Fri, Oct 21, 2022

PDC Racing @ Thunderhill October 2022

Thunderhill Raceway Park

About this event

Come out to Thunderhill for 7 hours of open-passing, no run groups track time!

We will be using the 3 Mile Thunderhill East Course With Bypass!

This is an invite-only event and attendance is limited to PDC Members, BMW CCA Pacific Region Instructors and Advanced Students, and invited Club Racers.  Please contact the event host with any questions.

If you register and are not currently one of the above, your registration will be canceled.  If in doubt, contact the event organizer first.

Track config is counter-clockwise east course with Bypass.

Online registration is now closed. To register offline, please contact Mark @ 408-348-2878.

Event requirements

You must be a PDC member or a select invitee to attend this event.  

The current PDC Cancellation Policy is:

Full refund for cancellations on or before October 7, 2022.  No refunds on or after October 7, 2022, for any reason. YOU MUST CANCEL IN MOTORSPORTREG.COM - SENDING AN EMAIL IS NOT SUFFICIENT.

You must have read the Event Notice:

You will be required to acknowledge that you've read the event notice and accept its terms on the Order Form.

If your team would like to register more than one car, please have someone else register it OR contact the organizer to have the additional entry added to your registration.  If you contact the organizer, please make sure that the vehicle has been added to your profile already.

PLEASE NOTE: Thunderhill has requested that we start displaying car numbers. Please choose an available number on the registration screen. If the number you want is not listed, someone has already registered it - pick another. Make sure your chosen number is adequately displayed on your car when you head out onto the track.

Online registration is now closed. To register offline, please contact Mark @ 408-348-2878.

Thunderhill Raceway Park

Willows, CA
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