Sat, May 24 - Sun, May 25, 2014

RMC BMW CCA Spring 2014 Driving School May 24 25

High Plains Raceway

About this event

The Rocky Mountain Chapter BMW CCA is pleased to invite BMW CCA members to attend our 2014 Spring Performance Driving School at High Plains Raceway. High Plains is the new club track located 60 miles east of Denver and 17 miles east of Byers, CO. It is an excellent track for teaching with a variety of turn types and significant elevation changes. It is safe, demanding and most importantly FUN!

Note: Registration is OPEN!       >>>Click here for the forms page.

Our purpose is to give you the opportunity to drive your car at speed and to experience more of the potential of the unique combination of car and driver. Our High Performance Driving Schools are real schools for anyone 18 or over with a valid driver’s license. Students will alternate between classroom sessions and time on the track with an instructor. The individualized instruction is a key to this program that has been developed over decades, and compares very favorably with commercial schools costing many times more. Our experienced instructors have come from racing, autocrossing and BMW CCA schools. They can help you develop your potential.

Students may register for the following prices:


  2 days 1 day
DS -Member $350 $185

A BMW CCA membership is required to participate. To join, go to or call 800-878-9292. Registration fee is per driver.


Safety, learning and fun are our priorities — in that order, safety first. And you will have FUN!


For more information

Volunteers at the Track

An event like this takes a lot of volunteer effort to put on. If you, a member of your family, or a friend would be interested in volunteering, please register online here with We need corner workers, pit & grid, runners, gate workers and more. Driving school students are particularly encouraged to volunteer on a day they are not in school. It provides a very different perspective and really completes the experience. BMW CCA membership is not required to volunteer.

Instructors and student classing / run groups

Students are assigned to one of three run groups (A ,B, C or D) commensurate with their experience. D is where a new student would begin, and A is the most advanced run group. The groupings are relative and a function of who has enrolled in a given school. Therefore a student may be assigned to one group higher or lower than expected but there should not be great disparity within groups. Look for your run group when you get your schedule to see when and where you need to be during the day. Instructor supervision is required at all times while you are on the track. Helmet intercoms are used between the student and instructor to facilitate communication.

Open Lapping Friday: Friday before the school will be a open lapping day. You can sign up and pay on the HPR website.

Car Control Clinic (CCC): A Autocross School and Car Control Clinic will be held on April 25th, 2014 at PPIR, with the same format as last year. There will be a morning session and afternoon session. The morning session will be the Car Control Clinic and Beginner Autocross school. The afternoon session will be Intermediate and Advanced Autocross school. Morning and afternoon sessions are separate but there will be a bundle package for both beginner and intermediate. Lunch WILL be provided for the Students and Instructors.  Sign up for the CCC will be through the Autocross School/Car Control Clinic link on our web site ( If you want to instruct, please email Michael Feldpusch to reserve a spot at

Camping. Is free at the track


Check in will be under the gazebo (Near the timing/scoring building)

Saturday evening buffet

A dinner buffet will be offered at the track on Saturday after the driving is over. Tossed green salad with ranch dressing,BBQ chicken breasts,BBQ brisket,Potato salad,Green beans,Rolls,Peach cobbler. The cost is $18.

Event requirements

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE DOCUMENT BEFORE YOU REGISTER. It contains valuable information about the school, registration, and the rules of the day. Forms mentioned in this text are immediately available via the links; however, all of them are available as a group when you go to the forms page.

  • Students must be 18 years of age or older with a valid driver's license - no exceptions.
  • Convertibles, cars with removable tops, trucks, pickups, vans and SUVs other than the BMW X6, X5, X3, X1, Lotus, Caterham, Corvette and Porsche Cayenne are not permitted at the Driving School.

This is Not a Racing School

Our Driving School mission is to improve your driving skills while having fun. Our goal is to teach you safe driving skills and habits in a controlled situation. We hope what you learn will benefit you in your normal day-to-day driving, especially when confronted with emergency situations. We will emphasize the relationship of the driver and vehicle, how to make them function in unison, and give you the opportunity to learn your limitations and expand your capabilities.

Driving School Requirements


To maximize your track time and insure you get adequate instruction, the event is run on a tight schedule. Adherence to the schedule requires your cooperation and will allow us to get through the preliminaries quickly. You must arrive at the track no later than 6:30 AM. You must stop at the gate to sign the waivers and check-in. All individuals entering the track property must sign the Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement. You must read it carefully and understand what you are signing. We also recommend that you show and discuss the waiver with your spouse. Minors are allowed in the facility, but a parent or guardian must sign a Minor's Waiver Form on their behalf at the track, or it may be signed in advance if notarized.

After check-in, proceed immediately to the paddock area and unload everything from your car, glove compartment, storage bins and trunk. Please remove floor mats, loose change, radar detectors and everything that is not firmly attached. A properly secured spare tire may remain in the car if you choose.

Be sure to arrive with a full tank of fuel. Air is available at the track. We are unsure of fuel availability at the track, but if available it's expensive. Lunch is available for purchase at the track. There will be no time to drive to Byers and back. Bring plenty of water (1 gallon per person) or other hydrating drinks. Water is best! Also bring a folding chair, hat, sunscreen, warm clothes and protection from the wind and weather.

Be ready to attend the mandatory Driver's Meeting at 7:45AM. This is the most important meeting of the day!


Mandatory Vehicle Inspection

A technical inspection is required of all cars, and must be completed prior to the school. This is to check the condition of your vehicle, especially the parts that will be critical for an event like this. Tech inspection forms must be downloaded from the forms page. Most safety equipment will be checked: tires, brakes, brake fluid, battery hold-downs, seat belts and more. If there is any doubt about the condition of your equipment, have it replaced. New tires are not required or necessarily recommended. The inspection can be completed by your mechanic (expect a charge) or there will be FREE technical inspections. Be sure to bring your helmet to the inspection, as it will also be checked. DO NOT PUT THIS OFF! Be sure to give yourself time in case something is found that must be fixed.

Helmets and Safety

Note: Snell 2005 and 2010 helmets only! Snell 2000 is no longer valid. Safety is our first priority. Students and instructors are required to wear a Snell 2005 (or newer) certified helmet while on the track. Both Snell motorcycle (M) and auto racing (SA) certifications are acceptable. Bring a helmet even if you have to borrow one. A limited number of helmets can be rented for $15 at the school, but we cannot guarantee their availability. If you plan to buy a helmet, first find and read a guide on how to properly fit a helmet. Cars, drivers and instructors judged to be operating in an unsafe manner will be removed from the track and no refunds will be given. No glass beverage containers are permitted at any time. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises while cars are on the track.

Students are not allowed to take passengers on the track at any time -- absolutely no exceptions. Only registered students and instructors are allowed to drive on the track. During instructors' sessions, instructors may take passengers who have signed the waiver release, wear an approved helmet, and are at least 18 years of age.

Medical Information

Please complete the medical information form that will be available to the on-site medical personnel in case of an emergency. Please fold the form in thirds, tape and write your name on one end for quick access. These forms are for emergency use only, and are shredded after the event. Separately from this form, you are required to inform us of any condition that might impair your ability to perform the tasks expected of a student in this school, impede your ability to communicate with your instructor, or that would impair your ability to exit the vehicle in case of an incident. If you are pregnant, we require the approval of your physician and that your spouse also sign a waiver.

Cancellation Details

Cancellations must be done by calling the registrar. Cancellations received on or before May 10th will be charged $25.00 per driver per day. Our chapter policy is that there are no refunds after the cutoff date. If canceling after the cutoff date, students may present their case to the driving school committee. Only unforeseen, extraordinary, unavoidable circumstances will be considered. The committee, at their discretion, may issue partial credit to be applied at a driving school within the twelve month period subsequent to the cancellation.


If you are one of the first on the waitlist, please have your car ready and teched ready to go. Assume you might get in!

Payment Processing & Membership Renewal Coupons

Please note that the system allows us to defer processing your credit card until registration closes. A reserve will be placed on your card, but the charge will not be made until registration closes.

Leslie Jenkins
2026 S. Ironton Court
Aurora CO 80014-1029

Driving School Contacts

Andrew Jordan
Driving School Chairman

Spring Driving School:Jamie Stiehr
Chief Instructor

Summer Driving School:Andrew Colfelt  

Chief Instructor

Leslie Jenkins
Bruce Leggett
Safety Steward




High Plains Raceway

Byers, CO
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Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


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