Opener XXIX Gary Bockman Memorial Race info on May 2, 2020 (655430) |

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Opener XXIX Gary Bockman Memorial Race

Opener XXIX Gary Bockman Memorial Race

Cascade Sports Car Club - Club Racing

Saturday, May 2 — Sunday, May 3, 2020
Portland Int'l Raceway, Portland, OR

This event was cancelled Apr 13, 2020. Can we show you some more events nearby?

Cascade Sports Car Club        ROSE CITY OPENER XXIX


This is a DOUBLE race weekend, non-chicane event, operating out of the North Paddock.

Entry to PIR -  Entry to PIR   will be through Turn 8 gate unless otherwise notified. 

Annual Tech is available on Friday.  If you are not participating in the TNT on Friday, you may  come in early but not until after 10:00am.

The pedestrian Bridge is open from Saturday 7am  7pm, Sunday 7am – end of day.

Friends and Family are welcome to come and watch you race - spectators are always FREE ADMISSION!

ENTRIES OPEN: March 8, 2020



ICSCC or others – (Saturday & Sunday races + 1-hour mini enduro)         $440

Cascade Members – (Saturday & Sunday races + 1-hour mini enduro)     $430

ICSCC or others – (Saturday & Sunday races)                                           $320

Cascade Members – (Saturday & Sunday races)                                       $310

Saturday only race or Sunday only race                                                     $250

Additional Race Group Entry (Saturday, Sunday or BOTH!)                       $160

1 Hour Enduro Only Entry                                                                            $150

Sunday HPDE (advanced) -  Sign Up Here                                                 $180

LATE ENTRY FEE (after 5/1/2020)                                                              $ 50

Pit/Spectator passes                                                                                  FREE


CLASS ROTATIONSaturday Group 5 – Sunday Group 6       

Grp #1 – A-B-C Prod, SPO, SPM, SPU, PRO3

Grp #2 – D-E-F-G Prod, CR, Pro-7, SM, CSM, HT, ITX, PRO44

Grp #3 – CF, FF, FA, FM, FC                 

Grp #4 – GT1-2-3, AS, ITE, RS, ST, SST, SE46

Grp #5 – ITA-B-C-S, CT4, GTL, E-F-H Imp Prod          

Grp #6 – FL, FV, B-C-D-E-F SR, Novice Open Wheel

Grp #7 – *Novice Closed Wheel   *Novice Closed Wheel in Group 7 on Saturday, in with Groups 1 - 6 on Sunday.  Sign up for Grp #7 on both days.  Groups on Sunday will be assigned by the License Director

Grp #8 - 1 Hour Enduro   ME0- AP, SPO, SPM, GTI, GT2, GT3, ITE, ST, SST, P0;    ME1- BP, EIP, FIP, GTL, RS, AS, SE46, SPU, P1;    ME2- CP, DP, PRO3, ITS, PRO44, HIP, CT4, P2;    ME3- EP, FP, GP, CR, PRO7, SM, CSM, HT, ITA, ITB, ITC, P3;   MSR-  ICSCC eligible Sports Racers

Grp #9 - HPDE Advanced


Schedule:   May 2020 annou-sche.pdf

2020 CSCC Supps:  2020 cscc_supps.pdf



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