Sat, May 25 - Sun, May 26, 2019

RMC BMW CCA Spring 2019 Time Trial

High Plains Raceway

About this event

The Rocky Mountain Chapter BMW CCA is pleased to invite BMW CCA members to attend our 2019 Spring Time Trial at High Plains Raceway..

This event is sanctioned by BMW Club Racing and is a real treat to be running under the Club Racing umbrella!.

Note: Registration is OPEN !      

The Rule Set for BMW-TT is here....

>>>Click here for the forms page.

Schedule is here....


Our purpose is to give you the opportunity to drive your car at speed and to experience more of the potential of the unique combination of car and driver.

Participants may register for the following prices:

Membership with the  BMW CCA is required., go to or call 800-878-9292.


  1 day 2 days
Time Trial $190 $340
DS Instructor registration for Time trial $100 $200
Transponder Rental $35 $70

Registration fee is per driver.

>>Transponders are required for the TT group.  If you want to rent one for the day,  you can add this to your registration. ** Note: There are no mounting clips with the transponder rental.  ** Mount their transponders (clips) low on the front or back of the car. Use the practice session to see if your transponder is working!

There will be 3 basic car classifications. M-Car, NonM-Car, and Non-BMW. (There will be sub classifications of street tires and R-Compound tires.) 

Its you against the clock.  We are expecting there to be 4 Time trial sessions.

Students can either sign up for the Driving school or the TT, not Both.

TT is solo, an instructor can ride along with drivers, but TT drivers cannot have non instructor passengers.

==> Instructors: If you are doing the TT and Instructing in the driving school, then you must sign up for both events.

Tow Hooks are required. Please make sure they are on your car before going to grid.

Passing will be open to all corners that make sense. Point by is encouraged, but not required.

We need to have 12 drivers signed up 2 weeks before the event so we dont have to cancel the TT rungroup. So sign up early. 

Safety, learning and fun are our priorities — in that order, safety first. And you will have FUN!


For more information


Check in will be at the track on Saturday Morning at the Pavillion.


Event requirements

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE DOCUMENT BEFORE YOU REGISTER. It contains valuable information about the school, registration, and the rules of the day. Forms mentioned in this text are immediately available via the links; however, all of them are available as a group when you go to the forms page.

  • Perticipants must be 18 years of age or older with a valid driver's license - no exceptions.
  • Convertibles, cars with removable tops, trucks, pickups, vans and SUVs other than the BMW X6, X5, X3, X1, Lotus, Caterham, Corvette and Porsche Cayenne are not permitted at the Event.


Mandatory Vehicle Inspection

A technical inspection is required of all cars, and must be completed prior to the school. This is to check the condition of your vehicle, especially the parts that will be critical for an event like this. Tech inspection forms must be downloaded from the forms page. Most safety equipment will be checked: tires, brakes, brake fluid, battery hold-downs, seat belts and more. If there is any doubt about the condition of your equipment, have it replaced. New tires are not required or necessarily recommended. The inspection can be completed by your mechanic (expect a charge) or there will be FREE technical inspections. Be sure to bring your helmet to the inspection, as it will also be checked. DO NOT PUT THIS OFF! Be sure to give yourself time in case something is found that must be fixed.

Helmets and Safety

Note: Snell 2010 and 2015 helmets only! Snell 2005 is no longer valid. Safety is our first priority. Drivers and instructors are required to wear a Snell 2010 (or newer) certified helmet while on the track. Both Snell motorcycle (M) and auto racing (SA) certifications are acceptable. Bring a helmet even if you have to borrow one. A limited number of helmets can be rented for $10 at the school, but we cannot guarantee their availability. If you plan to buy a helmet, first find and read a guide on how to properly fit a helmet. Cars, drivers and instructors judged to be operating in an unsafe manner will be removed from the track and no refunds will be given. No glass beverage containers are permitted at any time. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises while cars are on the track.

Helmets must be rated to Snell, SFI or FIA standards as detailed below.
Snell Rated Helmets. Either Snell SA (Special Applications, e.g. racing) or Snell M (motorcycle) or Snell K (karting) helmets may be used. 
 Helmets that meet BMW CCA Club Racing eligibility rules at the time of the event are also allowed. (These presently include SFI 31.1 and FIA 8860, subject to change.)
General recommendation: Use of a full-face helmet with its face shield in place is strongly advised. The face shield of a full face helmet should either be worn closed or removed from the helmet. Any external visor above the eye-port should be removed.



Its not likely to happen, but please have your car ready and tech'ed ready to go. Assume you might get in!

Saturday Night BBQ

There will be a Saturday night BBQ after the track goes cold for the day.  $20

Payment Processing & Membership Renewal Coupons

Please note that the system allows us to defer processing your credit card until registration closes. A reserve will be placed on your card, but the charge will not be made until registration closes.


Driving School Contacts

Gary Bohn

TT Chairman

Steve Hamilton

TT  Tech Steward


Gary Bohn





High Plains Raceway

Deer Trail, CO
Download track map
Download track map
Watch a video tour/lap
Watch a video tour/lap


Time Trial organized by

BMW CCA - Rocky Mountain - Driving Schools

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