Sat, Nov 26 - Wed, Nov 30, 2022

Picture This! Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin

About this event

Any Day Rallies LLC


Picture This! Wisconsin

a Time-Speed-Distance car rally starting in Madison, Wisconsin

a Fund Raising Rally to benefit Dane County Humane Society - a local animal rescue organization

CASH prizes for the top 3 teams in the Rally Class:

1st place team:  $250

2nd place team:  $100

3rd place team:  $75

* Cash prizes are based on having at least 30 cars run in the Rally Class.  Prizes will be pro-rated if fewer than 30 cars run.

You can run the rally at any time on any day up until November 30, 2022

Bring that car you love to drive and enjoy a fun day driving in the Wisconsin countryside.  You and a rally partner, driver and navigator, will use the provided Route Instructions to follow the scenic, rural rally route and try to arrive at each checkpoint at exactly the correct time – not too fast and not too slow.  This is NOT A RACE – it is a game of observation and careful, safe driving.  You’ll use a free app on your smartphone to monitor your progress and record your arrival time at each checkpoint.  The app will assign penalty points for arriving too soon or too late at each checkpoint and will immediately announce that leg score to you.  You can use this immediate feedback to improve your rally driving and your ability to stay on time.  Thanks to this rally app (it’s called Richta GPS Competitor), you can run the rally at any time on any day, up until the deadline of November 30th. 

There are two Classes:  Rally and SCCA Pro.  If either rally team member has earned any SCCA TSD Lifetime Points or if you are using a device that reports how late or early you are (rally computer, Simple Rally Computer type app, etc), you must run in the SCCA Pro Class. Otherwise, you may run in the Rally Class.

Here’s the process:

1)  Both you and your rally partner register on (this website).  Entry fee is $40.  (charged to Driver's credit card)

2)  Then you’ll receive the General Instructions and Route Instructions for the rally.  Print them out.

3)  Download the Richta GPS Competitor app to your smartphone (instructions will be provided in the General Instructions).  Open the app and register the car number that you’ve been assigned.  Then close the app.

4)  Pick a day, any day up to November 30th.  Bring the General Instructions and the Route Instructions to the starting point of the rally in Madison, Wisconsin.  (They exact location will be disclosed to you in the General Instructions)

5)  When you’re ready to start, re-open the Richta Competitor app.

6)  Start the rally at any time and follow the Route Instructions and try to arrive at each checkpoint at the proper time, given the assigned average speeds (always below the speed limit).

7)  The Richta app will monitor your progress, will record your arrival time at each checkpoint, and will immediately report to you how late or early you were.  Your score at each checkpoint will be automatically uploaded and retained in a cloud database.  You will be able to see how your scores compare to the other contestants on the Richta GPS Scoreboard app.  (a separate, free app)

8)  The rally is approximately 135 miles long.  You can expect to run the rally course in about 5 hours.

9) Once the deadline of November 30th has passed, the cash prizes will be awarded.  The stated prize amounts will be prorated if fewer than 30 cars have run in that Class.


Event requirements

Competition Classes:

Rally - Neither team member has earned any SCCA TSD Lifetime points

SCCA Pro - at least one team member has earned some SCCA TSD Lifetime points, or you are using a device that reports how late or early you are (rally computer, Simple Rally Computer app, etc)



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Stuart Wood
Shari Wood
Jeff Farquhar
Michelle Dunn
Andrew Schmidt
Richard Potter
Layne Close
David Thompson

Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, WI


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Any Day Rallies, LLC

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