Sun, Feb 26, 2023

PSGKA 2023 Practice 02.26 10:30-6:00 (Sunday)


About this event

This is a normal practice day at PSGKA. The gates will open 1 hour before the designated start time. You can start motors at the event start time, and must have motors off by either the event end time, or sunset (whichever comes first).

If registration has closed, you can attempt to email the registrar and they can open registration for you.

More information will be available on the next page when you click Register Now.

Event requirements

Entering the Facility: PSGKA has two entrances. The "Main Gate" and the "North Gate". On practice days you will enter/exit at the North Gate. On race days you can enter/exit at the Main Gate in the morning, and enter/exit at the North Gate all day.  Sometimes both gates are open on practice days, but it's a less common occurrence. When in doubt, go to the North Gate.

Pitting: You can view the entry list on practice beforehand to see who all is coming. If it's busy, you may be asked to pit in a particular spot. During most practice days, there isn't much in the way of requirements on where you pit. I recommend pitting south of the scalehouse, which will put you between the track entry and the track exit. If your trailer is more than 24 feet long, you may find that pitting along the fence (toward the highway) may be most convenient for getting in and out.

Membership: We welcome non-members and members alike to come drive here. Club membership is not required to drive at our track. We do recommend you come with a member for your first time here, but it is not a requirement. If you're interested or able, memberships are the primary way we keep PSGKA operating and can make improvements. You can get more information and sign up for a membership here.

Anyone Registering to Drive: At these practice sessions, you cannot be at the track alone.  There must be at least one other person who is capable of dialing a phone in an emergency.  This can be another person in the pits, or even another driver.  This requirement is because the track supervisor will be there to sign you in, but may not be outside to supervise your driving.  If you arrive alone, and there's nobody else at the track, we may not be able to let you drive until someone else arrives.

Note: For Minors 17 years and Under: In order for minors to race or be in the pits, they must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign minor release forms. If a parent or legal guardian cannot attend, the adult who brings them must bring an annual parent consent form filled out and signed by a parent/guardian, and the custody form must signed by both parents/guardians and must be notarized. If you show up with only signatures, I cannot allow them into the facility.

NKA Annual Parental Consent 

PSGKA Notary Minor Custody 

Entries (1)

Lincoln High


Spanaway, WA


Karting organized by

Puget Sound Go Kart Assoc - PSGKA

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