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Grattan Raceway

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30th Annual Event — April 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2022

The Q Club North America-Ring of Lakes welcomes you to join us for our 30th running of this Grattan Raceway event, operated by your friends at the MFD Driving Experience.  Grattan Raceway is located North East of Grand Rapids, MI, approx­i­mately 3.5 hours from Chicago and 2.5 hours from Detroit. The chal­leng­ing 2-mile track is a great place for a Driver’s School, with each turn offer­ing a dif­fer­ent type of chal­lenge, and a long straight dur­ing which you can regroup and catch your breath.  Attendees use their own vehicle and all makes are invited to participate!

Current COVID-19 protocols, requirements and safeguards will be in place. 

This event will be coordinated by the same team of MFD individuals as in years past.  Rest assured, you will be sur­rounded by a great group of friendly, experienced organizers dedicated to providing a safe experience and a help­ing hand for those new to the track driving hobby.

This event is open to all licensed drivers age 18 or older. Prior expe­ri­ence is NOT required!  Sorry-  SUV's, pick up trucks and minivans are not allowed at this event.

Some convertible models with fixed factory roll hoops (Boxsters  & Z4's) are permitted.  Please contact the event organizers before registering.

All track eligible makes are welcome at this event.  Club membership is not required.

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.  WE HAVE REACHED THE MAXIMUM ENTRY LEVEL FOR THIS EVENT.  If you have questions or have attended this event in the past as an Instructor or Advanced Driver as wish to be considered as an entry, please contact the organizers directly.

Student or Instructor Sat/Sun DE Fee $350  NOVICE group is now full
Instructor/Advanced Fee Friday/Sat/Sunday $450  (Instructors assigned or bringing a student may be eligible for a partial refund)
Friday only Advanced Driving Day $200 (eligibility approval required prior to signing up)


THE NOVICE RUN GROUP IS NOW FULL.  Please contact the event organizers if you wish to be placed on a wait list.

Please contact the event organizers with any questions     LATE FEE after April 1st $75

Your entry fees also include a commemorative event gift and a banquet dinner ticket.

Under current protocols, spectators are allowed to attend this event by paying a small entry fee charged by the track at the gate.  All spectators must sign a waiver.


Event requirements

Who should attend?

The Grat­tan Driver’s School is open to all licensed drivers age 18 or older.

Do you want to become a bet­ter and safer driver?
Do you want to learn more about the lim­its of you and your car in a safe environment?
Have you always wanted to drive on a racetrack?
Have you dri­ven on other tracks before and want to learn a new one?
Have you dri­ven at Grat­tan before, but want to improve your line?
If you can answer yes to any of these ques­tions you should attend this school.

Spectators are welcome for this event.

What to expect?

Novice, Inter­me­di­ate, and Advanced stu­dents will all ben­e­fit from the dri­ving instruc­tion offered at Grat­tan. Each stu­dent will drive his/her own car with an instruc­tor pro­vid­ing guid­ance until both stu­dent and instruc­tor are com­fort­able that the stu­dent is ready to drive solo on the track. No stu­dent will be pushed beyond his/her abil­ity and com­fort level. All on-track dri­ving will take place in run groups based on pre­vi­ous expe­ri­ence, and each run group will have mul­ti­ple ses­sions on the track.

On Sat­ur­day, stu­dents will receive class­room instruc­tion on the basic con­cepts of car con­trol and safe dri­ving (well beyond any­thing taught in high-school dri­ver train­ing!). Then in-car exer­cises will be con­ducted with the goal of giv­ing each stu­dent a good sense for the brak­ing and acci­dent avoid­ance capa­bil­i­ties of their car – capa­bil­i­ties that often far exceed what the dri­ver expects! After these famil­iar­iza­tion exer­cises are com­pleted, stu­dents will be intro­duced to the track by rid­ing with their instruc­tors, and then will have their turn at nego­ti­at­ing the track with their instruc­tor rid­ing along to pro­vide coach­ing. At this time, the Saturday evening banquet is pending.  We will hopefully be able to confirm our plans soon.  Your entry includes your dinner ticket but no portion of your entry will be refunded if the banquet has to be canceled or restructured.  At this time, extra banquet tickets are not available do capacity limitations.

Sun­day morn­ing activ­i­ties will resume at Grat­tan Race­way with more time on the track, again with instruc­tors coach­ing the novices and any­one else who would like some addi­tional instruc­tion. By the end of the day each stu­dent will have had enough dri­ving time to end the day tired but elated, and look­ing for­ward to the next event.

Grat­tan Advanced Dri­ver Day – Fri­day, April 22, 2022
Who should attend this day?

The Grat­tan Advanced Dri­ver Day is open to all drivers who are either club instruc­tors or advanced HPDE dri­vers who want an addi­tional oppor­tu­nity to learn the track. The Advanced Dri­ver Day will pro­vide a great oppor­tu­nity to learn Grat­tan if you have not been there before, or to get some qual­ity track time in if you are already expe­ri­enced there. If you have any ques­tion about your eli­gi­bil­ity or have not attended a past MFD operated event as an advanced driver, please con­tact Mike Fisher, Geoff Harris, David Denison, Jeff Mattis or Tim Parvin.  All drivers participating in the Advanced Drivers Day will be required to assist the club organizers throughout the weekend.  If you are unable to commit to the 3 day weekend, the Advanced Driver Day fee will be $200.

The AmericInn of Greenville has a very limited block of rooms held for the MFD Driving Experience.  Reserve your room right away!  This will be the host hotel where registration and tech will be held.  It is a short 15 minute drive to the track.  Contact the hotel directly at 616 754-4500 to reserve your room ASAP under the MFD room rate.

We also have a block of rooms reserved at the Comfort Suites Comstock Park. Contact the hotel at 616 785-7899 to reserve under the MFD room rate of $119.00 plus tax.

Additional information will be emailed upon your registration or request.   Message us through MSReg or text one of our organizers:  Geoff Harris (231) 620-3922 , Mike Fisher (231) 883-2727 or Dave Denison (231) 590-2022

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Grattan Raceway

Belding, MI
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