Sat, Jun 26, 2021

Rally School! Learn about Time-Speed-Distance

Sonoma State University

About this event

Redwood Region PCA is presenting a time-speed-distance (TSD) rally school on Saturday June 26th at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park. The event is free and open to all PCA members, from any region. Preregistration is required and will be limited to the first 60 applicants (30 cars). You will be required to pay a $7.00 per car parking fee at Sonoma State University.

A TSD rally is a team event; each car requires a driver and a navigator. Both drivers and navigators should attend the rally school.

School begins at 10:00 with one hour of classroom demonstrations and discussion, followed by a one-hour practice rally. 

The objective is to follow the prescribed route and arrive at each checkpoint exactly on time, with points deducted for both early and late arrival. The correct arrival time is based on the official miles of the official route and the assigned speeds along the route. The job of the navigator is to read the route instructions to the driver and to perform the necessary calculations to determine if they are on time, running early, or running late. This short video from the Rainier Auto Sports Club gives a good description of TSD rallies.

Because rallies involve driving on public roads at legal speeds, a TSD rally is suitable for any car. An SUV or sedan is just as likely to bring home a trophy as a sports car. The only equipment you will need is a working odometer, clock and calculator (smartphone) and clipboard, pen or pencil. The video shows some sophisticated rally equipment, but none will be required or necessary for the planned, entry-level events.

Preregistration and completed online wellness screen are required prior to attendance. A link to the parking instructions will be emailed the week before school


Event requirements

Please note the following special requirements for this Redwood Region Event!

All registration must be done through prior to the event. There is no on-site registration.

School begins at 10:00 with one hour of classroom demonstrations and discussion, followed by a one-hour practice rally. 

There are two waivers that must be signed through to participate. Each attendee must register in advance (there are no paper waivers to sign at the start of the drive itself).

If you indicated that you have a guest/passenger, they must fill out their own separate SpeedWaiver at:

Those two waivers are:

1. Liability Waiver (SpeedWaiver) - each attendee receives the information via their cellphone/email.

2. Communicable Disease Risk waiver - this is included in the online SpeedWaiver. Once signed it is good through February 28 2022.

More information about online waiver completion will be sent to all participants as they register.

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Sonoma State University

Rohnert Park, CA


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