HPDE organized by
PCA - Wild Rose
Sat, May 25, 2024

PCA Wild Rose Region HPDE Powered by Riegel Tuning

Rocky Mountain Motorsport

About this event

Wild Rose Region (WRR) of the Porsche Club of America (PCA) is holding the first High Performance Drivers Education (HPDE) of the 2024 season:  the PCA WRR HPDE Powered by Riegel Tuning, It is a full day track day at Rocky Mountain Motorsport (RMM) on Saturday, May 25, 2024. 

Registration is limited to maximize the driving sessions.  Our May 27, 2023 event sold out for most run groups, so don't delay!  You will be wait-listed, if our maximum is reached (register selecting the "Wait List Option").

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Save up to $95! 


Register before March 23 30 to get the EBD rates.  See below

WRR PCA WRR HPDE Powered by Riegel Tuning is open to the general public. 

In addition to lapping sessions for everyone, novice track participants will benefit from PCA’s HPDE Driver training. This will include a pre-requisite classroom training held prior to track day to maximize seat time, as well as on track training, “consisting of a national certified instructor sitting in the passenger seat during all the sessions, providing one on one instruction. You will be enrolled in the robust, PCA HPDE Program designed to help you learn and lap safely.  You can view our introductory webinar on what to expect here https://youtu.be/aHmSCAAlv5k Registration is limited for Novice and Beginners.  . You will be wait-listed, if our maximum is reached (register selecting the "Wait List Option".

Fees (CAD)

PCA Member Participant Primary Driver Fee: EBD $500.  Fee after March 22 30: $595. 

PCA Member Secondary Driver (sharing a vehicle in the same run group as the primary driver): Novice/Beginner:  EBD $200  Fee after March March 22 30: $295; Intermediate/Advanced Driver not requiring an instructor  EBD $100  Fee after March 22: $195.  Secondary driver must complete their own registration.

Non-PCA Member: Add $50.

Cancellation & Refunds:

  • Request for refunds of Participant Registration Fees must be claimed before 11:59 PM MT, March March 22 30, 2024. There will be no refunds after this date.
  • Event may be cancelled by the organizer, if the minimum number of participants have not registered by March 26, 2024.

Event Schedule


I. Classroom Training

A. Orientation for All who have not driven RMM in 2024 (30 min)

B. Classroom Training For Novices and Beginners (1.5 hr)

Location:  Lugnutz  https://lugnutz.ca/

and online Webinar via YouTube

Date:  May 15, 2024

Time: 6:30-8:30 PM

Early Grid Inspection will be conducted starting at 5 PM.  NOTE: This is the final inspection, that requires the completion of the Tech Inspection.  

Coffee available.

RSVP required


ll. Track Session

Location: Rocky Mountain Motorsport  - Calgary, AB (rockymotorsports.com)

Date: Saturday, May 25, 2024, 9 AM-4:30 PM Please be there early enough before 8:30 AM, to give yourself time to check-in and On-Site Tech Inspected, if not already performed at Training session.

Registration: 8:30- 9:00 AM

Event End: 4:30 PM

Lunch will be provided. Indicate any food restrictions when registering.

If possible, please arrive at the track before 8:30 AM. You will need to obtain a GPS unit (included in the registration), and if you do not have a valid helmet you will need to rent one for $10.00 (cash only).


Forms that you will need to complete for registration and after:

WRR Driver Questionnaire 240229.docx

2024 - WRR DE - Tech Inspection Form 240429.pdf (revised April 29, 2024)


NOTE: This is a WRR event.  If you have questions or concerns, you must contact the WRR registrar.  Do not contact the RMM track.

Sponsor: Porsche Cars Canada


Event requirements

  1. Participants must be at least 18 years old, and hold a valid drivers license. Please complete the following Driver's Profile and attach to the appropriate question when registering. WRR Driver Questionnaire 240229.docx  
  2. Mandatory Safety Equipment

The following section covers the only mandatory safety equipment - a helmet.  A helmet is a mandatory safety item for WRR HPDE events and all helmets must carry the Snell Foundations certification (orange sticker usually located under the foam inside the helmet.  The helmet safety standards are updated every five (5) years, the current standard for auto-racing helmets being 2020.  The “SA” designation is generally required for automotive use and the “M” designation is for motorcycle use.  Read about these standards at the Snell Foundation Web site: http:www.smf.org

For 2024 Wild Rose Region DE’s, we allow the following helmets:



We do not allow M rated helmets.  This differs from our Autocross which are run at slower speeds.   NOTE: You must provide your own helmet.  Spare or loaner helmets may be rented at the RMM track.  If you drive a properly prepared open car (full roll cage, etc) we require a full-face helmet with the shield in place.  If you drive a coupe or sedan you may wear any style of approved helmet.  

It is often asked, "How much do I need to spend on a beginner’s helmet?" to which the answer is, "How much is your head worth?"  Seriously though, price isn’t always a good guide. Helmets come in a variety of price ranges running from $250 to over $1000 depending on the weight, paint, etc.  A good helmet that is properly cared for will last several years. That said, all helmet designs must pass the same Snell certification.

The fit of your helmet is very important and a very personal choice. You will spend a bit of time inside it - some of it in unpleasantly hot weather. Although the Internet does have various fitting guides and you may get a better price, it is recommended that you look at local suppliers where you will be able to try on various helmets and get good advice as to selection. Not all same-sized helmets feel the same and by trying them on, you will be able to make a much better choice. Various styles are available and, again, a local supplier will be able to help you choose. For example, some helmets are designed primarily for open cockpit racing and have a small eye port, others have a larger eye port to take account of eyeglass wearers (if you are an eyeglass wearer, don’t forget to take them with you when you go to buy a helmet), some have full-face protection, others are open-face, some have a visor, others don’t, etc.


Modern helmets can be a little claustrophobic if you are not used to wearing one. Your first track event is not the time to find you are uncomfortable. It is suggested that you practice wearing your helmet at home before coming to the event. Here are a few suggestions as to where you can get helmets:

A HANS devices is a good accessory.

  1. Pre-Event Preparation



Once you have been confirmed for the event, don’t forget to settle your accommodations. Depending on where you live, the event may require you to travel on the day or evening prior to the event and with a two day event you will probably need to stay overnight near the track.



Spectators are welcome at DE events. If you want to bring along a spouse or a friend please feel free to do so. The spectators must register at MSReg, and will be required to sign both track and PCA waivers of liability..  We strongly encourage spectators pre-register to minimize disruptions during the event.  Any non-registered spectators will be subject to a Gate Spectator Fee of  $65.  They will need to contact the sponsoring registered attendee.  The sponsoring registered attendee must obtain approval from the onsite WRR Registrar, and then will obtain and submit a signed waiver from the spectator, and pay the fee to the RMM Registrar, . The registered attendee must review the safety procedures with the spectator.    

Technical Inspection

ALL cars MUST go through separate pre-event Technical and Grid  inspections before each and every DE event. This is an important part of your preparation and this includes: (1) instructors, (2) log-book cars and (3) cars that have an annual certificate.

The Web site PCA HPDE Technical Inspection Form - WRR Performance Driving Events - PCA Wild Rose Region (porsche.ab.ca) contains the revised April 2024 Tech form that you need to complete.  This is the same form: 2024 - WRR DE - Tech Inspection Form 240429.pdf  Fill-in the top and bottom sections. Email the completed form to de_events@porsche.ab.ca Present a printed copy with your car at the inspection station at the track. Each event requires a separate form and the car must be inspected no more than 4 weeks prior to the event.  NOTE: You cannot do the checks yourself and sign the form – ALL tech inspections must be done by an approved vendor.  See our approved vendors whom we have arranged special pricing here: WRR PCA Driving Event Technical Inspections - Vendor Special Deals - WRR Performance Driving Events - PCA Wild Rose Region (porsche.ab.ca) Contact de_events@porsche.ab.ca  to approve any other vendors. 

NOTE: The condition of your car is your sole responsibility.  PCA, the mechanic, and PCA volunteers are not liable for your vehicle.


You can save yourself some stress by arranging your tech inspection in good time, and by getting any remedial work done early. You can check many of the items yourself before bringing it to a shop which is highly recommended. Virtually all the items on the interior and exterior checklist can be easily verified, as well as the engine and trunk components: Check your brake lights, inspect your tires for wear, learn to determine how much brake pads you have left, keep records of when the brakes were last bled and when the brake fluid was last changed and so on. 


Don’t leave yourself open to disappointment by leaving the inspection till the last minute, only to find you need some work done which may mean you miss the event. Tip: Always have your brakes bled, not just the brake fluid topped off.

Rocky Mountain Motorsport

Mountain View County, AB
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Download track map


HPDE organized by

PCA - Wild Rose

PCA Wild Rose Region HPDE Powered by Riegel Tuning

Sat, May 25, 2024