Mon, May 22, 2023

RMM Experience

Rocky Mountain Motorsports

About this event

The EZ Driving group’s goal is to create a culture based on friendship, camaraderie, sharing, driving techniques and theory. All of this is to help you enjoy driving your car in a controlled environment. This is a Ladies/Gentlemen driving group, where “Motorsports”  manners must be upheld.

EZ = easy to exercise your cars @ the track, easy to socialize @ the pits  

About the Team 

The EZ team has more than 30 years of combined experience through high performance driving, wheel-to-wheel competition, instructing and coaching. The EZ team will apply their skills and knowledge to develop a team-oriented environment for you to enjoy HPDE (High Performance Driving Education).

The EZ Team is volunteer based, and is here to support the group’s Motorsports passion. 

“ Supporting the community through Motorsports”  

About Rocky Mountain Motorsports 

RMM is a world class motorsports facility designed by famous track designer Hermann Tilke
3.5 km long international circuit with 16 unique and technical turns
36 m of elevation change per lap
Located only 38 mins from downtown Calgary, in Carstairs, AB 

“RMM Experience is presented to you by (Specialty Auto Storage)”


8:00 - 9:00 at RMM (Gate Registration)
9:00 - 9:30 at RMM (Paddock Parking & Drivers Meeting)
9:30 - 16:30 at RMM (Circuit Tour & Track is Hot)
Each Run Group will be on the track for an estimated 4-5 sessions
Each Driver will have an estimated 60-80 mins of seat time
1 hour of additional track time (optional, back-up plan to ensure drivers have best experience) 

Event is on, RAIN OR SHINE. There will be NO REFUNDS due to inclement weather. We also run a program specifically tailored for rain driving.

“RAIN provides the best time to experience true car control. Your cars are also less likely to overheat. Rainy day is a lucky day!”


Group, Rate & Include 

Novice Group $888 (VIP w/ concierge service) 

For first-time drivers in a High Performance Driving Education, or those who require more support.

- Concierge service (provided by the group’s experienced drivers) to promote your experience
- Adjusting your seating position, and ensuring you’re comfortable enough to fully enjoy the day
- A visual track tour so you can get acquainted with each of the 16 turns @ RMM
- Classroom sessions to understand the Track Manners (led by Maxx, RMM’s Chief instructor)
- Lead-and-Follow sessions to feel your car at speed and understand the track
- Group Brief and Debrief to reiterate safe behaviors so drivers can learn and have fun
- Pitwall “mocktail” session to meet and socialize with your new car buddies
- Pre-Event meeting to introduce our HPDE program
  3 different times and locations (TBA) 
  (Specialty Auto Storage (BBQ), Spec R (Simulator)  & Speeders (Indoor Kart)
- Pre-Event VIP Track Tour @ RMM (special request only, subject to scheduling) 

Intermediate Group $688 (“Top Gear” drivers with on-track experience) 

For experienced drivers with a sound understanding of lapping manners. Must have a good safety record, demonstrated car control skills and a mindset to continue learning 

- Will receive support from the Master Group to improve Track Techniques
- Open Lapping session with Passing Zone
- Group Brief and Debrief to reiterate safe behaviors so drivers can learn and have fun
- Pitwall “mocktail” session to meet and socialize with your new car buddies

Advanced Group $388 (aka Master Group)***Invite Only***

For very experienced track drivers who will share Track Techniques with other drivers.

- Enjoy helping and supporting the VIP Group
- Open Lapping session with Passing Zones
- Group Brief and Debrief to reiterate safe behaviors so drivers can learn and have fun
- Pitwall “mocktail” session to meet and socialize with your new car buddies

Rocky Mountain Motorsport Member Group (Complimentary)
- Open Lapping (RMM private member) subject to the schedule and openings. 

All Groups included
- Your Guest RMM Tour availability (special request)
- Photos and videos of the event
- Complimentary All-Day Beverages and Snacks
- Souvenirs and Gifts

“The team will be on standby to assist you. The goal is to provide you with a 5-star experience.” 


Thanks to the Motorsports community that has inspired us to develop this program 

Allen Berg Racing School - Formula Renault. So nice & light @ Race City YYC Now in the USA
Alberta Race Car Association - Road Racing & Circuit Racing
August Luxury Motorcars - Area 27 Lapping Days, Music, Entertainment
BMW Club of Northern & Southern Alberta - Alberta Advanced Driving School + 2 diplomas
Calgary Speeders Addicts - Indoor electric karting
Calgary Kart Racing Club - Karting racing is always the first step into motorsports
Calgary Sport Car Club - Autocross, Time Attack, Rally, Winter Auto X
Calgary Exotic Auto Guild - The most social lapping group, good luck getting a spot 
Porsche Club Alberta Wild Rose Region - HPED + Autocross + Ice driving
Rocky Mountain Motorsports - Maxx Ebenal, international racing experience
Southern Alberta SoloSport - Autocross and Ice driver training
Speed Fanatics Motorsports Club - King of Mission, BC track events
Speed Secrets -  Ross Bentley, top coaching program (
Track Junkies - Premium organized events, driver training and lapping @ Rad Torque
Track Techniques - Best 2.5 day program @ Race City, now @ RMM (5-day lapping group)
Velocity Autosport / 888 Racing - Area 27, back-to-back 2-day track events
Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit - “A Taste of The Circuit”
Western Canada Motorsport (WCMA) - Race License school, FIA approved 

“This program is the return of our Motorsport community.” 


Event requirements

  1. All vehicles must adhere to the 95 dB sound limit
  2. No fully-electric vehicles (EV) are allowed
  3. Valid Driver's License (18 years of age or older) 
  4. Have a “positive attitude” towards learning
  5. Vehicle must be in a safely operable state for track-day use
    (please refer to (RMM Vehicle Inspection Checklist 2023 )
  6. Helmet & Balaclava rentals from XS - XXL available @ RMM 
  7. Welcome to bring your own Helmet (Snell SA2015 or higher standard).
  8. Footwear must be closed toe, rubber sole preferred. No boots or heels permitted 
  9. Research “High Performance Driving Education” on Google

Entries (67)

Jacky Yim
Kelly Williamson
Dradon Krossa
Glenn Yuen
Dan Thygesen
Terry Works
Richard Bonham
Brian Lee

Rocky Mountain Motorsports

Carstairs, AB


HPDE organized by

EZ Driving Group

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