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Thu, Aug 17, 2023

Ozark International Raceway

Ozarks International Raceway

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Motoring Classic Meets Aspen Snowmass 2018 - BimmerLife

The main track is almost four miles long, has 19 turns and 1200 feet of elevation changes in a single lap. The owner describes this as “one of, if not the most technically challenging tracks in the country”. 

Event requirements

Rules and Conditions

  1. All individuals entering the park for any reason whatsoever shall be required to execute an Assumption of Risk, Waiver, and Release of Liability Agreement as required by the track.
  2. ZSCCA will provide an adult gate attendant for the arrival and sign-in period. The attendant will require a signed waiver on AMP-supplied forms for access to the track grounds. Minors will to be admitted with a minor waiver signed by either parents or a guardian.
  3. The gate attendant will issue wristbands to all who sign waivers. Anyone on the premises without a wristband will be immediately evicted. 
  4. All occupants of cars on the track must wear Snell 2005 or newer approved helmets and cotton clothing with long pants and sleeves.
  5. All cars on the track must pass technical inspection conducted by the club’s “Safety Chair” and then marked for track access.
  6. All drivers must attend a rule meeting to be held at the track. All participants who are new to the track and/or who have never done a formal drivers education event will be required to have an instructor who knows the track ride along to familiarize the driver with the track and ensure safety.
  7. If drivers should go off the track (“4 wheels off” rule), they are “black flagged”. The driver must have his vehicle re-inspected and the driver must have a satisfactory conference with the chief driving instructor before being allowed back on the track.
  8. No vehicles will be allowed to run without mufflers. There exists a specific decibel level limit of 55 decibels at the property line, and they reserve the right to deny access to any participant that the AMP Manager or a board member deems to be emitting excessive noise.
  9. The track prohibits racing and allows no passing.
  10. All cars shall provide radio communications between the vehicles as well as on an open channel to notify the race director and the vehicles on the course of any off-course incursion. The race director will be instructed to “black flag” any driver deemed to be driving dangerously or seen to violate the no-racing or restricted passing rules. These safety controls are set forth in the registration materials and reinforced at the mandatory drivers meeting.
  11. This will be an alcohol free event. Any person consuming alcohol will not be allowed to participate in any track or asphalt related activity at the facility. Once an attendee chooses to consume alcohol, a staff member will remove the person’s wristband, prohibiting him or her from participating in any track activities. If a driver is unable to drive due to alcohol consumption, they will not be refunded any portion of the event fee. AMP reserves the right to refuse service to any person who do not display the proper identification or who may appear intoxicated.

Regarding Registration fees: Our first priority for ZFEST is for our members and guests to have a quality experience. Through careful planning and Board approved budgeting, ZFEST also serves as the only revenue-producing activity for ZSCCA outside of membership dues. A successful ZFEST supports ZSCCA operations and makes other events and programs possible.

Photography: This event will be photographed and videoed by attendees, spectators, and official photographers. You should assume that these images will be posted on various social media platforms, and could be used in ZSCCA promotional materials. By registering for this event, you consent to being photographed.

Liability Waiver: As has been the practice for many years, you and your guest (passenger) will be asked to sign the standard ZSCCA liability waiver upon check-in. Attendees cannot participate in any driving or DIY event without signing the waiver.

COVID-19 Precautions and Policy:  The State of Colorado has lifted all official restrictions on gatherings. However, the venues that are part of ZFEST 2022 may still have precautions in place, as do some local governments. We ask that you honor those policies to the best of your ability. ZFEST 2022 Homecoming activities not covered by venue policies are generally conducted outside or in otherwise unrestricted areas. In these situations, we ask that our attendees practice prudent social distancing and facemask use per the latest CDC recommendations. Please respect others' comfort levels and personal space during our time together. 

Ozarks International Raceway

Gravois Mills, MO


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Ozark International Raceway

Thu, Aug 17, 2023