Mon, Sep 12, 2022

RM at Mission - Sept 12, 2022 Season Finale

Speed-Fanatics Motorsports Circuit

About this event

Come out with Rizzo Motorsports for a track day at Mission Raceway!

Lunch will be not be provided at this event and attendees are encouraged to either bring their own lunch or make plans to eat lunch off-site.


The entry fee for this event will be $275 (tax included in price).
If you would like to pay via etransfer please contact us after signing up to arrange payment.


There will be 3 run groups: A, B, C.

This is an experienced driver event, there will be no novice class.

The event will run from approximately 7am until 4pm with a scheduled lunch break and a mandatory morning driver's meeting.


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Please note:
- No refunds will be provided for this event.
- Event credits may be given on a case-by-case basis.
- No credits will be given within 30 days of the event date.
- Individual participants are responsible for any costs associated with track clean-up/materials, towing, damage to the facility or any fees charged to RM.
- Your registration will be put on hold after completing it and the organizer will verify your experience before confirming your entry and charging you.
- If you are wanting to co-drive a car, please contact us before signing up.

Event requirements

Requirements to attend at Mission:
- All attendees must sign the waiver to be on site.
- Any attendee under the age of 19 must attend with a parent/guardian who also must sign the waiver form.
- All participants must posses a valid driver's license.
- A SNELL SA2015, M2015 or newer helmet is required for anyone driving or riding passenger on track.  DOT helmets are not accepted.  Loaner helmets will not be available.
- This event requires prior track experience.  Your registration will be put on hold after completing it and an organizer will verify your experience before confirming your entry and charging you.
- All registrations must be paid electronically in advance of the event.  If you have a circumstance preventing you from paying over MSR, please contact us for alternative methods.

Vehicle requirements:
- All entrants will be required to fill out a self-tech form prior to the event to confirm their vehicle is safe to drive on track.  If your vehicle is deemed unsafe to run, you will be unable to participate and no refund will be provided.  If you are unsure on how to do a safety inspection on your vehicle please take it in to a local shop for an inspection.
- Vehicles that are prone to roll-over (trucks, SUVs, etc.) are not permitted.
- Convertibles are allowed, providing they have factory or aftermarket roll protection.  You may be asked to submit pictures to confirm.  We strongly recommend aftermarket roll protection for all convertible vehicles.
- Open wheel cars and sports racers are not permitted for safety reasons.
- If you are not sure whether your vehicle qualifies, please contact us.  If your vehicle is found to be ineligible on the morning of the event, there will be no refunds.
- Mission has a sound limit of 95db measured across the starting line.  Please ensure your car does not exceed this, otherwise your vehicle will be ineligible to continue for the day.

No refunds will be given if you do not satisfy any one of these requirements and register anyway.

We will run regardless of the weather forecast, so come prepared for the conditions!

Speed-Fanatics Motorsports Circuit

Mission, BC
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Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


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Rizzo Motorsports

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