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Porsche's & Pours - Kensington Brewing Company

Porsche's & Pours - Kensington Brewing Company

PCA - San Diego Region

Saturday, July 18, 2020
Kensington Brewing Company, San Diego, CA

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Porsches and Pours - Kensington Brewing Company
July 18th ~ 12pm -approx 3pm

Our next Porsches & Pours event will be at Kensington Brewing Company. Kensington offers unique flavors of craft beer in a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. 

Cofounded in 2012 by friends and fellow USD-alums Zack Knipe and Andy Rogers, Kensington Brewing Company (KBC) started as a small-scale operation in a Kensington garage and is now a full-blown family and community affair. With Zack’s cousin as KBC’s head-brewer and his father often behind the bar, the brewery is literally held together by family bonds, and they pride themselves on presenting beers in an equally family-friendly atmosphere. 

The tap list features 20+ beers named after neighborhood streets and predominately showcases both Zack and Andy’s affinity for malt-forward, but well-balanced, Old World styles. Although it’s mainly the beer that brings regulars back in time and time again, KBC is focused on making their tasting room a place for connection—they know many of their customers by name and are always looking to be involved with community-based events. They give 1% of profits back to Kensington community initiatives, organizations and fundraisers, and are always looking for ways their company can support San Diegans.

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon, lunch included, with Porsche friends in a beautiful setting. You will get a flight of 4 tastings, one full pint of your favorite beer, and lunch included in the cost of your $30 per person ticket. Kensington Brewing Company is located at: 4067 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116. There is ample parking 100 feet or less from the brewery. 

There is limited space available, so please RSVP as soon as possible!  msreg.com/kensington