Fri, May 7, 2021

PCA Diablo DE Event - Thunderhill Raceway

Thunderhill Raceway Park

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Porsche Club of America Diablo Region Track Day at Thunderhill Raceway

3 Mile Circuit

Friday, May 7, 2021

Limited size run groups, lots of track space, tons of track time

"Have Fun, Be Safe, Drive Fast"

THIS EVENT IS FOR PORSCHE CARS ONLY - All event details can be found at





4/14/21:  Our Beginner Lead/Follow Wait List is now full.  We can now only accept solo approved drivers.

3/29/21: The PCA has updated the helmet requirements.  SA2010 are approved through the end of 2021.  Details are below. 

3/27/21: Registration opens.


General Event Information:

This event is open to all Porsche drivers.  Only Porsche cars are allowed.

We are a Porsche club, not a driving school or a driving business.  We run several safe, fun and friendly track events each year. We do not race, time trial or time laps. We limit this event to 25 cars per run group so that we can offer plenty of room on track and lots of track time. The DE team will review all registered drivers and will confirm the run group classification for each driver based on overall track experience.  During the event the DE team will work to accommodate drivers wishing to change run groups, subject to approval by our Chief Driving Instructor (CDI).  

Non-Solo Qualified Drivers:

We are offering a limited number of spots for Lead / Follow Instruction.  That means if you have not yet been cleared to solo, you will have the chance to get back on track with us this year, subject to availability.   Reservations for drivers who need instruction is on a first come, first served basis.  All Instruction will conform to the Porsche Club of America Lead-Follow instruction protocol, where student (non-solo certified drivers) will drive solo in their car, but will be following a certified instructor who is driving their own car.  Both instructor and student will communicate using radio equipment.   

At this time all participants registering as Beginner Lead-Follow will be placed in a wait-list, while we confirm the total number of Instructors for this event.  This wait list will be cleared on a first registered/first cleared basis.

IMPORTANT: Helmet Rating Requirements:

You can bring an approved helmet to this DE event, or you can rent one on the day of the event from Thunderhill Raceway.

PCA has updated their helmet requirements: "COVID related supply chain disruptions have limited availability of Snell 2020 Rated helmets. PCA does not want to force members to compromise on such an important piece of safety equipment. We have therefore decided to continue allowing 2010 helmets through the end of 2021. As supplies improve, we do encourage those of you with 2010 helmets to replace them without waiting for the hard cutoff at the beginning of 2022. 2020 helmets are available, but in limited supply. If you have helmet preferences, please prepare for the changeover and start shopping for that new helmet."

COVID-19 Related Changes:

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and requirements, this event will be run differently than pre-Covid-19 Diablo PCA DE events:

  • We are unable to provide in-car instruction due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements.  Instruction will be via Lead/Follow (Student following an Instructor driven car)
  • All participants will need to read, sign, and return specific waivers that will be provided before the event and also at the entrance of the race track.  
  • Event details, such as the DE 101/201 class, meals at the event, and general event logistics, will be communicated to registered participants as we get closer to the event date. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Private Instructors/Coaches:

Private instructors/coaches are not allowed at this event. 

Passing will be with mandatory point-by in all groups:

We take safety very seriously, and will “black flag” any participant who disregards passing protocols or consistently fails to give point by's, including denying access to the track with no refund of registration fees if deemed necessary by the safety officer. 

Safety Inspection Information:

All drivers must certify that their car has passed a safety inspection by an authorized person within 30 days of this event, per PCA guidelines.  The safety inspection form can be downloaded from our DE website ( All drivers must complete this safety inspection form to verify that the condition of their car is ready for the track. Well maintained Porsches should have no problem passing tech inspection if they have good brakes, tires, no oil leaks and no defects. If in doubt, have the experts look at your car.  

The following sponsor is offering free tech inspections:

  • Kahlers in Dublin – by appt. only

Contact them at or by phone at 925-829-2050.

Pre-Event Meeting

Our DE 101 pre-event Zoom meeting will be held on April 21 at 6:30pm.  Meeting details will be sent out via email.  We ask that every registered driver attend this event, but it is highly recommended for all new to DE drivers.


All instructors will need to drive their car on the track, and must have been certified by a PCA Region to provide Lead-Follow instruction.  The Diablo Region DE team will review all Instructor sign-ups.  No non-driving instructors are needed for this event.

Two Drivers Sharing One Car:

If two different drivers are planning to drive the same vehicle, BOTH drivers must reside in the same household, per COVID-19 requirements, AND must be qualified to drive in different run groups (i.e., one driver must have enough DE experience to run in a higher run group than the other driver).  Both drivers will not be allowed to drive in the same run group.  

No passengers or guests are allowed in cars during hot lap sessions.    

Run Group Selection:

  • 4 Run Groups: Beginner Lead/Follow, Beginner Solo, Intermediate, Advanced/Instructor (Note: Run group classifications may change depending on the number of cars registered)
    • Drivers with 5 or less track days, or have not been cleared to drive solo, must register as Beginner Lead/Follow    Full
    • Drivers with 19 or less track days and have been cleared to drive solo should register as Beginner Solo or Intermediate   
    • Drivers with 20 or more track days or Instructor experience can register as Advanced  

Registration Fee: $425 for Beginner Lead-Follow Drivers, $375 for Solo Approved Drivers

  • Registration will close when the maximum driver count is reached, or on midnight April 30, 2021, whichever is earlier.
  • All registrations are considered preliminary until confirmed by the DE committee.  You will be notified once your registration is confirmed, or if you are wait-listed, or if we were not able to accommodate your registration for this event.
  • All refunds are subject to a $75 cancelation fee.  Sorry, no refunds after April 27, 2021.  
  • Instructors are $150  


Event requirements


Thunderhill Raceway

1.  Registration is Critical – priority for acceptance into this limited Event is decided by date of registration.  In the unfortunate Event that you register but we don’t have a place available, you will not be charged for registration or a cancelation fee.  Your credit card is not charged at time of registration.  It will be charged on a space available basis as we confirm you into the Event and prior to the Event taking place.

2.  Drivers are invited (strongly recommended) to attend our DE Introduction briefing called DE 101 / 201, which is typically held two weeks prior to the Event.  Due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, this will be a virtual event.  We will have a discussion on driving Thunderhill Raceway and an opportunity for drivers of any level to share their experiences, ask questions, etc.

4.  Final Event details, schedules and instructions will be emailed to you about 1 week before the Event. 

5.  Only one participant and one family member are allowed per registered vehicle.

6.  Anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, has exhibited any COVID-19 symptoms, or has had close personal contact with anyone else who is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms within two weeks of the Event is not allowed to attend the Event.  The symptoms of COVID-19 may include, without limitation, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell is not feeling well,  experiencing a cough or fever, are requested to stay home.

7.  Not less than two weeks prior to the Event (i.e., by no later than November 9), you must provide the Event registrar with the full name, residence address and cell number for you and any family member who is attending with you, and with the vehicle registration identification number (the VIN number not the license plate) of your car (or of your tow vehicle if you are towing your car).  We will provide this information to Thunderhill Raceway, which will be checked before you are allowed to enter the paddock.

8.  All participants and any family members attending the Event must provide a driver’s license or other photo ID to gain entrance to the paddock. 

9.  Participants and guests must provide their own face masks.  You must wear your mask when checking in at the gate.  Masks must be worn at all times when outside of a vehicle.  Gloves are also recommended.

10.  Temperatures will be checked with No Touch Thermometers upon entry to the paddock.  Those recording a temperature of 100.4° F or higher will be turned away.

11.  Before being allowed to enter the paddock, all participants and any family members attending the Event must sign Thunderhill Raceway's Waiver, PCA’s Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement, and PCA’s Communicable Disease Exposure and Infection Assumption of Risk, Hold Harmless, Release, Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement.  Bring your own pen to sign the Waivers.

12.  Registration check-in will also be at the entry to the paddock.  On the morning of the Event, you must present the Registrar with a completed safety inspection form (the driver certifies that their car has undergone a safety inspection by an authorized person within 30 days of the Event).  Please find our Tech Inspection form here

13.  We will supply disposable vinyl numbers for your car, which you can place on the glass of your windshield and rear window.

14.  All drivers must attend the mandatory driver’s meeting, which takes place before the track is opened.  We will review important information, such as passing and safety rules, the flags used by corner workers, the condition of the track, etc.  You will receive your run group wrist band at the end of the morning meeting.  No one will be allowed onto the track without a wrist band.

15.  If you arrive to the track after the morning meeting, you must meet with a Diablo DE team member to complete the registration process, turn in your completed Tech Inspection Form, review the items discussed during the morning meeting, and receive your wrist band.  You will not be allowed to go on the track until you have done this.

16.  Social distancing must be practiced at all times during the Event.  No social grouping is allowed while on track or in the pit lane.  No more than six (6) people will be allowed in any one area and 6 foot distancing must be adhered to all times.  Face masks are to be worn when you are outside of a vehicle.  Paddock layout must demonstrate 8 feet of separation between vehicles.

17.  Lunch will not be provided.

18.  If you are sharing a car with someone who you reside with, you both need to register separately and in different run groups.  The registration form has a section where you can provide your car sharing details.

19.  Helmets are required and must meet Snell SA 2015 or newer standards.  No motorcycle helmets are allowed.  Helmets can be rented at the track.

20.  High speed driving is inherently dangerous and all drivers and other participants in a PCA Diablo Region DE Event must accept and assume the risks associated with this sport.  All participants must sign the PCA Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement.  Before the Event, members of the DE team will drive around the track to look for any unusual conditions on or around the track, such as mud, water or other debris, sand bags or other objects, uneven surfaces, etc., and we will discuss any such unusual conditions during the morning driver’s meeting.  However, the PCA Diablo Region and our DE team members are not experts about track conditions and safety or about conducting track inspections, and you should not rely on us to spot or notify you about every potential hazard you might encounter during this Event.  You are ultimately responsible for driving safely, which includes being aware of the track conditions.  We encourage you to conduct your own inspection of the track and its environs in order to spot and avoid potential hazards on or around the track, such as walls, tire barriers, mud, water or other debris, sand bags or other objects, uneven surfaces, etc.

21. Because of the risks presented by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, all participants and guests must also sign PCA’s Communicable Disease Exposure and Infection Assumption of Risk, Hold Harmless, Release, Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement.  Prior to participating in the Event, you and any guests should review the social distancing rules and protocols established by the State, the County, PCA Diablo and/or the Track, which include without limitation maintaining a minimum 6 foot social distance from others at all times, wearing a face mask at all times when not in your car, frequently washing hands, and proper hygiene and sanitation practices, and assigned parking locations.  Failing to fully comply with any and all such rules and protocols, or with any other instructions from PCA Diablo and/or the Track during the Event, may result in you and your guests being asked to leave the Event and in being denied access to other PCA Diablo events in the future.  You will not be allowed to participate in or attend the Event if, at any point in the prior two weeks, you exhibited any of the symptoms of COVID-19 which, according to Centers for Disease Control guidelines may include, without limitation, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell.  Temperatures will be taken with an infrared non-contact forehead thermometer at the entrance to the Track facility and anyone with a 100.4° F or higher temperature will not allowed to enter.  Only those guests who have been disclosed on a timely basis to Diablo PCA prior to the Event will be allowed to enter the Track grounds.

Questions?  Ask the DE Committee chair, Adam Cipriano (


Thunderhill Raceway Park

Willows, CA
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