity are available thru the track on a first come first served basis. Please reserve your space early, to ensure availability. Be sure to specify a 30 amp hook up or a 50 amp hook up when making your reservations.The track has a generous Pit area with plenty of additional camping/parking/pit spaces all camping fees are payable to the track at the following:   (Phone  661.764.5333 or email:

Garages are available thru the track  (Phone  661.764.5333 or email:

Track Address: 24551 Lerdo Hwy, Buttonwillow CA 93206   (Phone:  661.764-5333)  



  • Direct Interstate 5 Freeway access
  • 126 miles north of downtown Los Angeles
  • 196 miles south of San Jose
  • 28 miles northwest of Bakersfield
  • 1/2 miles west of I-5 on Lerdo Highway
  • 60 miles from Paso Robles “Wine Country” and gateway to central coast recreation

Best Western Wasco Inn & Suites, Wasco. 661-758-1111
Motel 6 Central, Buttonwillow 661.764.5121
Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Buttonwillow 661.764.5207
Super 8, Buttonwillow 661.764.5117
Vagabond Inn, Buttonwillow 661.469.414


The AFM rulebook can be found at AFM Racing - Welcome to the American Federation of Motorcyclists It's currently still the 2023 rulebook, but the class structure for 2024 will be the same.  If any AHRMA racer has questions about their eligibility, please email AFM tech with questions
AFM TECH:    Jon Bawden, AFM Chief Tech,  E-mail:


AFM Racing Classes are listed in Red and correspond to the indicated AHRMA classes.

500 Premier: 500cc four-stroke OHV or OHC, and 750cc side valve machines built before December 31, 1968 and 500 Premier-type bikes with the additional restrictions of 285 lbs. dry weight, stock piston stroke and maximum five-speed gearboxes.

350 Grand Prix: 350cc four-strokes; 350cc air-cooled, single-cylinder two-strokes; 250cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder two-strokes; and 250cc air-cooled, twin-cylinder two-strokes, manufactured before December 31, 1968.
250 Grand Prix: 250cc four-strokes; 250cc air-cooled, single-cylinder two-strokes; 175cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder two-strokes; and 175cc air-cooled, twin-cylinder two-strokes, manufactured before December 31, 1968.
200 Grand Prix Plus: This class combines a variety of engine designs and displacements between 125cc and 250cc, based on an index of performance.
Vintage and CVSB 
Formula 750: Works 750cc four-stroke machines, including accurate replicas of Formula 750 machines of the early 1970s. Also includes machines not eligible for Sportsman 750.
Vintage and CVSB 
Formula 500: Two-stroke and certain four-stroke machines up to 500cc, grouped on an index-of-performance basis, with a December 31, 1972, cutoff.

Formula 250: Two-stroke air-cooled machines, including singles up to 360cc and twins up to 250cc, with a December 31, 1972, cutoff.

Formula 125: Air-cooled, twin-shock, steel-framed Grand Prix motorcycles up to 125cc, plus certain GP-kitted street and enduro machines.

Vintage and CVSB  
Formula Vintage: Open to machines eligible for 500 Premier, 500 Grand Prix, Formula 750, Formula 500 and Sportsman 750; other specific models are eligible, see the Handbook for the list.
Vintage and CVSB  
BEARS®: The British European American Racing Series for certain two-cylinder machines built up through 1968 and competing under Formula 750 specifications.
Class C: Intended for AMA “Class C” machines up to and including those manufactured December 31, 1951, as a ‘51 model.
Class C Handshift is a championship class run together with, but scored separately from, Class C.
Pre-1940 Grand Prix: 1940-and-earlier Grand Prix or modified street machines, including 500cc single-cylinder OHV and OHC and 750cc side valve machines.
Classic Sixties: A class for 1960 and earlier (or like model) Grand Prix/Clubman 350-500cc four-stroke OHV and OHC machines, or 750cc side valve, in basically standard form.
Classic Sixties 650 is open to 1960s-era 650cc OHV and 883cc side valve machines.
Sportsman: Streetbike-based four-stroke machines manufactured prior to December 31, 1972, divided into 350cc, 500cc and 750cc classes.
Novice Historic Production: Novice riders on 1972-and-earlier production street machines with the standard OEM frame, swingarm, forks and handlebar mounts. Engines use the original OEM bore and stroke. Classes are Lightweight (four-strokes up to 500cc, 250cc two-strokes and certain 350cc two-strokes) and Heavyweight (four-strokes up to 750cc and 350-500cc two-strokes).
Vintage Sidecar (SC1): Front-exit sidecars. Air-cooled, one- or two-cylinder, two- or four-stroke, built before December 31, 1967. Two-stroke piston-port only, 350cc maximum. Four-stroke, 650cc overhead valve and 750cc sidevalve maximum.
No class with AFM for Sidecars
Stock Production Sidecar (SC2): Front-exit sidecars. Air-cooled, one- or two-cylinder, two- or four- stroke engines, built before December 31, 1972. Two-stroke, piston-port only, 500cc maximum. Four-stroke, 750cc maximum.

Lost Era Sidecar (SC3): Front-exit sidecars. Air-cooled, two- or three-cylinder two-stroke, two-,three- or four-cylinder four-stroke engines, built before December 31, 1977. Two-  stroke, piston-port or reed-valve, 550cc maximum. Four-stroke, 836cc maximum, two valves per cylinder.
Formula Classic Sidecar (SC4): Front- or rear-exit sidecars. Air- or water-cooled, two- or four-stroke engines, built before December 31, 1982. Two-stroke, 900cc maximum. Four-stroke, 1300cc maximum; multi-valve engines permitted.
Modern Sidecar F1 &; F2 run under FIM rules.
Vintage and CVSB   
Vintage Superbike: Three classes for motorcycles built up to model-year 1982, retaining as close to “production” appearance as possible. Classes are Heavyweight (unlimited displacement twins and pushrod triples, and displacement-limited fours and sixes), Middleweight (unlimited displacement singles, with limited pushrod twins, OHC twins, pushrod triples and OHC fours) and Lightweight (smaller singles, twins and multis, using a performance index).
Next Gen Superbike: Superbikes based on late 1980s to model-year 1992 US-model production bikes.
Super Dino and Legacy Lightweight Middleweight and Heavyweight
Next Gen 2: 1990s to early-2000s US Superbikes. 
Super Dino and Legacy Lightweight Middleweight and Heavyweight.

Sound of Singles ® 1: (SoS1) Unlimited-displacement single-cylinder four-strokes.
Formula singles
Sound of Singles ® 2: (SoS2) Liquid-cooled four-strokes to 450cc and air-cooled four-strokes to 610cc.
Formula singles
Sound of Singles ® 3: (SoS3) Certain single-cylinder 250-350cc machines with GP-style chassis and 300-400cc machines with Production chassis. 
Formula singles
Sound of Thunder 1 (SoT1): Unlimited-displacement four-stroke single-, twin- or three-cylinder machines; twin-rotor rotary engines and any eligible Open Two-Stroke machine. Turbocharging or supercharging is permitted only on single-cylinder machines.
Sound of Thunder 2 (SoT2): Any AHRMA SoS or Motard machine, liquid-cooled twins to 850cc, unlimited air-cooled twins, and triples up to 675cc.
Formula 4
Sound of Thunder 3 (SoT3): Harley-Davidson XR1200, and pushrod OHV twins to 1000cc, OHC two- or three-valve to 805cc and OHC liquid-cooled four-valve to 650cc.
 FS Cup, American twins, Open twins
Sound of Thunder 4 (SOT4): Any single (under 400cc) or twin (under 350cc) that is based on a production motorcycle sold in the US. Honda CBR 300. Kawasaki Ninja 250/300.  KTM RC390R/Duke, Suzuki GSX 250R, Yamaha YZF-R3. (Provisional for 2022)
Formula 4

Motard: Motocross, off-road, dual-sport and Motard-specific single-cylinder machines of unlimited displacement.
Formula singles
Battle of Twins® (BoT): Open to unlimited-displacement air-cooled twins. 
Open twins, open superbike, Formula pacific, Formula 40 and formula 50
Thruxton Cup Challenge: Open to lightly-modified Triumph Thruxtons and Harley-Davidson XL883 and XL1200 Sportsters.
Formula Thunder: Open to all Next Gen Superbike, Sound of Singles, Sound of Thunder and Battle of Twins motorcycles.
Bikes will be put into respective classes with AFM
Open Two-Stroke: Open to any two-stroke motorcycle, regardless of displacement, number of cylinders, frame type, cooling type, or date of manufacture.
Bikes will be put into respective classes with AFM

Formula Lightning  Open to zero emission motorcycles that are typically powered by electric motors, but may use other no-exhaust propulsion methods as well.
Electric bike designated by Horsepower to appropriate class.


Event requirements



MUST PROVIDE Personal Medical Insurance Company & Policy Number.   *AHRMA requires that every participant carry personal health insurance; it is wise to consult your individual carrier for coverage details. Jones Birdsong Insurance offers AHRMA members an affordable Rider Accident Medical Plan, which, under competition situations, may offer better coverage than a person’s general health insurance. To purchase an annual plan, call 866.998.3864

TRANSPONDERS ARE REQUIRED! To rent a transponder, please add it to the registration.

Refer to the current AHRMA Handbook, available online at w, for questions regarding classes and eligibility. See Section 18 for Rules & Eligibility committee personnel and other Officials

Before AHRMA issues a road race number, you must sign up to race and provide proof that within the past two years, you have competed with another road racing organization or have successfully completed a road racing school (please provide a copy of road race license or certificate).

Entries (107)

Ted Kasparian
Wade Boyd
Robert Weaver
Salvador Valdes
Alex George
Hannes Ots
Pat Wilkening
Damian Doffo

RR - Buttonwillow Raceway Park

Buttonwillow, CA


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