Sat, Mar 25, 2023

Ron Dunlop Trophy Rally

Starbucks patio

About this event


This is an SCCA Regional Tour Rally sponsored by the Into the Night Rally Team. Non-SCCA members are welcome.
Meet us at Starbucks at 7030 Market Place Drive, Goleta, CA.
Registration opens at 12 noon.  First car out at 2:01 pm.
Event runs rain or shine.
All licensed and insured vehicles are welcome.
The event is beginner-friendly with simple, sequential instructions.
Target times and Official Mileages are given to all Checkpoints.
Entry fee is $65 per car with a $10 discount for SCCA members.
Scoring will be using the Richta Competitor GPS app.  This app is FREE and easy to use on any GPS-enabled smartphone or other device. 
Go to the App Store or Google Play Store or and download it. There is no need for additional timing equipment; your Official Time shows in the app!
This is a 5 hour event and finishes in Ventura, CA.
We are EV friendly with chargers near Start and Finish.
Trophies will be awarded to the top teams in Classes E (Equipped), S (Stock), G (GPS driven rally computers) and N (Novice – 3 or fewer previous rallies).

More Info, including the Event General Instructions can be found at and on our Into the Night Rally Team Facebook page. For any questions or more detailed information, contact Paul at or call or text 310 350 1360.



Event requirements

To simplify the registration process, only the person paying needs to register.  That person can be the driver OR the navigator, but you will need the name, email address and cell phone number for BOTH people in order to complete the registration process. Also, for SCCA Members, you will need the SCCA Member Number for the Driver and/or Navigator, if applicable.  By the way, the Driver and Navigator cannot be the same person.

All participants will be required to sign a waiver in person at the Start of the rally.  If anyone in the car is under 18 as of the Start of the rally, they will need a signed and notarized SCCA minor waiver.  Please contact immediately if you plan to have a minor in your car on this event. Use "Minor Waiver" in the subject line of the email.

Click on the MAP below to create your own customized directions to START.

Entries (14)

Jacob Vampola
Jane Barker
Jeremy Horne
Scott Morgan
Kiran Shekar
Ivan Zul
Keith Amann
Derek Odell

Starbucks patio

Goleta, CA


Road Rally organized by

Into The Night Rally Team

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