Sun, Jun 11, 2023

Rallycross Championship

Rad Torque Raceway

About this event

Rally racing for all skill and budget levels!

Race for a Championship or just for the thrill in our ERC Rallycross Championship series. No experience or expensive purpose built car required. Events are run year round at multiple venues, from ice tracks to dirt tracks! Our Rallycross series is based on solo timed runs around courses marked out by pylons and other natural objects. 

Online registration only 

Location: Rad torque raceways, Nisku

 Non-members require a daily membership ($20) that can be acquired during registration. Annual memberships are the best deal: buy them here and save!

Registration fee is per driver. Registrants will be required to sign the our events Speed waiver, Follow the instructions during the registrations steps.

Fee: $60 if registered by June 7th, $80 otherwise.


  • Gates open: 8:00am (arrive early so we can verify if your documentation, event registration, and if waivers are in good standing)
  • Track setup: 8:00am – 9:15am
  • Mandatory Driver’s Meeting: 9:30am
  • Parade Laps: 9:45am
  • First car out: 10:00am
  • Last car out: 4:00pm

Eligible Vehicles: Production-model light passenger vehicles (No light trucks, vans, SUVs, or motorcycles allowed). Vehicle must be wider than it is tall. Check supp regs for full details. This event is limited to 30 cars. All participants will be required to work corners following their on-track time. 

DISCLAIMER: We need a minimum of 12 entries by June 7th 23:59 to proceed. All events are subject to cancel or reschedule based on weather, availability of the track and number of registrations, so be sure to register early and check back in as the events approach. Edmonton Rally Club is a registered not-for-profit organization: all the money we charge is used to promote events like this. We run insured and responsible events - our events are sanctioned by CARS and WCMA. 100% of our staff is composed by volunteers. New volunteers are always needed - consider joining us. All participants are expected help with setup, marshaling, and tear down. If you would like to sponsor any of our events, contact us at


Event requirements

Eligible Vehicles

  • All vehicles must be based on production passenger cars or light trucks. Eligibility is restricted to vehicles based on street-licensable, closed-bodied passenger cars and light trucks. Non-production-based vehicles that are of tube or box frame construction are explicitly forbidden. 
  • Vehicle must be wider than tall 
  • All loose items in the vehicle must be removed during the event (including from the trunk).
  • Items such as hub caps that may become detached from the car during competition must be removed. Snap-on hubcaps, detachable fender skirts and trim rings must be removed. 
  • Tires must be in good condition with no cord or belts showing or cracks in the tread or sidewalls.
  • Mechanical condition and safety of the vehicle is the responsibility of the competitor.
  • The maximum permitted noise level from the exhaust system with the engine idling at 3500 RPM and the vehicle stationary shall be 86 dba, measured from a distance of 15 meters (49 feet). Noise limits may be set by the organizer to satisfy local requirements.
  • Open top (convertible) vehicles must have a fitted hard top and /or roll over protection approved by the regional scrutineer. If open top vehicles are not permitted at individual events that must be specified in the event’s supplementary regulations.
  • Minimum three-point seat harnesses must be worn by drivers and passengers
  • For vehicles equipped with roll over protection: Occupants must wear a helmet that meets the requirements of CARS NRR 11.1.6 & have a five-point safety harness for all occupants.
  • For Events at Rad Torque Raceway: No SUVS or Trucks unless specifically built for Competitive Rally Motorsports
  • Full 2023 CARS Rule book can be viewed HERE (page 175-181)

Required Safety Gear:  

  • Helmets meeting CARS NRR 11.1.6or bearing “Snell Memorial Foundation” M2005 or SA 2005 (or more recent) labels must be worn by all drivers, co-drivers and passengers. Helmets must be in good visible condition, with no visible defects or damage.
  • High-visibility vest.

Passengers: 1 Allowed, must wear same or higher level of safety gear as Driver.
Food: Not available on site.
Toilets: Porta-potties on-site

A valid daily or annual ERC or other ASN-affiliate club membership is required. Check out our annual membership plans (best value) or get a daily membership during registration.

We are a 100% non profit volunteer run organization. All participants are expected help with setup, marshaling, and tear down.

Organizers may remove any attendee that does not meet regulations or acts in an unsportsman like conduct. No refunds will be issued for this reason. In case of cancellation by the organizers, event fees will be refunded and daily memberships credits will be issued for use in future events. 

1 thing you MUST do before the event:

  1. Sign the event specific Speed Waiver.

For event insurance and liability reasons we can't allow you to compete at the event if you do not complete these!


Track setup: 8:00am – 9:15am
Mandatory Driver’s Meeting: 9:30am
Parade Laps: 9:45am
First car out: 10:00am
Last car out: 4:00pm

Entries (16)

Carson Hoffman
Kevin Robbins
William Vida
Tony McGrath
Andy Tailleur
Brett Wilke
Chad McKernan
Jared Hornung

Rad Torque Raceway

Leduc County, AB


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