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Phoenix Kart Racing Association

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This event is for Establishing or Renewing a PKRA Karting Membership.
To make additions at a latter date (add yourself as a driver, add pit spot, upgrade to silver) use the PKRA Membership Additions Event 

Bronze Membership Benefits

  • Voting Rights for Primary Member
  • Championship Points Eligibility for Registered Family Member Drivers
  • $40 Race Entry Discount to Registered Family Member Drivers
  • $15 Practice Fee to Registered Family Member Drivers
  • $5 Non-Driver Practice Grid Entry

Silver Membership Benefits

  • Voting Rights for Primary Member
  • Championship Points Eligibility for Registered Family Member Drivers
  • $40 Race Entry Discount to Registered Family Member Drivers
  • Free Practice for Registered Family Member Drivers
  • Free Non-Driver Practice Grid Entry

Event requirements

This "Event" is to Establish a New PKRA Karting Membership, to Renew/Extend an existing Membership, to Add Family Drivers to a Membership, and/or to Add up to two Front Row Club Race Pit Spots.  Please note the following:

  • You must purchase at least one driver to receive driving benefits (race or practice discounts)!  This may be yourself or another family member, but without a driver, the membership has very little value.  We split this out the first driver to allow parents the option of not paying for themselves as drivers.  Switch to a different Driver profile to add that Driver before checking out (select Add another person to this event)
  • All memberships are for a term of 1 year.  Memberships nearing expiration (e.g. 1 month) may be extended for an additional year.
  • A Primary Member must be at least 18 years of age, and will have voting rights.  
  • Multiple Family Member Drivers may be associated with a single Primary Membership, at dramatically reduced prices over separate memberships.
  • Memberships are purchased/renewed through MotorsportReg only.  Memberships are not available for purchase at the track, and must be purchased ahead of time.
  • One or more drivers must be added to a membership to take advantage of the driver benefits.  This can be the Primary Member themselves and/or family members (directly related or living in the same household).  Remember to add/extend family member drivers when you renew/extend your membership.
  • Each Family Member Driver must have their own profile.  It can be easily created and managed by the Primary Member (through an account relationship).  These family member profiles must be used to add that Driver as a Family Driver through this Membership purchase event, and later register for races as applicable.
  • The correct profile must be used for each membership and race registration transaction.  If you start a transaction without being logged in you will be presented with a highly visible option to select the applicable profile before proceeding.  Once you are logged in, you may need to change profiles by selecting "Change to somebody else" by the currently sleected profile at the top of the transaction.
  • The processing of membership purchases cannot be automated at this time, so the PKRA Membership Administrator will need to create or update your membership based on your purchases.  Please allow for up to 5 business days for this manual processing.  There will be no refunds for paying non-member race entry due to not renewing or updating your membership in time.
  • PKRA will send a courtesy reminder for expiring memberships, but it ultimately the members responsibility to renew on time.  The membership expiration date is shown in the account profile in MotorsportReg.
  • There is a 30 day period where an expired membership may be renewed with championship points retained.  In this case, the membership renewal is back-dated to the expiration date.  There is also a 30 day period in which pit spot reservations remain shown as reserved for an expired membership.  Non-member fees apply immediately once a membership expires, and there is no reimbursement if a membership is then renewed and back-dated to retain points.
  • MotorsportReg currently supports only membership purchases through events which must have specific pre-defined dates.  Therefore, please ignore the portion of the messages that refer to time frame.  The PKRA Membership Administrator will update your membership expiration date to one year from purchase or current expiration date as applicable.
  • Family Driver and Pit Spots may be added to the Primary Membership later on, but they expire with the underlying Primary Membership.  You may also upgrade from a Bronze to Silver Membership, but the expiration date will not change.  There is no mechanism for proration.  Making an addition or upgrade later in a membership may therefore not be to your advantage from a cost perspective.  
  • Reserving a Pit Spot applies only to Club Races (not practice, and not outside races).  Reserving a Front Row Pit Spot can be advantageous from a cost perspective if you race frequently, but also reserves your particular spot.  Back row spots are free on race day, but you may reserve a particular pit spot for a small fee.  You may review current pit spot reservations at
  • Membership lists with primary member names, expiration dates , membership levels, family member drivers, and pit spot reservations may be available to the public through the PKRA and/or MotorsportReg web sites.

PKRA requires the completion of the following MotorsportReg profile data for specific purposes. 

  • Your email address is used for almost all business communication from PKRA staff as well as MoptorsportReg confirmation and reminder emails. 
  • Emergency Contact information is required for obvious reasons, and will be made available to track personnel.
  • Phone Number may be used by PKRA staff if needed, but the preferred method of contact remains email.
  • Mailing Address is used for mailing membership cards & display on an anonymous map.
  • Birth date is used for verification of the Primary Member age requirement and child class applicability.
  • If you or a family member will race at PKRA Club Races, you'll need to set up at least one vehicle for us to pull the transponder number from.  If you rent a transponder, you will still need to set up a vehicle and leave the transponder field blank.  If you set up multiple vehicles, you may use the free form color field to identify each since that field is shown on vehicle selection;  it may make sense to put the transponder number in the color field as well as the transponder field.  These vehicles are available for use in registration by any of the family member drivers. It is possible that the vehicle information may become visible to other members and possibly the public.
  • Members may reserve a kart number for a particular driver and class by emailing  Preference will be given to those with prior use of that number, so please review past points or race results to find an unused number before making a request.  Also keep in mind that once reserved, that number cannot be used in that class by another driver outside of your "Account Relationship" (normally family membership).  Don't reserve a number if you expect to share your kart outside that group without changing the number.  These reservations may be visible to other members and possibly the public.
  • Race Registration (name, class, number, home town) is visible to the public

Phoenix Kart Racing Association

Glendale, AZ
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Phoenix Kart Racing Association

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